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When Kids Are Too Young to Race on a Toronto Go Kart

Too Young for Go Karting in Toronto | Grand Prix Kartways | 647-496-5838

Kids below our minimum safety requirements can’t board Go Karts

Grand Prix Kartways has them covered

As we strictly adhere to the safety regulations of a Toronto go karting facility, kids that are less than 52 inches (130 cm) in height are prohibited from boarding any of our Junior karts. Instead, we provide activities that are equally exhilarating and unforgettable for your little tots. Introducing…


GPK Kinected Interactive Centre | 647-496-5838

GPK Kinected Interactive Center

Grand Prix Kartways has a plethora of dynamic entertainment experience that will keep your kids, even the big boys, immersed in total exhilaration.

Race Simulators

The token-driven race simulators can keep a child completely engrossed in his own racing world. The interactive computer game is so realistic even the bigger boys would want to test their driving skills on it.

Carrera Slot Car Raceway

And to give them an even more exhilarating experience, we have a 6-lane, 90-foot Carrera Slot Car raceway at the Mini Grid, a one of its kind in GTA, which is a must-try for any motorsport enthusiast.

The Mini Grid

Mini Grid | Grand Prix Kartways | 647-496-5838

Mini Grid features a 6-lane, 90-foot slot car raceway

A retail center that showcases die cast model cars with model kits, a variety of children’s toy sets, DVDs and books and Canada’s largest selection of slot cars and slot car sets.

Brand New X-Box 360

Our new Xbox 360, which features Kinect technology, is a hot item in this section! Kinect Technology is a full-body gaming experience, outmoding the agile finger and thumb video gaming. It is gaming in real-life.

Other Activities

Air and bubble hockey, foozeball and billiard tables definitely complete a motorsport enthusiast’s day at Grand Prix Kartways.

Token | Grand Prix Kartways | 647-496-5838Token Pricing:

$1 per Token   |   $4 per 5 Token Package  

For Pre-Reserved Group Events, call (647) 496-5838

Trackside Café and Nitro Lounge

And when all the energy is spent, and the hunger pangs kick in, our Pit Zone Café have quick bites and refreshments that answer to that need. Our licensed luxury bar, the Nitro Zone Lounge, will surely beckon on to the big boys for a couple of ice cold drinks to beat the racing heat in a lush, full-serviced bar

Truly, there is no other facility that can throw your kids and your big boys into their own exciting world of exhilarating fun and unforgettable experience other than at GPK. Call us today at (647) 496-5838 and race to the finish with us!



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Toronto Go Karting: Best Birthday Ever!

These are the words that every parent wants to hear from their kids.

Well,  we can make that happen for you!

Toronto Go Karting – Simply Unforgettable

If you’re looking to throw an unforgettable birthday bash, you’ve come to the right place. Grand Prix Kartways  has over 47,000 sq ft of indoor space for you child to explore. We provide everything from race suits to racing helmets to make your kid’s Toronto Go Kart racing fantasies come true! Don’t worry we are taking every possible precaution to keep them safe.

Go Karting in Toronto |(647) 496 5838 | Grand Prix Kartways Downsview Park Toronto ON M3K 2B9

One of Toronto’s fastest electric Go-karts: The Italian-made EK-5N-DR

Our Karts

We offer state-of-the-art electric go-karts – the Italian made EK-5N-DR and EK-Mini Go-Karts that are the best available in the industry today. Our race team stylized go-karts are fast, safe, and environmentally friendly!

Our Packages

Our mission at Grand Prix Kartways is to create an unforgettable Toronto go karting experience. We have a diverse array of packages for you to choose from. They are custom built to suit your needs and number of guests.

Share or Pin our Birthday Package here! 

