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5 “Must-Haves” for a perfect Toronto Birthday Party

Providing your child with a unique and unforgettable birthday party is the goal of every parent when it gets to “that time of year”. And though it’s true that there are no shortages of great venues out there that offer suitable Toronto birthday party services, it can sometimes be a struggle to narrow down the choices to ensure you plan the perfect party. To help you with this, we have identified 5 “Must-Haves” for you to consider when planning your next Toronto Birthday Party.

1 - Must have activities that are appropriate for children of different age ranges…

There are undoubtedly a number of venues throughout the city that offer great activities for children’s birthday parties, however, many of the activities that they offer are only appropriate for specific age groups. If you’re hosting a Toronto birthday party that includes children of different age ranges, how do you make sure that everyone will be included in the activities and not get left out?

At GPK, we have a variety of entertainment activities that are appropriate for children of various ages. Featuring indoor electric go karting, tactical laser tag, interactive gaming, and slot car racing, you will be sure to find an activity at GPK that is perfect for your child’s age group.   And even adults who may be attending the party can enjoy a spin around the track, or an adult beverage in our comfortable and inviting VIP Lounge. We pride ourselves in being inclusive to anyone and everyone!

Must-Haves for a perfect Toronto Birthday Party | GPK |

2 - Must have great food…

Must-Haves for a perfect Toronto Birthday Party | GPK |

Make no mistake about it…children do not normally get excited for a Toronto birthday party because of the food that is being served. Despite the fact that food is rarely the highlight of the event, it can sometimes be a detracting feature of the party, or in some cases, a source of unfortunate disappointment.

At GPK, you will never have that worry. We offer premium onsite foodservices that will eliminate the stress of planning for this part of the party. With menus that are suitable for all age groups, you will never be disappointed with the quality of the food that is served at your party, or the costs of our meal packages. And best of all, we provide everything for you, from a fully furnished party room, to cutlery, plates, linens, and drinks. It’s “one-stop” shopping at its best!

3 - Must be conveniently located…

Even the best venues cannot be enjoyed if your guests are unable to conveniently get to them. Children want all their friends to be able to attend their party, so it’s extremely important to be considerate of the distance that you ask their parents to travel, and the ease of accessibility.

GPK is conveniently located within Downsview Park in mid-town Toronto, minutes away from two major highways. Public transit also travels throughout Downsview Park, offering numerous commuting opportunities. There is ample parking throughout the park, and best of all…it’s free!

4 - Must be affordable…

Must-Haves for a perfect Toronto Birthday Party | GPK |

As parents, we always want to provide our children with “the best”, and this holds true when planning a Toronto birthday party. However, this endeavor to have “the best” often comes with a hefty price tag. Limited package options and rigid booking restrictions can sometimes have you paying for things that you may not even want as part of your party program.

When booking your Toronto birthday party at GPK, you’ll be amazed by the numerous options that are available to you. Instead of offering just 1 or 2 packages that are designed to limit choices and increase spend, we allow you to construct your own event package and tailor your selections to include only the elements that you want as part of your party. This ensures that you’re able to have the party that you want while meeting your budgetary requirements.

5 - Must be fun…

Without question, everything that we mentioned above is extremely important to consider when planning your next Toronto birthday party. However, none of these other points matter if your party is missing one thing…FUN!

You will never have this worry when booking your party at GPK. Our unique activity experiences are unlike those offered at any other venue in the city, and our friendly and experienced staff will stop at nothing to ensure that your child’s Toronto birthday party is their most memorable one yet.  Your guest’s FUN is our first priority, and this will be evident the moment you step through our doors.    

Must-Haves for a perfect Toronto Birthday Party | GPK |

By now it’s clear that that there is a lot to consider when deciding on your child’s next Toronto birthday party. Lucky enough, we’ve taken the guesswork out of this process and made it simple for you to recognize that a birthday party at GPK checks off all the boxes.  So if you’re looking for a place to host the most memorable, exhilarating, and flat-out awesome kid’s birthday party, Click here to check out our Children’s Group Event Packages or contact us at to speak with one of our experienced party planners.  For more information on all of the services available at GPK, please visit our corporate site at     

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Now Registering! Super Summer Camp 2016 | Toronto Go Karting

A Toronto Go Karting event your kids have been waiting for!

Super Summer Camp | Go Karting in Toronto |

Your kid’s most anticipated summer Go Karting activity this year is now open for registration in Toronto!

Now with 4 camp dates!

Compared to the previous years, GPK’s super summer camp now has four camp dates in the summer. This allows us to accommodate more kids this year’s super-exciting summer camp! These dates are:

JUL 11-15                JUL 25-29                 AUG 8-12                      AUG 22-26

Now, you have more reasons to make your kids’ summer, super exciting! And there’s more. Additionally, this year, you get to experience another exhilarating sport (other than Toronto Go Karting, of course) at GPK, Laser Tags! Kids get to be in the battlefield along with their team, testing their abilities to follow instructions, strategize and work with them. Their mission: Eliminate the enemies.  Now, that is exciting!


