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6 Reasons Why You Will Enjoy Toronto Go Karting Indoors!

There’s no doubt that go-karting is a fun activity to do in Toronto and like many other activities, you can enjoy it both indoors and outdoors.

Being outdoors is fun and it’s great to feel the rush of the wind in your face, but playing indoors has its advantages, too.

Here are 6 reasons to go-kart indoors.

1. It’ll never be too cold to race.

While the myth of the nine-month Canadian winter is far from the truth, what is true is that winters do get cold here and they last at least a third of the year (and sometimes up to five months depending on how early spring arrives and how late autumn goes).

You would never be able to race go-karts in January on an outdoor track, but on an indoor track, -40C means nothing.

2. Nobody has an excuse when you beat them in a race.

“The sun was in my eyes.”
“The wind was blowing me around.”
“The rain was making the track slippery.”

If you have a friend who always has a convenient excuse when they lose, they won’t be able to bring out any of their excuses when you beat them at an indoor track. Everything is equal and with no weather to worry about, you can say you won fair and square.

Indoor Go Karting Toronto|(647) 496 5838 | Grand Prix Kartways Downsview Park Toronto ON M3K 2B9

At an indoor track, you’ll worry no more for heat or rain to make your Toronto Go Karting a fun and exciting activity.

3. You’ll never have to deal with the sun in your eyes (or the pavement feeling like it’s going to melt).

What you hear often about in Canada is how cold it can get, but what you don’t hear much about is the sometimes unbearably hot weather during summer.

For every jaw-droppingly cold day you will experience in winter, summer has a pavement-melting hot day lined up, too. Outdoors, the sun can get in your eyes, the heat will have you sweating puddles in your helmet and not even ripping around the track will give you relief.

At an indoor track, however, you won’t have to worry about unbeatable heat.

4. No emissions.

Toronto Go Karting Indoors|(647) 496 5838 | Grand Prix Kartways Downsview Park Toronto ON M3K 2B9

Be environment-friendly by driving Grand Prix Kartways’ electric go karts.

All of Grand Prix Kartways’ go karts are electric, meaning they don’t give off any noxious fumes when you drive them. Obviously, being indoors means they wouldn’t be able to have gas-powered karts.

By driving electric, you are doing the environment a big favour. And, you may even like the thought of driving electric so much that you’ll switch to an electric car for your own personal vehicle.

Do you know that one petrol-powered kart can spew as many pollutants as 100 cars?

5. You will never get rained out.

So, we’ve established that winter is cold and summer can get crazy hot, but one other element that outdoor kart tracks have to contend with is rain. And while a little bit of rain is okay, a lot of rain can ruin a good time in a hurry.

This is especially frustrating when you’ve booked a big day well in advance only to wake up to see ominous looking clouds on the horizon. On an outdoor track, those clouds would spell doom for your event. On an indoor track, those clouds mean nothing.

6. No bugs!

We all know there is no sound quite as annoying as the high-pitched whine of a mosquito buzzing around your ear. And getting hit in the face with bugs at high speed is terrible! Outdoor tracks at the height of summer will have some uninvited, but hungry guests to bite and annoy you.

At the indoor track, meanwhile, bugs are not a problem. They can buzz all they want, but they’re not welcome inside and they won’t be in there to annoy you.

So, when you are deciding where the best place for go karting in Toronto is, keep these 6 things in mind. Visit Grand Prix Kartways to experience Toronto’s premiere indoor go karting facility.

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Go Karting in Toronto | Hosting Bachelor or Bachelorette Parties

Do you hear wedding bells in your future sooner than you expected? And are you thinking of how to celebrate — or, depending on how you look at it, grieve–the last days of your singlehood? Don’t worry, we here at GPK got your back! Go Karting in Toronto is sure one way making your last days of singlehood memorable and exhilarating!

A GPK-hosted bachelor and bachelorette party is fun, exciting, and most of all, unique! We have accommodations that attend to every element of a traditional party and more! Not only will you experience the thrills and spills that accompany our Grand Prix-formatted race programs in Go Karting in Toronto, you can also enjoy great dining in our restaurant and a fabulous adult beverage in our bar and lounge.

Grand Prix Kartways 75 Carl Hall Road Bay 3, Unit #9 Parc Downsview Park Toronto, ON Canada M3K 2B9 (647) 955-3884

Go Kart in Toronto

GPK’s event packages are completely customizable so that we can deliver the perfect Go Karting Toronto experience that will fit your timeline and your budget. So whether your visit to GPK is THE party, or just one of the many stops in a list of many activities you’ll be partaking that day, you can be sure that it will be one part of the day that everyone will remember–and probably the only part that everyone will remember!