Toronto Go-Karting Birthday Party Packages|(647) 496 5838 | Grand Prix Kartways Downsview Park Toronto ON M3K 2B9

Go-Karting Birthday Packages that are customizable to ensure an exhilarating and unforgettable Go Karting Party in Toronto

Go-Kart Racing

Time to push the pedal to the metal! You can choose from private race sessions, pre-reserved race times and a 2-for-1 gift certificate for each guest! We provide junior go-karts for children 10+ years of age and the minimum height of 50” (120 cm). Our senior go-karts are reserved for children 13+ years of age with 54” (130 cm) minimum height. We can offer private race sessions with up to 8 Senior Karts and 6 Junior Karts.

Toronto Go Karting for Kids? Seriously?

Slot Car Racing

Who said the sidelines were boring? When go karting at GPK Toronto, you get to experience a different kind of exhilaration with our 90-foot long Carrera Slot Car Raceway – a one of a kind 6-lane slot car racetrack! Slot car racing enthusiasts can enjoy model car racing with their peers.

Mini Grid at GPK - Go Karting in Toronto

GPK’s Mini Grid Slot Car Racing featuring a one-of-a-kind six-lane 90-foot long Carrera Slot Car raceway that is a “must-try” for any motorsport enthusiast!

You can even reserve a minimum of 30 minutes for your own private party. This includes free use of our rental cars and a staff person to conduct your race program!


Custom Services

Add a 3rd go-kart race to your package for only $13 per person more. We provide trophies with custom engraving. Even get your own custom video that chronicles the day’s festivities.


There’s a lot more you can do! Call us today at (647) 496-2888 and let’s start planning for a birthday your kid will never forget!

Looking for other exciting packages at Grand Prix Kartways?



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Video: What to Look for in an Indoor Go Karting Facility in Toronto

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These Toronto Indoor Go Karting Rules

Indoor Go Karting Rules | Grand Prix Kartways in Toronto (647) 496-5838

Fun is not optional here at GPK. But so are these rules.

They keep you and me safe.

The first thing you should know is that all race tracks, whether they are professional or for go karting in Toronto, have a zero tolerance policy about driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. At GPK, if we suspect you are under the influence, we will ask you to take a breathalyzer test. We want you to be able to think and drive, not drink and drive.

As for the track, here are the rules that we have adopted from professional racing, all aimed at keeping you and your friends safe while you are enjoying  indoor go karting in Toronto at Grnad Prix Kartways.

1) Helmets, Clothes & Hair

Helmets are mandatory. Professional race associations have set standards for the type of helmet that is the safest that involves specific materials used and measurements. The helmets at GPK are top-of-the-line and meet all these specifications. Keep your helmet on at all times until you are back on the checkered floor. And make sure that if you have long hair, it is tied up above your shoulders, and any loose clothing is secured. Your hands and feet need to stay in the kart at all times as well.

Check out our explainer video on safety. ()

Watch our explainer video on Safety!

2) Track Marshalls

The first thing you will notice when you race at GPK are the Track Marshals. They have the authority to keep things running smoothly on our indoor tracks. The marshals will brief you on track rules during the Pre-Race Orientation. When on the track, never get out of your go kart unless a track marshal tells you to.

3) No Horseplay

Now, we know you want to win. But… you can’t do that by reckless driving, horseplay or breaking rules. So don’t bump, block or cut off other drivers. Take some time to watch our videos about how to corner and pass safely and smoothly when you’re go karting on Toronto’s best indoor go karting track. And if you do see a black flag, drive your kart to the pit slowly. If you break the rules, marshals enforce a 5-second slow penalty. If you continue to break rules, you will be asked to leave, with no refund given.

The rules are there for your safety. And a safe race is a fun race for everyone. Come see just how fun following the rules can be at GPK today!

