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Where In the World Is Toronto Go Karting Popular

Go Karting in Toronto is enjoyed millions of people even around the world.

It is impossible to pin down a race like Toronto Go Karting as being the national sport of a particular country, and like a lot of competitive activities, it has spread like wildfire during its evolution, and has crossed land and sea to take root wherever its wheels take it.

Where Did Toronto Go Karting Originate?

Where in the World is Toronto Go Karting Popular? |

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It is generally agreed that the Founding Father of Go Karting is Art Ingles, who manufactured the first kart in California, in 1956. It is the US that gets credit for the invention of the sport.

The trend spread rather quickly, and before long go-cart (then spelt with a “c”) tracks began to appear all around America. It was as if there was something innately appealing about the fast and exciting, nitty-gritty world of the Go kart.

America, the birthplace of the kart, was, therefore, the first place in the world where the sport became popular, but the trend was not to stop there. The manufacture of the karts improved, and by the late 1950s America had a dedicated kart manufacturing company, known humbly as Go Kart Manufacturing Co, as well as a specifically manufactured Go Kart engine; the McCulloch MC-10.

Go Karting Travels to Europe

The engine company took the concept of the Go Kart to Europe, where it gained an instant following and rapidly grew to become a very popular sport. Back then, tracks were often set up in the streets for race events, a format that is still very apparent in competitive outdoor karting, such as in the Junior Monaco World Cup, for example.

In the modern world, Go Karting has, naturally, spread to other continents, and can be found in most developed countries like Canada.

We accept pre-reserved event packages for groups. Call us!

Toronto-Go-Karting | Grand Prix Kartways | (647) 496-2888

Art Ingels, Founding Father of Go Karting, assembled the first ever go kart in 19563

Indoor Toronto Go Karting- The Second Wave Of Popularity

The second wave, and the one that carried the popularity of Toronto Go Karting the next level was the rise of indoor Go Karting, such as GPK’s Toronto Go Karting facility. They can now be found in most US cities, and in many cities across Europe, and are dotted around many other countries.

The indoor venues have changed the face of Go Karting and have escalated the popularity of the activity. No longer is Go Karting only enjoyed at the level of international and national competition. It is now enjoyed on a casual basis by children of all ages, teenagers, adults, males and females of all nationalities, and just about anyone who enjoys a bit of a rush of blood!

Watch our video on the History of Karting.


Indoor tracks provide the right measure of entertainment and competition and have increased the accessibility of Toronto Go Karting.

Indoor Karting is especially popular in the UK, where it exploded in the early 1990’s and reached outwards to Belgium, France, and Germany among other countries. It has taken off to some extent in the US, and here in Canada too.

For a clean, safe and exhilarating Toronto Go Karting experience, visit Grand Prix Kartways, where you can speed around one of the best Go Karting tracks in a race that will blow your senses.

Video: Where is Toronto Go Karting Popular?

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How Helmets Protect You When Go Karting in Toronto

Check out our explainer video on safety. (<>)

Watch our explainer video on Safety!

Go karting in Toronto is fast, it is furious, and it is full of excitement at every bend.

With every twist and turn comes the thrill of the race, as you try hard to gauge the apex of a corner while maintaining a decent speed.

Safety is clearly important, and at GPK it is not something that we neglect. We make sure we provide the latest safety equipment, including top of the range helmets.

Helmets are worn to protect you when you crash. Obviously they are compulsory when Go Karting in Toronto, but you should also be sure to wear one whenever you ride a bike, motorcycle, or in any case that a collision or crash is possible. A helmet could well save your life.

How Do Helmets Work?

Helmets work in a very simple way. They contain a layer of high-quality crushable foam, which absorbs most of the impact of a crash. This saves your skull, and quite possibly your brain from being damaged in a collision. The foam also serves to reduce the rotational force that could cause neck damage or spine damage.

Go Karting in Toronto

We never allow anyone on a Go Kart without a helmet on.


The outer layer of the helmet is made from a hard plastic that is designed to skid easily across the surface, so that the impact is reduced to a less harmful skim, rather than a deep impact, or a painful jerk of the head in a particular direction.


As you may be beginning to realize, the simple protection that a helmet can provide is invaluable to your safety.

Remember… it is better not to crash in the first place so be sure to drive responsibly.

