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Will Go-Kart Racing Ever Rule The World?

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If you have ever been go kart racing in Toronto, then you will already know how much fun it is to fly along the straight sections and hit a perfect corner to make your best lap time! Nothing beats it.

The first go-kart was built in California by a man named Art Ingles. I wonder if he knew just how popular the sport would be today?

Since the dawn and early development of the go-kart during the 1950s and 60s, this exciting sport really has come a long way. The go-karts are faster, safer, and cleaner now. The tracks offer more thrills for racers. The go-karting establishments, both competitive and recreational, offer an accessible and entertaining pastime for thousands of people, from all walks of life.

Go-Karting Is Still Gaining Popularity

One thing is for sure… Toronto go kart racing is still gaining popularity. There are now over 150,000 karters of all ages in the U.S. You could call it a revolution, and you wouldn’t be wrong! Maybe go-karting will take over the world one day.


There are many reasons for this rise in popularity. The first is the accessibility of the sport. Children as young as 8 years old can be trained and licensed for competitive go-kart racing. Many classes accommodate youngsters, and in terms of recreation, well, here at GPK in Toronto we even have junior karts for kids!

The fact that children can enjoy go karting in Toronto, whether recreationally or competitively, increases the number of families who choose to take a day out at the races.

More ladies are currently joining the revolution too, with go-kart tracks seeing a rise in the number of female guests and hen parties. The combination of adrenaline packed fun, and laid-back party atmosphere, makes go-karting an awesome alternative to a pointless night out at the bars again.

Toronto Go Karting Reaches Celebrity Status!

NASCAR is now one of the most popular sports in America. It is not the same as go-karting, but this general buzz around high-speed, adrenaline filled action is definitely contagious.

As more people start to watch the stock car racing, more people also want to feel the speed and hands-on fun for themselves. Go-karting is the most accessible racing sport, and fun for the whole family.

It is even possible for young karters to reach formula-1 racing status, directly from go-karting. Red Bull sponsor national tryouts for 13-17 year olds, and thousands of drivers participate every year.

In fact, quite a lot of celebrity formula-1 drivers started in go-karting. Ever heard of Kimi Raikkonen, Michael Shumacher, and the legendary Lewis Hamilton? All of them started their career go-karting. This has helped to popularize the sport.

Due to the rising popularity of Toronto go kart racing, helped along by influences from stars like Lewis Hamilton, the highly accessible form of racing has caught the eyes of venture capitalists, who have continued to invest and expand their empires of race tracks.

For example, Connections Capital from the UK invested £9 million to buy-out TeamSport Racing, and have opened several new circuits since.

Go-Karting Can Rule Your World!
In all fairness, go-karting already does rule the world. It is popular on nearly every continent, and one of the most accessible forms of racing available. Toronto Go kart racing can most definitely rule your world, that’s for sure!

No matter what age you are, what the occasion is, or what your experience level may be, you can enjoy an adrenaline packed day of adventure go-kart racing. Head on down to GPK in Toronto, and experience the magic for yourself!

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Upcoming GPK Race League for Toronto Karting Enthusiasts

Upcoming GPK Race League for Toronto Karting Enthusiasts

Does competitive racing get your engine revving? If you love to win, live for seeing your name up on the leaderboard or most importantly, love to race, then we’ve got great news for you. Toronto karting enthusiasts can now enroll in the Race League at GPK to participate in our weekly racing championships. Races will be held every Tuesday from October 16th to December 18th right at the Grand Prix Kartways racetrack! Think you’ve got what it takes to compete against the best in a professional style race, come down and sign up.

Toronto Karting Racing League

Authentic F1 Style Races

If you’ve ever dreamed of going on a real racing circuit, now’s your chance to get involved in a one of a kind authentic racing experience. GPK’s Toronto karting league offers 100% genuine F1 style racing experience to all. We pull out all the stops and you’ll feel like you’re in an authentic race when you experience our classic time trials, F1 styles standing grid starts for Championship finals and a genuine F1 points system. You’re racing experience will be the same as any professional racer would get at a real racing championship!

No speed to fast? If you think you’ve got what it takes to push your speed limits to the max and race at lightning speeds, the GPK Race League is for you! Race league members have exclusive access to our Legendary Speed 1, the fastest legally allowable Toronto karting speed in the province.

Free To Join

With authentic racing rules, weekly championships and plenty of perks for our Race League members, you’d think it might be expensive to join, but it’s not. In fact, our Toronto karting league is 100% free to join! Sign up at any time before the championships are over and have free access to our weekly championship races.

Choose to pay per race for maximum participation flexibility and enjoy a discount when you bring a group. For hardcore racers and new for 2012, we’re offering pre-purchased ‘speed paks’ of 16 or 20 races for up to 32% in savings! Pre-purchase your speed pak before October and you’ll receive a special gift with your purchase.

Toronto Karting Fun At GPK

Each week, the race league night will start out with a qualifier session to determine whether or not you’ve got what it takes to race at the top speeds at GPK.  Then, compete in two separate first to cross the finish line championship style races, with authentic F1 style rules and flags. Weekly prizes are awarded in different categories and the whole championship culminates in a series ending grand championship followed by a racers banquet where we reward points-leaders, give out prizes, and crown the ‘kings of karting’.

Racing at GPK has never been quite so exciting! Interested in joining the championship? Visit us at GPK on a race night, join a qualifier and prove you’ve got what it takes to be the best.

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