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Toronto Go-Karting Makes for a Great School Excursion

If we asked you to think of a typical school excursion,

you might conjure up images of museums, art galleries, and maybe the zoo if you are lucky. Traditionally speaking, you probably don’t immediately associate go-karting with school excursions. We don’t have anything against museums, but we think that go-karting might be an exhilarating and often educational option. Wait, hear us out…


The Ultimate Reward Trip

There are two types of school excursion, as far as our ancient brains can remember. The first is a reward trip, and, in this case, the excursion can be purely for fun, and is usually more outrageous than a field trip. You may have finished the year, completed some exams, or shown exceptional performance at school, but in some way you are being rewarded.

Toronto Go Kart | (647) 496 - 5838 | Grand Prix Kartways

Planning the best School Excursion ever? Look no further! Visit us today!

Go-karting is an exceptionally exciting way to be treated, and both students and teachers can enjoy the thrill of the race. Nothing quite beats the rush of zooming around the track with your fellow classmates, and sharing a day of food, laughter, and adrenaline. You deserve it after all of that academia!


Whether you are a teacher looking to treat your class, or a student looking to propose ideas for the end of year trip, why not suggest Grand Prix Kartways in Toronto?!



Does Go-Karting Make For An Educational School Trip?

It’s not difficult to agree that go-karting makes for an extremely fun end of year trip but is it possible that go-karting can also make for an educational outing? We believe so…


The first educational benefit is that go-karting can help people, young people, to learn to drive. Although go-karts are very different to cars, karting helps students to improve reaction times, grasp the basics of driving, and improve their confidence. Anyone who is approaching the age where they might want to learn to drive can benefit from a go-karting school excursion.


Go-Karting & STEM

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and maths, and the development of these areas is considered extremely valuable for individuals in today’s society. Go-karting gives students many opportunities to enhance their skills in these areas, and a go-karting school excursion would be ideal for these students in particular.


Go-karts are an accessible way for students of STEM to explore and understand the mechanics of vehicles, the physics of driving and the forces involved with go-karting, and aspects of designing and building. They can learn about the technology involved and the recent advancements such as the environmentally friendly electrical powered go-karts.


You could consider combining the trip with the study of go-kart mechanics, or with the mathematics of acceleration, or another related module, and perhaps hold the excursion as a treat at the end. There are already educational programs that use go-karts to enhance learning.


Combination Packages & Discounts

If you want to organize a school excursion or another large event, speak to Grand Prix Kartways Toronto. We can create combination packages that include food and entertainment, and various go-karting formats. Speak to us about tailoring your group package, and adding an educational spin. Discounts are available for schools.


Grand Prix Kartways can provide the ultimate adrenaline packed, fun filled school trip that students will remember forever to come! Visit us today!


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Outdoor Vs Indoor Go Karting in Toronto: Which Is Better?

When Go-Karting in Toronto, which is better, outdoor or indoor?

Many new racers will be asking this question in their hunt for the greatest go-karting rush they can find. To truly know the answer for yourself, you will want to experience both at some point. It all comes down to personal preference really, but indoor karting does offer some notable advantages, especially for the recreational racer.

Toronto Go Kart | (647) 496 - 5838 | Grand Prix Kartways

The Weather

It may sound trivial at first, but the first major difference between the outdoor and indoor track is the weather exposure. Bad weather can lead at best to harsh driving conditions, and at worst can cause your big race to be cancelled.

Want More Toronto Go-Karting videos? Check it out here.


There is no way to guarantee the weather conditions at an outdoor track, so while some people find the wind in their face to be truly exhilarating, and some people might enjoy the challenge of handling the karts in these conditions, nobody really likes to be rained off!


At indoor go-karting tracks such as that in Grand Prix Kartways Toronto, the weather never affects the racing conditions, and we never have to call off the day. This means you can enjoy a dry track that is safer to drive on, and gives you a full speed thrill every time, without fail.


The Go-Karts


Where recreational go-karting is concerned, indoor karts tend to be faster. Outdoor karts are usually gas powered, and because of variable road conditions they have to run at slower speeds. At our race track in Toronto, our electric powered go-karts run at speeds of up to 85 KPH, faster than most outdoor karts allow. They also emit no harmful fumes, making them more ecologically friendly, and more friendly for everybody’s lungs too.