Helmets with visors, such as the ones that we provide at our Go Karting facility in Toronto, provide protection against debris, or any other scraps that could fly in your face when you are driving at high speeds. Your eyes and face are safe, as long as the visor is always kept down.

Is There Anything Else I Should Know About Helmet Safety?

It is important that your helmet fits well to your head, so that it is able to properly absorb shock, and it is also important that the strap is always well secured, so that the helmet never comes loose when you are flying around a hairpin.

Toronto Go Karting Helmets | Grand Prix Kartways |

When Go Karting in Toronto, use helmets with visors like what we provide.


You should always ensure that the visor of the helmet is kept clean, to improve visibility. This will reduce the chance of a crash in the first place.


Remember, a helmet provides an extra layer of protection for the head and neck, but this is not an insurance that warrants a deliberate crash, or any sort of driving behavior that could promote one. Go Karting in Toronto is a non-contact sport, and deliberately dangerous driving is not encouraged here. We want everyone to have fun, in a safe environment.


Our Go Kart track in Toronto is designed with both thrills and safety in mind. Our Go-Karts are the very cutting edge in both handling and safety features, and we have a number of safety rules, as well as the highly trained staff that are always around to help. We take care of all of the helmet safety that you see mentioned here.

Call us today, for the best family-friendly Toronto Go-Kart day out imaginable.


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Toronto Go-Karting Makes for a Great School Excursion

If we asked you to think of a typical school excursion,

you might conjure up images of museums, art galleries, and maybe the zoo if you are lucky. Traditionally speaking, you probably don’t immediately associate go-karting with school excursions. We don’t have anything against museums, but we think that go-karting might be an exhilarating and often educational option. Wait, hear us out…


The Ultimate Reward Trip

There are two types of school excursion, as far as our ancient brains can remember. The first is a reward trip, and, in this case, the excursion can be purely for fun, and is usually more outrageous than a field trip. You may have finished the year, completed some exams, or shown exceptional performance at school, but in some way you are being rewarded.

Toronto Go Kart | (647) 496 - 5838 | Grand Prix Kartways

Planning the best School Excursion ever? Look no further! Visit us today!

Go-karting is an exceptionally exciting way to be treated, and both students and teachers can enjoy the thrill of the race. Nothing quite beats the rush of zooming around the track with your fellow classmates, and sharing a day of food, laughter, and adrenaline. You deserve it after all of that academia!


Whether you are a teacher looking to treat your class, or a student looking to propose ideas for the end of year trip, why not suggest Grand Prix Kartways in Toronto?!



Does Go-Karting Make For An Educational School Trip?

It’s not difficult to agree that go-karting makes for an extremely fun end of year trip but is it possible that go-karting can also make for an educational outing? We believe so…


The first educational benefit is that go-karting can help people, young people, to learn to drive. Although go-karts are very different to cars, karting helps students to improve reaction times, grasp the basics of driving, and improve their confidence. Anyone who is approaching the age where they might want to learn to drive can benefit from a go-karting school excursion.


Go-Karting & STEM

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and maths, and the development of these areas is considered extremely valuable for individuals in today’s society. Go-karting gives students many opportunities to enhance their skills in these areas, and a go-karting school excursion would be ideal for these students in particular.


Go-karts are an accessible way for students of STEM to explore and understand the mechanics of vehicles, the physics of driving and the forces involved with go-karting, and aspects of designing and building. They can learn about the technology involved and the recent advancements such as the environmentally friendly electrical powered go-karts.


You could consider combining the trip with the study of go-kart mechanics, or with the mathematics of acceleration, or another related module, and perhaps hold the excursion as a treat at the end. There are already educational programs that use go-karts to enhance learning.


Combination Packages & Discounts

If you want to organize a school excursion or another large event, speak to Grand Prix Kartways Toronto. We can create combination packages that include food and entertainment, and various go-karting formats. Speak to us about tailoring your group package, and adding an educational spin. Discounts are available for schools.


Grand Prix Kartways can provide the ultimate adrenaline packed, fun filled school trip that students will remember forever to come! Visit us today!


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Outdoor Vs Indoor Go Karting in Toronto: Which Is Better?

When Go-Karting in Toronto, which is better, outdoor or indoor?