Spaces are limited, register now to enrol!

There’s a lot more to look out for in this year’s summer camp.


Outdoor Vs Indoor Go Karting in Toronto: Which Is Better?

When Go-Karting in Toronto, which is better, outdoor or indoor?

Many new racers will be asking this question in their hunt for the greatest go-karting rush they can find. To truly know the answer for yourself, you will want to experience both at some point. It all comes down to personal preference really, but indoor karting does offer some notable advantages, especially for the recreational racer.

Toronto Go Kart | (647) 496 - 5838 | Grand Prix Kartways

The Weather

It may sound trivial at first, but the first major difference between the outdoor and indoor track is the weather exposure. Bad weather can lead at best to harsh driving conditions, and at worst can cause your big race to be cancelled.

Want More Toronto Go-Karting videos? Check it out here.


There is no way to guarantee the weather conditions at an outdoor track, so while some people find the wind in their face to be truly exhilarating, and some people might enjoy the challenge of handling the karts in these conditions, nobody really likes to be rained off!


At indoor go-karting tracks such as that in Grand Prix Kartways Toronto, the weather never affects the racing conditions, and we never have to call off the day. This means you can enjoy a dry track that is safer to drive on, and gives you a full speed thrill every time, without fail.


The Go-Karts


Where recreational go-karting is concerned, indoor karts tend to be faster. Outdoor karts are usually gas powered, and because of variable road conditions they have to run at slower speeds. At our race track in Toronto, our electric powered go-karts run at speeds of up to 85 KPH, faster than most outdoor karts allow. They also emit no harmful fumes, making them more ecologically friendly, and more friendly for everybody’s lungs too.


The design of these indoor go-karts is also different. One outer shell covers all of the mechanics. On outdoor karts, more of the motor is exposed, and the gas is flammable. The weight of an indoor kart is more evenly distributed, and they are less likely to flip. All in all, safety is greater during indoor karting.

Check out more videos on Electric Go-Karts here.


What Else?


Indoor go-karting centers are often much more accommodating than outdoor tracks, which offer limited facilities outside of the actual circuit itself. At our race track in Toronto, we also offer facilities such as a restaurant and bar, amusement arcade and entertainment centre, ample comfortable seating, and plenty of activities for children. This makes indoor karting in Toronto a more well-rounded, family-friendly experience.


Availability is also something to consider. You might want to choose your go-kart track based on what is close to your location. If you are looking for the leading, if not the best facility for go-karting in Toronto, visit Grand Prix Kartways today!

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What are the Different Types of Toronto Go Kart

A Toronto Go Kart is a kind of blanket term for a small four wheeled vehicle.

So as you can imagine, there are quite a lot of different types out there, of all sorts of shapes and sizes. The type of go-kart used usually depends on the situation. A soap box derby kart is an unusual go-kart used for downhill racing, and powered only by gravity. They

Toronto Go Kart | Grand Prix Kartways | 647-496-5838 | 75 Carl Hall Rd. Downsview Park Toronto ON M3K 2B9 Canada

Competitive Go Kart | Toronto Go Kart

wouldn’t be much good on an indoor Go Karting track in Toronto.
Toronto Go Karting takes place at many levels; from the highly recreational, to the highly competitive. There are indoor tracks, outdoor tracks, and high speed road tracks, and there are Go-Karts designed for each situation.

Competitive Go-Karts

There are three main types of Toronto Go Kart used for highly competitive track racing. Sprint Karts are the most commonly used. They are fast and versatile, and can be raced on many different types of track.


The Oval Karts are designed specifically for turning tight corners in only one direction, and are therefore perfectly designed for oval tracks. The Enduro Karts are built with maximum speed in mind, and can reach heart racing speeds of up to 90 miles per hour. Racers lie flat to reduce air resistance. If you watch a major Karting event involving professionals, then you will see one of these three types of Kart.

Check out our video: Go Karting the NASCAR Way

Indoor Go-Karting

There are many types of indoor go kart in Toronto, and again the type a track will have all depends on the purpose. 2-stroke engines, or low-powered electric engines, are used for amusement style karts, while more competitive and exciting tracks use 4-stroke gas engines, or high powered electric ones that deliver around 15 HP. Toronto’s indoor karts vary in size and class, and can feature any one of a number of engines made by major manufacturers such as Briggs & Stratton, Honda, and others.

Petrol ones leave a smoggy pollution and make an unbearable amount of noise, all of which would be contained in the warehouse for your children to breathe in.

For the indoor experience electric go-karts are much more preferable. Petrol ones leave a smoggy pollution and make an unbearable amount of noise, all of which would be contained in the warehouse for your children to breathe in. This used to be a problem, because earlier electric go-karts could not produce as much power and speed as their petrol rivals.

Fortunately, this is no longer an issue. The new electric go-karts are just as effective, if not more effective, and in some cases can deliver even more power and speed; all without creating pollution.

