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Upcoming GPK Race League for Toronto Karting Enthusiasts

Upcoming GPK Race League for Toronto Karting Enthusiasts

Does competitive racing get your engine revving? If you love to win, live for seeing your name up on the leaderboard or most importantly, love to race, then we’ve got great news for you. Toronto karting enthusiasts can now enroll in the Race League at GPK to participate in our weekly racing championships. Races will be held every Tuesday from October 16th to December 18th right at the Grand Prix Kartways racetrack! Think you’ve got what it takes to compete against the best in a professional style race, come down and sign up.

Toronto Karting Racing League

Authentic F1 Style Races

If you’ve ever dreamed of going on a real racing circuit, now’s your chance to get involved in a one of a kind authentic racing experience. GPK’s Toronto karting league offers 100% genuine F1 style racing experience to all. We pull out all the stops and you’ll feel like you’re in an authentic race when you experience our classic time trials, F1 styles standing grid starts for Championship finals and a genuine F1 points system. You’re racing experience will be the same as any professional racer would get at a real racing championship!

No speed to fast? If you think you’ve got what it takes to push your speed limits to the max and race at lightning speeds, the GPK Race League is for you! Race league members have exclusive access to our Legendary Speed 1, the fastest legally allowable Toronto karting speed in the province.

Free To Join

With authentic racing rules, weekly championships and plenty of perks for our Race League members, you’d think it might be expensive to join, but it’s not. In fact, our Toronto karting league is 100% free to join! Sign up at any time before the championships are over and have free access to our weekly championship races.

Choose to pay per race for maximum participation flexibility and enjoy a discount when you bring a group. For hardcore racers and new for 2012, we’re offering pre-purchased ‘speed paks’ of 16 or 20 races for up to 32% in savings! Pre-purchase your speed pak before October and you’ll receive a special gift with your purchase.

Toronto Karting Fun At GPK

Each week, the race league night will start out with a qualifier session to determine whether or not you’ve got what it takes to race at the top speeds at GPK.  Then, compete in two separate first to cross the finish line championship style races, with authentic F1 style rules and flags. Weekly prizes are awarded in different categories and the whole championship culminates in a series ending grand championship followed by a racers banquet where we reward points-leaders, give out prizes, and crown the ‘kings of karting’.

Racing at GPK has never been quite so exciting! Interested in joining the championship? Visit us at GPK on a race night, join a qualifier and prove you’ve got what it takes to be the best.

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Try Our Slot Car Mini Grid & Indoor Go Karting in Toronto


Mini Grid Indoor Kart Racing In Toronto

Itching to try your hand at go karting in Toronto? If you have kids too young for the ‘big’ karts, you might be thinking you can’t go. Indoor go karting in Toronto is great fun for adults and older kids, but what about the little guys. We don’t want you to leave them at home, and you don’t want to leave them somewhere without anything to do. If you’ve ever wished there was a better way; that time is now.

Our Mini Grid has you covered!

Think awesome indoor racing, except on a much smaller scale. We’ve got one of the biggest slot car tracks around, and we’re pretty proud of it. If your kids like slot cars (or cars) they’re sure to love our Mini Grid.

The 6 lane Carrera raceway is set up like a real formula one racetrack (just like our bigger Go Kart in Toronto raceway), and can hold up to 90 slots at once! Kids can play with family, friends or even strangers who want to race slots!

The Mini Grid is great for kids 3 and up, you don’t have to get a baby sitter, your tykes will have more fun with us! You can leave your kids to push around slots while you enjoy our real kart racing Toronto. Let your kids have fun while you push your speed limits to the max on our racetrack!

We think our Mini Grid is a car loving kids dream, but it’s not just for children, adults can have fun there too!
Kid’s too young for real go kart in Toronto races can have fun with our Avengers, Spiderman and Cars 2 themed cars. If your little ones are too young for slots, you can bring them to the Kids Zone, a fun area set up with model cars and city building blocks. The Kids Zone is open to children 3-9.

Want a souvenir of your stay at GPK, our Mini Grid area also features a fun shop for all ages. With everything from souvenirs, racing gear to how tos, there’s something for everyone. Pick up racing gear, DVD’s, slot cars, die cast models, books, clothing and more from our shop.