Many new racers will be asking this question in their hunt for the greatest go-karting rush they can find. To truly know the answer for yourself, you will want to experience both at some point. It all comes down to personal preference really, but indoor karting does offer some notable advantages, especially for the recreational racer.

Toronto Go Kart | (647) 496 - 5838 | Grand Prix Kartways

The Weather

It may sound trivial at first, but the first major difference between the outdoor and indoor track is the weather exposure. Bad weather can lead at best to harsh driving conditions, and at worst can cause your big race to be cancelled.

Want More Toronto Go-Karting videos? Check it out here.


There is no way to guarantee the weather conditions at an outdoor track, so while some people find the wind in their face to be truly exhilarating, and some people might enjoy the challenge of handling the karts in these conditions, nobody really likes to be rained off!


At indoor go-karting tracks such as that in Grand Prix Kartways Toronto, the weather never affects the racing conditions, and we never have to call off the day. This means you can enjoy a dry track that is safer to drive on, and gives you a full speed thrill every time, without fail.


The Go-Karts


Where recreational go-karting is concerned, indoor karts tend to be faster. Outdoor karts are usually gas powered, and because of variable road conditions they have to run at slower speeds. At our race track in Toronto, our electric powered go-karts run at speeds of up to 85 KPH, faster than most outdoor karts allow. They also emit no harmful fumes, making them more ecologically friendly, and more friendly for everybody’s lungs too.


The design of these indoor go-karts is also different. One outer shell covers all of the mechanics. On outdoor karts, more of the motor is exposed, and the gas is flammable. The weight of an indoor kart is more evenly distributed, and they are less likely to flip. All in all, safety is greater during indoor karting.

Check out more videos on Electric Go-Karts here.


What Else?


Indoor go-karting centers are often much more accommodating than outdoor tracks, which offer limited facilities outside of the actual circuit itself. At our race track in Toronto, we also offer facilities such as a restaurant and bar, amusement arcade and entertainment centre, ample comfortable seating, and plenty of activities for children. This makes indoor karting in Toronto a more well-rounded, family-friendly experience.


Availability is also something to consider. You might want to choose your go-kart track based on what is close to your location. If you are looking for the leading, if not the best facility for go-karting in Toronto, visit Grand Prix Kartways today!

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What are the Different Types of Toronto Go Kart

A Toronto Go Kart is a kind of blanket term for a small four wheeled vehicle.

So as you can imagine, there are quite a lot of different types out there, of all sorts of shapes and sizes. The type of go-kart used usually depends on the situation. A soap box derby kart is an unusual go-kart used for downhill racing, and powered only by gravity. They

Toronto Go Kart | Grand Prix Kartways | 647-496-5838 | 75 Carl Hall Rd. Downsview Park Toronto ON M3K 2B9 Canada

Competitive Go Kart | Toronto Go Kart

wouldn’t be much good on an indoor Go Karting track in Toronto.
Toronto Go Karting takes place at many levels; from the highly recreational, to the highly competitive. There are indoor tracks, outdoor tracks, and high speed road tracks, and there are Go-Karts designed for each situation.

Competitive Go-Karts

There are three main types of Toronto Go Kart used for highly competitive track racing. Sprint Karts are the most commonly used. They are fast and versatile, and can be raced on many different types of track.


The Oval Karts are designed specifically for turning tight corners in only one direction, and are therefore perfectly designed for oval tracks. The Enduro Karts are built with maximum speed in mind, and can reach heart racing speeds of up to 90 miles per hour. Racers lie flat to reduce air resistance. If you watch a major Karting event involving professionals, then you will see one of these three types of Kart.

Check out our video: Go Karting the NASCAR Way

Indoor Go-Karting

There are many types of indoor go kart in Toronto, and again the type a track will have all depends on the purpose. 2-stroke engines, or low-powered electric engines, are used for amusement style karts, while more competitive and exciting tracks use 4-stroke gas engines, or high powered electric ones that deliver around 15 HP. Toronto’s indoor karts vary in size and class, and can feature any one of a number of engines made by major manufacturers such as Briggs & Stratton, Honda, and others.

Petrol ones leave a smoggy pollution and make an unbearable amount of noise, all of which would be contained in the warehouse for your children to breathe in.

For the indoor experience electric go-karts are much more preferable. Petrol ones leave a smoggy pollution and make an unbearable amount of noise, all of which would be contained in the warehouse for your children to breathe in. This used to be a problem, because earlier electric go-karts could not produce as much power and speed as their petrol rivals.