Toronto Go Kart | Grand Prix Kartways | 647-496-5838 | 75 Carl Hall Rd. Downsview Park Toronto ON M3K 2B9 Canada

Indoor Go Kart | Toronto Go Kart

Watch our video on Friendly Competitive Race in GPK


What Go Karts Do We Use At Grand Prix Kartways?

At Grand Prix Kartways we are have to find the perfect balance between competition and recreation. We therefore needed a Go Kart that is fast and exhilarating, but which also handles great and has plenty of safety. We choose the Italian-made EK-5N-DR electric Go-Karts, along with the EK-Mini for the kids. The adult karts have top speeds of 85Kph, deliver 20 HP, and accelerate really fast! They also make for a much cleaner and more enjoyable environment than a gas-powered engine.
We believe this to be the best choice for indoor Go Karting in Toronto. If you want to find out for yourself what it is like to race the finest karts in Toronto, then come along to Grand Prix Kartways.

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Go Karting Toronto | Have a Happy Go Karting in Toronto

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Go Karts in Toronto | Be One of the Top Go Kart Racers

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Racing Go Karts in Toronto Safely

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Go Karts in Toronto | Flags and Signals in Go Karts

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Summer Camp for Indoor Go Kart in Toronto Racing

UPDATE: March 2016.

This year, GPK opens 4 Camp Dates for Super Summer Camp!

Check it out NOW!

Combine racing go kart in Toronto with summer camp for kids and you get a whole new way for your kids to have summer fun with Grand Prix Kartways’ Junior Summer Camp. Especially for kids ages 10 and older, GPK summer camp is a full week of go kart racing Toronto style with professional instruction on go karting, track time, and lots of other activities. There are two GPK camp weeks — July 16-20 and August 13-17, with camp days Monday through Friday each week from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm.

GPK Camp is a fun and safe way for kids to learn the rules and techniques of go karting in Toronto. Our all-electric go karts are environmentally friendly and remotely controlled to limit their speed. GPK has a realistic go karting Toronto track that is been called one of the best anywhere, with karts that look just like Formula 100 models. Camp participants will get in-class and on-track instruction that emphasizes safe driving and teaches them skills like cornering and passing. They will learn how a go kart works, and all about the sport of go kart racing. Outfitted with authentic safety gear, your kids will take to the track for the experience of a lifetime.

But GPK Summer Camp isn’t just about go kart in Toronto. Along with on-track fun, participants will be busy with lots of other summer fun activities as well. They will watch movies, have scavenger hunts and do fun arts and crafts projects. There will also be something for everyone with lots of other indoor and outdoor sports activities. GPK Summer Camp participants will also have full access to our new Kinected Interactive Gaming Center with great video games, and slot car racing at the best place for indoor kart racing in Toronto.

Starting at 8:30 in the morning, GPK Camp includes a healthy lunch and afternoon snack each day plus lots of beverages to keep campers hydrated. Our deli counter will also be open for additional snacks for purchase.

Sign up for GPK Summer Camp for the best summer go kart in Toronto for kids 10 and older — now while there is still space available.  There are discounts for attending more than one week, and for families with more than one child attending. Give us a call, check our website or look for us on Facebook for more information, requirements and registration.


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How to Pass on an Indoor Go Kart Track

Speedy Team Racers Girls | Go Karts Toronto

Knowing how to pass on an indoor go kart track takes skill and practice. Passing the driver up ahead is the key to winning the race. But you have to know how to do it. It needs to be smooth and efficient. And it takes concentration – and a few tricks.

In fact, the best trick to passing on an indoor go kart track starts before the race. Walk around the indoor go kart track and watch a race to look for places that are best for passing. Think about how you would approach those spots of vulnerability. Mentally envision how you would drive through that area a couple times. Then you’ll have a plan before you get in the kart.

Now once you’re in your indoor go kart — stay focused on the road ahead, and be aware of the karts around you. It will keep you safe, and will help you avoid slowing down, getting stuck behind another kart, or even worse – passed up yourself.

When you come up behind an indoor go kart that you want to pass, pay attention to the gap between your karts, and look for signs that the driver is starting to struggle. That may give you an opportunity to get past them.

The best place to pass another kart is in a corner of an indoor go kart track. You want to make sure your kart is on the inside of the track as you corner. This might mean braking gently to slow down just a little before you get to the corner. Look for an opportunity when the car ahead of you starts to drift wide through a turn and make your move toward the inside. Make sure the other driver sees you so he doesn’t turn into you as you’re passing. If you are not at least level with the other go karter before they start turning, back off. Otherwise, you may cause an accident. And if things start to go bad, don’t dive into the corner to avoid an accident. Ease up and try again at another opportunity.

Once you’ve gotten between the indoor go kart track and the car you want to pass, it’s all about acceleration. By positioning yourself inside, you will have a straighter line to follow to get out of the turn. Make sure you start to accelerate before the other kart comes out of the corner and picks up speed. Once you’ve passed them, drive straight and smooth to put as much distance between behind you as possible. Keep doing this until you are the one in front of the pack – and across the finish line.

The best way to win an indoor go kart race is to practice! Come try out your passing strategy at GPK today!

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