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Helmets, Your Protection in a Toronto Go-Karting Crash

Toronto Go-Karting is fast, it is furious, and it is full of excitement at every bend.

With every twist and turn comes the thrill of the race, as you try hard to gauge the apex of a corner while maintaining a decent speed. Safety is clearly important, and at GPK it is not something that we neglect. We make sure we provide the latest safety equipment, including top of the range helmets.

We have a video on the Safety Features of a Go-Kart. Check it out!

Grand Prix Kartways | 75 Carl Hall Road Bay 3, Unit #9 Parc Downsview Park Toronto, ON Canada M3K 2B9 | (647) 955-3884

Helmets are compulsory when Go Karting in Toronto.

Helmets are worn to protect you when you crash. Obviously they are compulsory when Go-Karting in Toronto, but you should also be sure to wear one whenever you ride a bike, motorcycle, or in any case that a collision or crash is possible. A helmet could well save your life.

How Do Helmets Work?

Helmets work in a very simple way. They contain a layer of high quality crushable foam, which absorbs most of the impact of a crash. This saves your skull, and quite possibly your brain from being damaged in a collision. The foam also serves to reduce the rotational force that could cause neck damage or spine damage.

The outer layer of the helmet is made from a hard plastic that is designed to skid easily across the surface, so that the impact is reduced to a less harmful skim, rather than a deep impact, or a painful jerk of the head in a particular direction.

As you may be beginning to realize, the simple protection that a helmet can provide is invaluable to your safety.

Toronto Go Kating | 75 Carl Hall Rd. Downsview Park Toronto ON M3K 2B9 Canada |

Go-Kart crashes can happen anytime.

Remember… it is better not to crash in the first place, so be sure to drive responsibly.


Learn more about Toronto Go-Karting Safety rules here.
Helmets with visors, such as the ones that we provide at our Go-Karting racetrack in Toronto, provide protection against debris, or any other scraps that could fly in your face when you are driving at high speeds. Your eyes and face are safe, as long as the visor is always kept down.

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Toronto Go-Karting Makes for a Great School Excursion

If we asked you to think of a typical school excursion,

you might conjure up images of museums, art galleries, and maybe the zoo if you are lucky. Traditionally speaking, you probably don’t immediately associate go-karting with school excursions. We don’t have anything against museums, but we think that go-karting might be an exhilarating and often educational option. Wait, hear us out…


The Ultimate Reward Trip

There are two types of school excursion, as far as our ancient brains can remember. The first is a reward trip, and, in this case, the excursion can be purely for fun, and is usually more outrageous than a field trip. You may have finished the year, completed some exams, or shown exceptional performance at school, but in some way you are being rewarded.

Toronto Go Kart | (647) 496 - 5838 | Grand Prix Kartways

Planning the best School Excursion ever? Look no further! Visit us today!

Go-karting is an exceptionally exciting way to be treated, and both students and teachers can enjoy the thrill of the race. Nothing quite beats the rush of zooming around the track with your fellow classmates, and sharing a day of food, laughter, and adrenaline. You deserve it after all of that academia!


Whether you are a teacher looking to treat your class, or a student looking to propose ideas for the end of year trip, why not suggest Grand Prix Kartways in Toronto?!



Does Go-Karting Make For An Educational School Trip?

It’s not difficult to agree that go-karting makes for an extremely fun end of year trip but is it possible that go-karting can also make for an educational outing? We believe so…


The first educational benefit is that go-karting can help people, young people, to learn to drive. Although go-karts are very different to cars, karting helps students to improve reaction times, grasp the basics of driving, and improve their confidence. Anyone who is approaching the age where they might want to learn to drive can benefit from a go-karting school excursion.


Go-Karting & STEM

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and maths, and the development of these areas is considered extremely valuable for individuals in today’s society. Go-karting gives students many opportunities to enhance their skills in these areas, and a go-karting school excursion would be ideal for these students in particular.