Fortunately, this is no longer an issue. The new electric go-karts are just as effective, if not more effective, and in some cases can deliver even more power and speed; all without creating pollution.

Toronto Go Kart | Grand Prix Kartways | 647-496-5838 | 75 Carl Hall Rd. Downsview Park Toronto ON M3K 2B9 Canada

Indoor Go Kart | Toronto Go Kart

Watch our video on Friendly Competitive Race in GPK


What Go Karts Do We Use At Grand Prix Kartways?

At Grand Prix Kartways we are have to find the perfect balance between competition and recreation. We therefore needed a Go Kart that is fast and exhilarating, but which also handles great and has plenty of safety. We choose the Italian-made EK-5N-DR electric Go-Karts, along with the EK-Mini for the kids. The adult karts have top speeds of 85Kph, deliver 20 HP, and accelerate really fast! They also make for a much cleaner and more enjoyable environment than a gas-powered engine.
We believe this to be the best choice for indoor Go Karting in Toronto. If you want to find out for yourself what it is like to race the finest karts in Toronto, then come along to Grand Prix Kartways.

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A Look at Some of Toronto’s Best Go-Karting Video Games

There have been hundreds of Toronto Go-Karting video games released over the past couple of decades, but the truth is you just didn’t notice many of them.

Go Karting in Toronto |(647) 496 5838 | Grand Prix Kartways Downsview Park Toronto ON M3K 2B9

Toronto Go-Karting

Many of them faded with time, and under the weight of their own shoddiness. A small selection of elite kart games and series have survived and will forever hold a place in our hearts.

We have to admit, the best Go-Karting video games are often crazy, unrealistic, and cartoony. Mario Kart obviously springs to mind. We don’t think this reflects badly on Go-Karting, but rather it reflects its essence of most people: an accessible and lighthearted way to get competitive and have some fun.

We could do a Top 10 of the Best Go-Karting games, but then we might end up with 7 versions of Mario Kart and a few other notable titles. Instead, we will take a look at a wide range of options, to give the other games a fair chance.

 The Best Go-Karting Games

Super Mario Kart

Would it really be acceptable to start anywhere else? Mario Kart rules the roost even now, and the original game, released on the SNES back in 1992, was the first of its genre. A spin-off to Super Mario Bros, this karting game was well ahead of its time, featuring twisty tracks, characters with AI and personalities, and of course, the firing of shells across the racetrack; not a behavior that we encourage here at our Go-Karting Toronto, but very entertaining on-screen!

The series has continued its success to this day, and critically acclaimed titles include Mario Kart 64, Wii, Double Dash, and many more.

This is possibly the perfect Go-Karting franchise, and while it is a tough game to beat, it inspired many more titles to come.

Diddy Kong Racing

Perhaps considered the main rival of Mario Kart, at least at the time when it was released, this classic karting game is very obviously modeled on its predecessor, but managed to add a lot to the evolution of karting in video games.

It included a much needed one player adventure mode, and a multiplayer adventure (type the code: Jointventure to access) which added a lot of depth to the game. It also introduced the plane and hovercraft vehicles, and apart from all of that still had all of the action-packed fun of Mario.

Released on the N64, there has never been a sequel.

Crash Team Racing

Seeing the success of the Nintendo karting games, it wasn’t long until Sony responded with a game for their platform, based on their platform king at the time, Crash Bandicoot. This made many PS owners very happy, and the game was by no means a letdown, providing a fully 3-D interface that looked stunning, great controls, an adventure mode, and multiplayer madness. It truly was a rival for Mario and Diddy.

Sonic & SEGA All-Star Racing

A 2010 release, you will be happy to know that this Go-Karting title is not restricted to a certain console. It is available on the PS3, Wii, X-box 360, DS, PC, and mobile.

The graphics are stunning, and there are plenty of playable characters to choose from, with mascot Sonic leading the pack. All have their own abilities, and the use of items takes a more tactical, and less random feel than in the other kart games. This one plays a little more like a classic racing game in some ways: the controls are comparatively difficult, and the game does not have Nintendo’s philosophy of evening the score with powerful items at the last minute.

