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5 “Must-Haves” for a perfect Toronto Birthday Party

Providing your child with a unique and unforgettable birthday party is the goal of every parent when it gets to “that time of year”. And though it’s true that there are no shortages of great venues out there that offer suitable Toronto birthday party services, it can sometimes be a struggle to narrow down the choices to ensure you plan the perfect party. To help you with this, we have identified 5 “Must-Haves” for you to consider when planning your next Toronto Birthday Party.

1 - Must have activities that are appropriate for children of different age ranges…

There are undoubtedly a number of venues throughout the city that offer great activities for children’s birthday parties, however, many of the activities that they offer are only appropriate for specific age groups. If you’re hosting a Toronto birthday party that includes children of different age ranges, how do you make sure that everyone will be included in the activities and not get left out?

At GPK, we have a variety of entertainment activities that are appropriate for children of various ages. Featuring indoor electric go karting, tactical laser tag, interactive gaming, and slot car racing, you will be sure to find an activity at GPK that is perfect for your child’s age group.   And even adults who may be attending the party can enjoy a spin around the track, or an adult beverage in our comfortable and inviting VIP Lounge. We pride ourselves in being inclusive to anyone and everyone!

Must-Haves for a perfect Toronto Birthday Party | GPK |

2 - Must have great food…

Must-Haves for a perfect Toronto Birthday Party | GPK |

Make no mistake about it…children do not normally get excited for a Toronto birthday party because of the food that is being served. Despite the fact that food is rarely the highlight of the event, it can sometimes be a detracting feature of the party, or in some cases, a source of unfortunate disappointment.

At GPK, you will never have that worry. We offer premium onsite foodservices that will eliminate the stress of planning for this part of the party. With menus that are suitable for all age groups, you will never be disappointed with the quality of the food that is served at your party, or the costs of our meal packages. And best of all, we provide everything for you, from a fully furnished party room, to cutlery, plates, linens, and drinks. It’s “one-stop” shopping at its best!

3 - Must be conveniently located…

Even the best venues cannot be enjoyed if your guests are unable to conveniently get to them. Children want all their friends to be able to attend their party, so it’s extremely important to be considerate of the distance that you ask their parents to travel, and the ease of accessibility.

GPK is conveniently located within Downsview Park in mid-town Toronto, minutes away from two major highways. Public transit also travels throughout Downsview Park, offering numerous commuting opportunities. There is ample parking throughout the park, and best of all…it’s free!

4 - Must be affordable…

Must-Haves for a perfect Toronto Birthday Party | GPK |

As parents, we always want to provide our children with “the best”, and this holds true when planning a Toronto birthday party. However, this endeavor to have “the best” often comes with a hefty price tag. Limited package options and rigid booking restrictions can sometimes have you paying for things that you may not even want as part of your party program.

When booking your Toronto birthday party at GPK, you’ll be amazed by the numerous options that are available to you. Instead of offering just 1 or 2 packages that are designed to limit choices and increase spend, we allow you to construct your own event package and tailor your selections to include only the elements that you want as part of your party. This ensures that you’re able to have the party that you want while meeting your budgetary requirements.

5 - Must be fun…

Without question, everything that we mentioned above is extremely important to consider when planning your next Toronto birthday party. However, none of these other points matter if your party is missing one thing…FUN!

You will never have this worry when booking your party at GPK. Our unique activity experiences are unlike those offered at any other venue in the city, and our friendly and experienced staff will stop at nothing to ensure that your child’s Toronto birthday party is their most memorable one yet.  Your guest’s FUN is our first priority, and this will be evident the moment you step through our doors.    

Must-Haves for a perfect Toronto Birthday Party | GPK |

By now it’s clear that that there is a lot to consider when deciding on your child’s next Toronto birthday party. Lucky enough, we’ve taken the guesswork out of this process and made it simple for you to recognize that a birthday party at GPK checks off all the boxes.  So if you’re looking for a place to host the most memorable, exhilarating, and flat-out awesome kid’s birthday party, Click here to check out our Children’s Group Event Packages or contact us at to speak with one of our experienced party planners.  For more information on all of the services available at GPK, please visit our corporate site at     

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