If your kids (or you) start to get a little bit hungry, stop by our Pit Zone Café or Nitro Lounge to look for anything from fast food to a full meal!

With plenty of fun for all ages, there’s no reason not to visit us at GPK. Visit us today for some fast, fun kart racing in Toronto, or bring your kids to the Mini Grid to have some fun together.

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GPK’s Top Racers for Kart Racing in Toronto

Go Karting Toronto


Do you love go karting in Toronto? If you’re competitive and love to race, then you’ll love us. Stop by Grand Prix Kartways in Toronto and you can try your racing skills against our top racers.

Go karting in Toronto is fast and fun, and we know you want to win. That’s why we keep a leaderboard up to show off some of our best go kart Toronto racers! If you win, you could see your name up on the leaderboard the same day, and your race results as soon as you finish the race!

Love a bit of friendly competition? We do too! We encourage our kart racers to rev up their engines and race to win, as long as you follow the rules. Best of all, we offer some pretty competitive perks for our winners.

First, if you win your kart racing in Toronto experience at GPK, we’ll let you take your picture on our ‘Winners Platform’.

If you scored high enough, we’ll put you up on our daily leaderboard! Our weekly and monthly leaderboards are updated as well, meaning you could see yourself up on a site for a month, or if you scored high enough, on our all-time best racers list!

Want to know what it takes to make it to the top of the leaderboard? Here’s a quick look at the winning indoor kart racing in Toronto stats. The average racer goes around our track once (one lap) in about 40 seconds (that’s 10-14 laps per race). Our top-of-the-leaderboard racers score around 23-22 seconds per lap! That’s almost 20 laps per race!

If you think your fast enough, or want to practice to try and get on the leaderboard, you can drop by GPK at any time to try your hand at kart racing in Toronto.

Another competitive perk we have for our go karting Toronto racers is RPM points. And we’re not talking about revolutions per minute; we’re talking about Racing Performance Measurement. Our very own ‘good behavior’ rewards system that we use to encourage racers to drive well, and to win as much as possible.

RPM points are given out for racing often, racing well, following the rules, and of course, winning! See, we want you to win!

You can trade in RPM points for cool prizes like a GPK logo suit, or just keep them to show off to your friends.

Think you have what it takes to beat our top scores and get on the leaderboards? Or want to try earning RPM points? Come out to GPK to get in on the excitement of kart racing in Toronto!


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Rain does not bother us with Go Karting in Toronto!

It’s April. What are you going to do on a rainy day? There’s a great alternative to the kids zoning out in front of the television. And an great way to end the whining “There’s nothing to do…” Indoor go karting in Toronto style is the best way to spend a rainy day. And the best place for indoor go karting in Toronto?  GP Kartways!

The GP Kartways indoor go karting track is protected from the weather so you can race anytime. It also uses all-electric go karts so it is safe and environmentally friendly. No fumes, less noise, More fun!

GP Kartways 47,000 square foot facility includes the highest rated track in the area a 600-foot straightaway – the longest in indoor go karting Toronto. It includes hairpin turns, chicanes, short, medium, and long turns so your kids will feel like they are at a real race. It even has an authentic atmosphere. GP Kartways built its raceway to look like a real city track, lined with panoramic views, grass infields, lamp posts, fountains and street signs. There is even a realistic looking grandstand mural with thousands of cheering fans.

There is something for everyone at GPK. Children 10-years old and 48” (122 cm) tall can participate in the indoor go karting in GP Kartways junior karts. For adult karts you must be 52″ (132 cm) tall and 16 years of age. But – if you have little ones who are not yet ready for indoor go karting, there are lots of other things for them to do.

A six-lane slot car track lets you have race fun without getting behind the wheel. And in GP Kartways new Kinected Interactive Centre, anyone can get take to the track in a race simulators. There are also billiard tables, foozeball, air hockey, bubble hockey, and Xbox 360 console stations with all the latest games.

All that fun is sure to work up an appetite. But you won’t have to go out in the rain to feed the crew – GPK’s Trackside Café has fast food, snacks and beverages the whole family will enjoy.

You can also do a little shopping at GPK – we offer a full line of merchandise including racing caps, shirts, jackets, and custom helmets, along with rare model cars.

Is the weather forecast calling for rain? Don’t worry – spend your day at GP Kartways! Come out and see for yourself today.

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