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Try Our Slot Car Mini Grid & Indoor Go Karting in Toronto


Mini Grid Indoor Kart Racing In Toronto

Itching to try your hand at go karting in Toronto? If you have kids too young for the ‘big’ karts, you might be thinking you can’t go. Indoor go karting in Toronto is great fun for adults and older kids, but what about the little guys. We don’t want you to leave them at home, and you don’t want to leave them somewhere without anything to do. If you’ve ever wished there was a better way; that time is now.

Our Mini Grid has you covered!

Think awesome indoor racing, except on a much smaller scale. We’ve got one of the biggest slot car tracks around, and we’re pretty proud of it. If your kids like slot cars (or cars) they’re sure to love our Mini Grid.

The 6 lane Carrera raceway is set up like a real formula one racetrack (just like our bigger Go Kart in Toronto raceway), and can hold up to 90 slots at once! Kids can play with family, friends or even strangers who want to race slots!

The Mini Grid is great for kids 3 and up, you don’t have to get a baby sitter, your tykes will have more fun with us! You can leave your kids to push around slots while you enjoy our real kart racing Toronto. Let your kids have fun while you push your speed limits to the max on our racetrack!

We think our Mini Grid is a car loving kids dream, but it’s not just for children, adults can have fun there too!
Kid’s too young for real go kart in Toronto races can have fun with our Avengers, Spiderman and Cars 2 themed cars. If your little ones are too young for slots, you can bring them to the Kids Zone, a fun area set up with model cars and city building blocks. The Kids Zone is open to children 3-9.

Want a souvenir of your stay at GPK, our Mini Grid area also features a fun shop for all ages. With everything from souvenirs, racing gear to how tos, there’s something for everyone. Pick up racing gear, DVD’s, slot cars, die cast models, books, clothing and more from our shop.

If your kids (or you) start to get a little bit hungry, stop by our Pit Zone Café or Nitro Lounge to look for anything from fast food to a full meal!

With plenty of fun for all ages, there’s no reason not to visit us at GPK. Visit us today for some fast, fun kart racing in Toronto, or bring your kids to the Mini Grid to have some fun together.

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