The design of these indoor go-karts is also different. One outer shell covers all of the mechanics. On outdoor karts, more of the motor is exposed, and the gas is flammable. The weight of an indoor kart is more evenly distributed, and they are less likely to flip. All in all, safety is greater during indoor karting.

Check out more videos on Electric Go-Karts here.


What Else?


Indoor go-karting centers are often much more accommodating than outdoor tracks, which offer limited facilities outside of the actual circuit itself. At our race track in Toronto, we also offer facilities such as a restaurant and bar, amusement arcade and entertainment centre, ample comfortable seating, and plenty of activities for children. This makes indoor karting in Toronto a more well-rounded, family-friendly experience.


Availability is also something to consider. You might want to choose your go-kart track based on what is close to your location. If you are looking for the leading, if not the best facility for go-karting in Toronto, visit Grand Prix Kartways today!

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Does Go Karting in Toronto While Young, Affect Driving Skills?

Go-Karting in Toronto is a fun activity enjoyed by people of all ages as a recreational activity.

But it simultaneously works to accelerate your children’s driving skills, and their overall confidence on the road. At a young age, nothing else will put them closer to the experience of real life driving than a bit of time racing around a Go Karting track in Toronto.
We know what you are thinking. Go Karting is very different to driving a real car on a busy road. Both the kart itself, and the driving conditions are very different. The rules of a track are different to the rules of the road, and the handling of a car is totally different. While this is true, there are still many ways in which Go Karting in Toronto can really help a young person to develop their skills.

Go Karting in Toronto |(647) 496 5838 | Grand Prix Kartways Downsview Park Toronto ON M3K 2B9

Go Karting in Toronto | Does Go-Karting younger in life affect driving skills later in life?

Grasp The Basics Of Driving

Many of the most basic and fundamental elements of driving are important in Go Karting in Toronto. Your child will learn how to steer using a wheel, and brake and accelerate using pedals, which they will have to switch between at the correct time. They will tackle corners, and deal with the traffic; the other drivers on the road. Aside from the handling of the kart, they are half way to driving an automatic car already!


Improve Reaction Times

In life we learn to crawl, and then to walk, and then to drive. With each stage comes a definite change in speed. When a young person experiences Go Karting in Toronto for the first time, they take the leap from walking to driving, and have to adapt their perceptions quickly. Reaction times are likely to improve, given that they will not be traveling at faster speeds, flying around corners, and reacting to other drivers.

Watch our video on 8 Things to Know Before You Get in the Driver’s Seat

The Mental Mindset

The mental mindset required when go-karting in Toronto is very similar to the one needed to drive a car. Both require prolonged focus and intense concentration to drive safely. Even in the face of distractions, both internal and external, the driver must keep their eyes and minds firmly on the road. They must notice hazards and potential hazards, and be aware of mistakes of others on the road. All of this requires practice, and there is no safer or more fun environment for young people to do this than GP Kartways.


Confidence Abound!

Perhaps the most astonishing improvement that we see in young people here at GP Kartways, is the amount of confidence that they accumulate. The more they drive, the more they seem to thrive. This confidence is transferable not only to driving a car, but also to every other aspect of life.

Check out our video: Improve your Skills in Go Karting in Toronto with Race Diagnostics

By the time youngsters come to take driving lessons, they will be so well accustomed to being behind a wheel that they will be ready to make the change. They will already have the self belief necessary to try, and the positive attitude necessary to succeed. All that will be required for them is that they adapt to the vehicle.


Race At GP Kartways

Grand Prix Kartways is the leading indoor go-karting facility in Toronto. We have all sorts of different events on every week, and we are proud to have created a family friendly experience that people of all ages can enjoy. Bring your young drivers down for a bit of practice! Contact us today!