That covers the best karting games that take the popular Mario Kart format, but what else is there to be explored? Truth be told, there aren’t many super-realistic kart games worth playing, so we have another suggestion to keep you entertained.

ModNation Racers

ModNation is a completely different type of karting game, released for the PS3 that allows for the full customization of… everything. You can make karts, players, and tracks, and share them with a large and creative online community. This gives you limitless options for racing, and if you love the design aspect of it all, then you will not be disappointed. Did we mention it plays pretty well too?

For another fun customization Go-Karting game, check out the famous LittleBigPlanetKarting, which boasts a wider community.

Kart Racing Pro

Are you board of all of the cartoony features on most Go-Kart games? Is Go-Karting a bit more of a professional gig for you? There are options out there, and among the most realistic is Kart Racing Pro, a simulation game that does a great job of capturing the dynamics and physics of high-speed outdoor Go-Karting.

Also worth checking out, while not a game in itself, is the kart racing mode on Gran Turismo 5, one of the greatest racing simulators of all time.

The Best Way to Experience Go-Karting…

Okay, so you might not be able to throw shells at each other, surf over water in a hovercraft, or take a magic star that makes you invincible, but hey, real life has more restrictions than video games. Still, no matter how fun the karting games are, nothing beats the real deal. There is no better way to experience Go-Karting than to come down to GPKs Go-Karting track in Toronto, where you can put your foot down and race with other real people; all without the danger of skidding on a banana skin.

Drag yourself away from the video world and come down to Grand Prix Kartways in Toronto today, for a family-friendly adrenaline pumped atmosphere.

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Send In Your GoPro Toronto Go-Karting Videos

…And We Will Make A Compilation Of The Best Ones

Go Kart in Toronto |(647) 496 5838 | Grand Prix Kartways Downsview Park Toronto ON M3K 2B9

Go Karting in Toronto

Here at Grand Prix Kartways, we provide one of the most exciting and exhilarating Go-Kart tracks in Toronto. When people come to race with us, they love what they feel, and they feel what they love. We want to share that feeling with the world, and we can only do this through your eyes. We want you to send in your GoPro videos; the ones that show your most dramatic and heartfelt moments on the racetrack.

GoPro is a unique design of camera that was originally inspired by an idea. The idea came from surfer Nick Woodman, who wanted to be able to capture the best possible angles, that really showed what the action was like for the man in the wave, and not just for the onlooker stood on the beach.

GoPro has been adopted by many sports enthusiasts who wish to capture their moments of glory on video. No other camera would be able to quite capture the feeling of racing with us at GPK Go-Karting in Toronto. Nothing could illustrate the speed, the passion, the drive, as well as GoPro footage, other than actually being in the driver’s seat.

This is not to be a compilation of sideline footage; this is the track being chewed up before your eyes, the bed fast approaching, the undertake on the straight approaching the hairpin, the race to the finish line. This is Go-Karting.

So, What Are We Asking?

We want you to send in your favorite footage from your GoPro that shows you racing around a track in a Go-Kart. It can be old footage, or you can bring along your GoPro the next time you come for a drive.

We will then watch all of your footage, probably eat a bit of popcorn and enjoy the emotional ups and downs of life on the race course, and then compile the best clips into a mega-movie that really hits home. We hope to create something, with your help, that will truly capture the Go-Karting experience.

You will be then able to watch this grand compilation on our website and Youtube channel in the coming months. We will happily notify you if your footage becomes a part of the bigger picture.

In short, you will play a part in the greatest compilation of Go-Kart footage known to humankind. So please, don’t be shy! Send in your GoPro footage to us, to help us to create this memorable video.

If you want to know what Go-Karting is like for yourself, then why not head to GPK Go-Karting Toronto, for hairpin raising action in an environment that has something for everyone. Be sure to bring your GoPro along if you have one! Call us today!


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5 Best Toronto Go-Karting Scenes In Movies

Okay, so you might not find Batman or James Bond riding a go-kart, but there are some pretty hilarious go-kart moments out there in the world of movies. Go-karts have forever captured the hearts and minds of children and adults alike, and there is simply nothing like settling a debt over a swift race around the track. We have even seen some screen worthy moments here at the Toronto indoor go-karting track at Grand Prix Kartways!