So if you are looking for something different, something memorable, and something that will send you off to marital bliss with a bang, then you’ll definitely want to check out Go Karting in Toronto at GPK! The blending of competition among friends with a relaxed and laid-back social atmosphere will have you searching among your group of friends for the next one to get married, so that you can do this all over again and soon!

Visit GPK now to book your bachelor or bachelorette party!

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How to Pass on an Indoor Go Kart Track

Speedy Team Racers Girls | Go Karts Toronto

Knowing how to pass on an indoor go kart track takes skill and practice. Passing the driver up ahead is the key to winning the race. But you have to know how to do it. It needs to be smooth and efficient. And it takes concentration – and a few tricks.

In fact, the best trick to passing on an indoor go kart track starts before the race. Walk around the indoor go kart track and watch a race to look for places that are best for passing. Think about how you would approach those spots of vulnerability. Mentally envision how you would drive through that area a couple times. Then you’ll have a plan before you get in the kart.

Now once you’re in your indoor go kart — stay focused on the road ahead, and be aware of the karts around you. It will keep you safe, and will help you avoid slowing down, getting stuck behind another kart, or even worse – passed up yourself.

When you come up behind an indoor go kart that you want to pass, pay attention to the gap between your karts, and look for signs that the driver is starting to struggle. That may give you an opportunity to get past them.

The best place to pass another kart is in a corner of an indoor go kart track. You want to make sure your kart is on the inside of the track as you corner. This might mean braking gently to slow down just a little before you get to the corner. Look for an opportunity when the car ahead of you starts to drift wide through a turn and make your move toward the inside. Make sure the other driver sees you so he doesn’t turn into you as you’re passing. If you are not at least level with the other go karter before they start turning, back off. Otherwise, you may cause an accident. And if things start to go bad, don’t dive into the corner to avoid an accident. Ease up and try again at another opportunity.

Once you’ve gotten between the indoor go kart track and the car you want to pass, it’s all about acceleration. By positioning yourself inside, you will have a straighter line to follow to get out of the turn. Make sure you start to accelerate before the other kart comes out of the corner and picks up speed. Once you’ve passed them, drive straight and smooth to put as much distance between behind you as possible. Keep doing this until you are the one in front of the pack – and across the finish line.

The best way to win an indoor go kart race is to practice! Come try out your passing strategy at GPK today!

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Cornering in a Toronto Indoor Go Kart

Toronto Indoor Go Kart | Cornering at High Speed | GPK |

Cornering requires a special technique when driving a Toronto Go Kart

Some indoor go kart drivers in Toronto say that races are won in the corners. It’s easy to drive on the straightaways. But learning how to take the corners on an indoor go kart track takes some technique and practice. And taking an indoor go kart through a corner is nothing like driving an automobile on the road.

The difference between an indoor go kart and an automobile’s cornering ability is in something called a ” differential.” In an automobile, each wheel can rotate at a different speed. But an indoor go kart’s wheels all rotate at the same speed. So when it goes around a corner, the inside wheels travels less distance than the outside ones. Since those inside wheels can’t adjust and rotate slower like the ones on a street car, the indoor Toronto go kart has to be designed to lift the rear tire off the ground when it takes a curve.

What is the key to Cornering with an Toronto indoor go kart

The key to cornering well in an indoor go kart is all about choosing your line and knowing when to brake and accelerate. When you take a corner, your goal is to flatten out the curve. You do this by driving in an outside-inside-outside pattern. Approach the corner on the outside of the track, then shorten the distance around the corner by getting your indoor go kart as close to the inside of the corner as possible. Then you can straighten out toward the outside of the track on your way out of the turn.

Be sure to approach the corner at a comfortable speed. You will need to be able to accelerate once we’re into the curve, so hold back a little. But not too much – if you brake too hard or go into the corner too slow, you will find yourself fighting the kart and you may hit the wall.

Your body position is important too. As you approach the corner, lean your body away from the inside of the turn. And make sure you’re sitting well back in the seat – it will help the rear wheels slide a little more.

Keep the motion of your indoor go kart steady by turning swiftly but smoothly without jerking on the steering wheel. That will just reduce your speed and mess up your handling. If you do need to brake, ease onto them slowly – don’t slam them or you’re going to end up in the wall.

Now come try it out on a real Toronto indoor go kart track at Grand Prix Kartways today! And bring your friends. They will be amazed at how well you corner!

We have illustrated this further through a video. Check it out below.

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