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Toronto Karting | History of Kart Racing

Kart racing has evolved to become one of the most competitive forms of racing. It can be considered as the first step for any serious racer’s career. Toronto karting prepares the driver by developing quick reflexes, precision car control and decision making skills. Professional drivers like Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon, Danica Patrick and Michael Schumacher all sat behind the wheel of a go kart.

Toronto Karting

Toronto Karting

It is an adrenaline pumping experience for everybody, from age 5 to 75! But how did this sport come to be? Where did it come from? Who invented the first kart? When was the first race held?

At Grand Prix Kartways, we are both huge fans and proponents of this thrilling sport. With all of these questions in mind, let us dive head first into the exciting history of kart racing!

The Race Begins!

Everything began in the 1950’s.

A veteran hot rodder and racer by the name of Art Ingels built the first kart in Southern California in 1956. Ingels was a race car builder at Kurtis Kraft, a race car designer and developer.

This first kart sported a McCulloch West-Bend 750 lawnmower engine on a chassis suspended just a few inches off the ground. The first official organized kart race took place in 1957 in the parking lot of the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.

Ingel’s innovative creation then spurred Duffy Livingston and Roy Desbrow to found the Go Kart Manufacturing Co. Inc. in 1958. They became the first company to build and distribute go-karts in the world.

From here on in, the movement grew in size and strength. Since the 1940’s and 50’s, the cost of automobile racing had increased dramatically in the United States. The prices to attend races rose in accordance, and racing fans ceased to buy tickets. However, Toronto karting became a cheaper yet still thrilling alternative.

Unofficial races were held in dirt tracks and dusty fields. As the sport took hold, races began to be run on large parking lots, with courses marked off for the day with stripes and rubber cones. Many racing drivers who became well-known figures in NASCAR and the Indy 500 in the 70’s and 80’s had their start in these races.

Unfortunately, the early groundswell was not to last.

The high costs of owning and maintaining these early karts combined with disappearing tracks and programs culled the numbers to a few, dedicated fans. There were no sanctioning bodies to determine racing programs, and there were too many manufacturers of kart parts and engines. What was cutting edge one week became obsolete the next.

It was a turbulent time for kart racing.

Engine Evolution
In 1959, McCulloch was the first company to produce engines for karts. The MC-10 was a 2-stroke engine adapted from a chainsaw motor. This was the first motor manufactured specially for go kart racing. Towards the early 1960’s, motorcycle engines became adapted for use in karts. Exclusive kart engine manufacturers, such as Italy’s IAME, wouldn’t appear until the early 70s

In the late 70s, Black & Decker bought out McCulloch and phased out production of kart engines. A company by the name of Briggs & Stratton would slowly overtake the market. Yamaha made its own entrance towards the end of that decade.

Design Changes
The design of the karts themselves also went through changes. The position of the engine was moved from the back of the kart to being mounted on the side. This allowed for better air cooling of the engines. It also gave the driver more room at the front.

Beyond Borders
While the movement may have originated in the United States, it was not destined to stay there. Interest in karting piqued in several other countries. Europe and Australia were the first to pick up the karting fever. The Australian Karting Association was founded in 1966 and the first official kart race in the United Kingdom was held in November of 1959.

Toronto Karting

Toronto Karting

Growing up
Sanctioning bodies finally stabilized the sport in the 1980’s with the foundation of the WKA, the World Karting Federation, and the IKF, the International Kart Federation. These groups increased the recognition of go kart racing. It would be only a matter of time before it turned even more heads.

Going Mainstream
Go karting hit the mainstream in the 1990’s. Fans of professional motor sports looked for a level at which they could participate in. Thus, professional go-karting was on a boom, and it hasn’t stopped since. Indoor go-karting became ever more popular as evolving design and engine choices allowed for further participation – and appreciation- from the general public.

Game Changer
The introduction of the electric go kart had a dramatic effect on the nature of the sport. Indoor karting was always hampered by the exhaust produced from the internal combustion engines. The carbon monoxide output severely limited general participation.