Here are 5 of the best go-karting scenes in movies:

  1. Guess Who
Toronto Go Karting | (647) 496-2888  | Get to know 5 of its best as seen in movies.

Toronto Go Karting | Get to know 5 of its best as seen in movies.

Percy is a huge NASCAR fan, and also a bit of a racist who doesn’t like the fact that his daughter is planning to marry a white fella named Simon. The plot escalates, and in a bid to impress Percy, Simon lies about being an avid NASCAR driver. The film later results in a race between the rivals, with funny and disastrous results.

Simon, played by Ashton Kutcher, struggles to even make it to the starting line, before admitting that he has never had Toronto go-karting in his life. The stakes of the race are high, with Percy agreeing to hand over a much-needed loan for a large sum of money if Simon should take the victory. One lap. Race on!

The faces of the two men as they screech off the starting line begin the wacky scene to follow, with pumping music a rough and tough race ensues, and the two bump and bash each other round hairpin bends, before colliding with a bush and ending up in the middle of a busy road arguing about who has won.

  1. The Great Outdoors

The go-kart scene in the Great Outdoors (1988) is a pleasant and fun moment that must have been an absolute joy for the actors and extras to film. It really captures how much of a good time you can have with Toronto go-karting and is set on a rough outdoor track, with hay-bail edges and a clear disregard for health and safety.

The track is highly crowded with racers, who are all scrambling around the highly unusual central feature: a golf course. Whoever thought of the idea of mixing the two might have had a screw loose, but it certainly makes for a funny scene when the inevitable happens, and a driver of the buggy receives a whack from the driver of the golf ball.

Luckily, you won’t find the go-kart track and golf course combination at your local Toronto indoor go-karting track. You can drive happily without the fear of a bruised forehead.

  1. Grown-Ups 2

Okay, we are not actually giving this film much of a rating when it comes to how great it is, and even the Toronto go-karting scene itself is not the best we have ever seen. So why have we included in the list? Novelty really. When Grown Ups 2 was being filmed, they needed to shoot an outdoor go-kart race scene. The only problem was, they were using kids in the scene, so they had to film the scene indoors, in the daytime. With no space suitable, they built their own stage and set to film the scene.

  1. Kart Racer

Forget a scene, how about a whole film dedicated to the beautiful and exhilarating sport of go-kart racing?! A little known Canadian film, Kart Racer centers around an ambitious young boy called Watts “Lighthouse” Davies, who wants to be a pro racer, but cannot afford his own kart. He convinces his father, a former racer, to build a kart with him, and teach him how to be a slick winner. Anyone who shares Watts’ ambition, can learn some Toronto go-karting.

  1. 5. Catch That Kid

Probably the coolest go-karting scene in the movie world and our personal pick of the day is the police chase in Catch the Kid. Featuring a high-speed chase, the kids try to outrun police cars and even a helicopter… all in their little go-karts. A funny dialogue and light-hearted feel makes this action scene very entertaining to watch, and while we do not recommend either high-speed cop chases or driving on the roads with go-karts, we do recommend you check out this scene to get you buzzed and in the mood for some speed – and in the mood to check out our Toronto go-karting track.

Visit us today at Grand Prix Kartways and make a go karting scene of your own.


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The Science of Cornering in an Indoor Go Kart Track in Toronto

What makes a great Toronto go karting driver?

Go Karting Toronto | (647) 496-2888  | The Science of Cornering in an Indoor Go Kart Track in Toronto

In go karting in Toronto, the more challenging a corner the more fun it is.

When it really comes down to it, cornering is the defining factor in any race.

Incidentally, it is also the trickiest part to master for any go kart enthusiast; new or experienced. When you begin to learn how to cruise in a kart at your favorite go kart track, cornering is what you will want to come to grips with.

Go karts are actually very different to cars.

They require completely different handling, so even if you have passed your driving test, that does not necessarily make you an expert in the world of karts. You will still have to learn, just like everyone else! The major difference when it comes to cornering in a go kart, is that all of the wheels move at the same speed. This means that the inside wheels travel less distance, and to compensate for this and give you more control, the rear wheels are designed to lift off the ground.

Toronto Go Karting 101: To flatten the curve is the main goal of cornering.

This is all about the line that you take as you approach the corner. You should aim to keep very wide, and then steer in close to the apex as you turn the corner.