Go-karts are an accessible way for students of STEM to explore and understand the mechanics of vehicles, the physics of driving and the forces involved with go-karting, and aspects of designing and building. They can learn about the technology involved and the recent advancements such as the environmentally friendly electrical powered go-karts.


You could consider combining the trip with the study of go-kart mechanics, or with the mathematics of acceleration, or another related module, and perhaps hold the excursion as a treat at the end. There are already educational programs that use go-karts to enhance learning.


Combination Packages & Discounts

If you want to organize a school excursion or another large event, speak to Grand Prix Kartways Toronto. We can create combination packages that include food and entertainment, and various go-karting formats. Speak to us about tailoring your group package, and adding an educational spin. Discounts are available for schools.


Grand Prix Kartways can provide the ultimate adrenaline packed, fun filled school trip that students will remember forever to come! Visit us today!


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Go Kart Tracks in Toronto | Go Karting vs. NASCAR and F1

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Go Kart Tracks Safety in Toronto

Grand Prix Kartways is the premier destination for motor sports. We want your time out on the go kart tracks in Toronto to be not only be fun but also safe. For that reason, every go kart at GPK is equipped with the utmost caution in mind.

We have a host of safety features in place to ensure that every lap you take is under the ideal conditions of safety for you and your loved ones.

Electric Motors

Every kart at GPK is equipped with an electronic motor. This completely eliminates noxious fumes and dangerous flammable fuels.

Radio Control

Our karts can be radio controlled in the case of an accident. We can limit the speed of each kart during high risk situations and during pit driving for added safety.


Go Kart Tracks in Toronto

Go Kart Tracks in Toronto

GPK provides helmets with full facial protection for every driver. Their use is mandatory as they will protect against head injury, especially in the case of a roll over or collision.

Body Panel

Our go karts have a sleek body panel that covers the entire motor and braking assembly. This prevents any items or articles of clothing from interfering with the working parts of the kart.


One of our main focuses at GPK is to promote safe driving habits within our go kart tracks in Toronto. However, we realize that things may be unpredictable out on the track. This is why each kart has a thermoformed full surround polyethylene bumper. This will protect the driver from collisions against other karts or against the borders of the track itself.

Seat Harness

Each go kart is equipped with a 4 point harness seatbelt system. This ensures that you are properly locked in place while driving. In the case of a collision or a rollover, the harness will prevent the driver from flying out of the kart.

Roll Bar

Every kart at GPK has a raised roll bar with padded back head rest. This is a protective measure against roll overs.

Driving Suits / Gloves

Driving suits and gloves are optional and available for each driver. The heavy clothing will protect from abrasive injury if the occupant is involved in a collision or rollover.

Steering Wheel

The steering wheel is equipped with a bumper bad. This is designed to protect the driver in case of an impact. It will shield him/her from internal injury if their body hits the steering wheel.


Our karts come with self-ventilated dual rear hydraulic disc brakes. They are constructed from CNC anodized aluminum. These provide impressive stopping power well within safety regulations for the engine motors on our karts.


The tires on each kart have been track tested and are made of high performance soft rubber. They provide the optimum grip and drift for safe driving.


Each kart is equipped with a form fitting seat that is fully adjustable to suit drivers of various heights. This allows all of our drivers, no matter their height, to race in the utmost safety and comfort. 

Go Kart Tracks in Toronto

Go Kart Tracks in Toronto

Safety Protocols

Having the right safety features on the youth go-kart will prevent serious injury from occurring. However, it does not preclude safe driving habits. For example, taking a corner too fast or aggressive passing is good example of unsafe and reckless driving.

At Grand Prix Kartways, the safety of our guests is our highest priority! We encourage proper driving skills and habits at all times.

Come Get Your Kart On!

You know that Grand Prix Kartways is the place to race. So then what are you waiting for? The karts and go kart tracks in Toronto are revved and ready to go. The driver’s seat is waiting…

Come and race to the finish with us!