The advances in electrical vehicle projects translated very well into go kart technology. Coaxing more power than ever from compact motors, developers managed to change the face, and smell, of the industry. Here at GPK, we are proud to offer these technological advances in our state of the art facility and best in the world electric go karts.

The Race Today
From its humble beginning out of one man’s garage, the sport of Toronto karting has exploded to include over 1.6 billion people worldwide. It has grown into a thrilling experience for the entire family, as well as a legitimate choice for those interested in the world of professional motor sports.

Here at Grand Prix Kartways, we are proud to continue in this storied racing tradition. So come on down to our track and race to the finish with us!

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Karting in Toronto | Race Around the GPK Track

Does a race by any other name still feel the same?

Karting in Toronto

Karting in Toronto

Get behind the wheel and find out for yourself! Go karting in Toronto is an exhilarating sport that thousands around the world enjoy. From novice to expert, it provides for thrills and chills around the track.

However, not all laps around the track are the same. Go karting offers many types of racing formats. Each one brings with it its own particular challenges. For those interested in getting more involved in the racing world, we have prepared the following article to enhance your knowledge.

Arrive and Drive
This is the standard racing format available at GPK. This gives go kart racers of all skill levels, from novice to advanced, the opportunity to get behind the wheel and experience the thrill of karting. Simply enjoying your time out on the track is the most important skill.

How does it work?
Drivers get into their go karts in random order and all race together in a timed session. The driver with the best lap time wins the race. That’s all there is to it!

Pole Position
This format at GPK karting in Toronto is designed to bring out the competitive racer inside everybody!

How does it work?
Racers compete for position instead of time. All drivers race qualifying laps and are then lined up according to their best times. Racers then compete in a main heat. The winner is determined by the one that finishes first.

Team Relay
This format is available for groups at GPK.

How does it work?
Multiple racers make up a team driving a single kart. They compete against other teams. There are a certain number of pit stops and driver changes required. The team that manages to complete the most laps within the allotted time is declared the winner.

But wait, there’s more!
At GPK, we hope to prepare you for the diverse world of go karting. What follows are even more types of racing thrills to be had in a kart.

This takes place on kart circuits that resemble small road courses, with left and right turns. The tracks range from 400 meters to 1600 meters in length.

How does it work?
As their name implies, this format is a series of short duration races. There are usually three qualifying heats and then a final race. The typical duration of each race is about 15 minutes. Speed and successful passing are the most important skills. The FIA championships are held under this format.

These races are held for an extended period of time, from 30 minutes up to 24 hours or more. These events are sanctioned under the WKA & IKE regulations. Just like the famous 24 hours of Le Mans, there is 24 hours event for karts. This takes place at the Alain Prost kart circuit at Le Mans, France.

How does it work?
Sprint Enduro races last 30 minutes and Laydown Enduro last for 45 minutes. They can involve one or more drivers. Here, consistent driving and good pit strategies are the keys to victory.

This type of racing occurs on asphalt or clay tracks. They are normally between 400 and 600 meters long. The tracks themselves consist of two straights and four left turn corners.

Karting in Toronto

Karting in Toronto

How does it work?
Offset kart chassis have been developed for this type of race. They allow for more precise handling and adjustability. The races involve 4 laps for a trophy dash or up to 20 laps for a main event.

Dirt track racing
These races are held on oval tracks with either a dirt or oval surface. The tracks range from small rings to 400 meter long tracks.

How does it work?
Dirt track racing is an ever changing situation. It is a left turn only type of competition. It can also be held at night.

Are you ready?
Come on down to GPK and get ready to experience the ultimate thrill of karting in Toronto! We’ve got the best in the industry go karts. The ultimate racing track. What are you waiting for?

Come and race to the finish with us!

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Go Kart in Toronto | The Perfect First Date

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