How well you manage the corner is determined not only by how good your line is, but also by how well you handle the forces of acceleration and deceleration, as you take the bend, and as you come out onto the straightaway. Here is a quick how-to that will help you to understand what is required:

  • As you approach from the straight, find your line – as wide as you need.
  • Take your foot off the accelerator, and when the power is off completely, begin to brake.
  • Brake until you have reached a speed in which you feel comfortable taking the corner. Do not brake as you turn, as this can often cause oversteer.
  • Lift your foot off the brakes, and then turn into the corner.
  • Aim for the apex.
  • As you pass the apex, straighten up your go kart, and begin to accelerate as soon as you have straightened – but not before.

Practice makes perfect, and every corner is different.

Go Karting Toronto | (647) 496-2888  | The Science of Cornering in an Indoor Go Kart Track in Toronto

Go Kart Toronto

All you can really do is work on your lines, and get a feel for the braking and acceleration. Once you have a decent amount of control over the go kart you will become confident enough to take the corners faster, and accelerate out of them sooner. Try out some go karting in Toronto for a fun way to learn.

There is no better way than to get out there on the track and give it a go, skid and slide a few times, and improve. We have one of the best tracks for go karts that Toronto has to offer, and would be more than happy to see you take on some hairpins!

Visit and experience the science that is go karting.

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Do Only Experienced Racers Enjoy Go Karting in Toronto

At Grand Prix Kartways, you don’t need to be an experienced karter to enjoy Go Karting in Toronto.

What you do need is the urge to have fun!

Go Karting in Toronto |(647) 496 5838 | Grand Prix Kartways Downsview Park Toronto ON M3K 2B9

Go Karting in Toronto |(647) 496 5838 | Grand Prix Kartways Downsview Park Toronto ON M3K 2B9

Indoor karting is a unique and exciting experience that will get your adrenaline running. It’s the perfect occasion, and excuse, to just have some fun!

We provide a race-themed experience, from racing uniforms to gloves. We’ve the best in the industry go karts: the electric powered EK-5N-DR and EK-Mini. We’ve got the best track in town and a staff dedicated to making sure your time here is unforgettable. What more can you ask for?


We’ve got you covered

Don’t worry, we’ll provide you with everything you need to have an amazing time. From the moment you arrive,

Toronto Go Karting Helmets | Grand Prix Kartways

Toronto Go Karting Helmets

we’ll make you feel as though you are participating in a real race. From racing uniforms and gloves to track marshals observing every race, Toronto Go Karting at Grand Prix Kartways only provides the most authentic racing experience.

The Track

Grand Prix Kartways Formula 1 style indoor road course was designed to provide elements that will challenge and exhilarate any driver. We’ve got hairpins, chicanes, short, medium, and long turns, and two straightaways, complete with panoramic views, grass infields, lamp posts, fountains, street signs, and so much more in our kart racing in Toronto!

Competition and Community

At Grand Prix Kartways, we aim to foster the spirit of competition alongside a deep sense of community. We’ve created an environment where everybody, from newcomer to expert can develop discipline and master driving abilities such as swift reaction timing and safe passing habits. At GPK, you’ll be able to compete in a safe and structured environment, with remote control governed karts that limit their top speed or stop karts to prevent collissions.

We have got weekly races and tournaments and offer a variety of race leagues to satisfy all levels of go-karters. Each series features trophies, awards, prizes and banquets.

Race ‘till you Drop!

At Grand Prix Kartways, there are many ways for you to enjoy go-karting. Whether you come alone or with a group of friends, there is no shortage of options to satisfy your need for speed!

We have many racing packages available: single or double racing packages, and even offer a single-rate day pass option, where you can lap the track to your heart’s content.


Take a break from racing to socialize at our track side Cafe and VIP Lounges.

The Pit Zone Café offers a variety of fast foods, snacks, and beverages, perfect to fill the void and keep you ready to race.  The track-side bistro-style tables will give you a perfect view of the lanes and sweeping turns.

The Nitro Zone Lounge provides luxury seating and a fully serviced bar, promising a comfortable break from the spirited racing. Watch some live racing or your favorite sporting events on our big screen TV’s. Maybe even browse our dedicated retail merchandise store

The Kart Racing in Toronto Experience

So come and get involved in kart racing. It will be an experience you will never forget. The Checkered Flag is waiting for you!

Come and race to the finish with us!

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