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Kart Racing in Toronto | Go Karting the NASCAR Way

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Go Karting in Toronto | Pedal to the Metal!

Toronto Go Kart | (647) 496 - 5838 | Grand Prix Kartways

At GPK, the weather never affects racing conditions. Race around our track come rain or shine!

It may seem like the answer to winning a race or beating your lap time is simply more speed. Most people you might ask would tell you the best way in go-karting in Toronto is to ignore the brakes and push the pedal to the metal!

However, here at GPK we want you to know that more is not always the answer. It’s also a question of when and how.

When should you accelerate? How should you break? When should you stomp on the gas and when should you apply a lighter touch? The answer to these questions comes from years of experience behind the wheel of a go-kart.

Leave ‘Em in the Dust

Whether you’re racing against your friends, co-workers or complete strangers, you know you want to be the first to cross the finish line. We’ve prepared the following tips and suggestions to leave your competition behind.

Keep Up Your Momentum

Go karting in Toronto is not drag racing; drivers don’t like being stopped and then asked to accelerate again. In order to complete a quick lap time, you need to keep your momentum up. That means taking the traditional racing line (outside, inside, outside), using the brakes only to set the proper speed necessary for the corner and applying the throttle in a measured manner to keep the kart from decelerating.


Sit back in the seat and enjoy the ride. Too many drivers pull themselves up out of the seat by pulling on the steering wheel. This makes a huge difference to how the kart handles. Sit back in the seat and resist the temptation to lean forward towards the wheel or to bounce the kart by jumping up in the seat. Both of these actions have a negative effect on acceleration.

Corner Speed

Driving way too fast into a corner is one of the most common mistakes that kart drivers make. The faster drivers will get into a corner a little slower, carry their momentum through the corner and then get on the throttle as soon as possible in order to build maximum acceleration.

Acceleration out of a corner carries more speed down the next short chute or straightaway and is much more valuable than the tiny amount of time that you might get by driving into a corner too aggressively.

Wheel Position

The lowest you should hold the steering wheel is where 9 and 3 appear on a clock face. The highest is 10 and 2 on the clock face. Make sure your hands are symmetrically placed on the kart steering wheel and that you always hold the wheel in the same place whilst driving or you can introduce extra instability to the kart. 

Go Straight!

Turning reduces the speed of the kart. Turn in later and later until you can’t reach the apex, then you know you have gone too far.

Go Karting in Toronto | (647) 496 - 5838 | Pedal to the Metal!

Go Karting in Toronto | (647) 496 – 5838 | Pedal to the Metal!

Follow the Leader

If you find yourself trailing behind the rest during the race, follow the path of the faster drivers. This will reduce the wind drag that from being out in front and allows you to avoid all the slower drivers. Then, at your first opportunity you can blow past them to take the lead once more!

The Checkered Flag

Before long, you will be the one your friends are chasing out there on the track. However, at Grand Prix Kartways, we want you take away more than just a checkered flag; we want you to take home an unforgettable experience go-karting in Toronto.

The karts are revved and ready to go. The driver’s seat is waiting. The lights are flashing down: Red. Yellow. Green… Go go go!

Come and race to the finish with us!


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Go Kart Tracks in Toronto | An Unforgettable Birthday Party

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Kart Racing in Toronto | How to Take a Corner

Kart Racing in Toronto | (647) 496 - 5838 | How to Take a Corner

Kart Racing in Toronto | (647) 496 – 5838 | How to Take a Corner

There’s a saying out on the track: cornering is king. That’s because one of the most important skills you can learn in motor sports is how to take a corner correctly. Perfecting this ability is guaranteed to shave seconds off your best lap time and leave your opponents scratching their heads as you pass them by on a kart racing in Toronto!

At Grand Prix Kartways we are passionate fans of motor sports. There’s nothing that pleases us more than drivers excelling on the track. We’ve compiled the following tips to help you improve you’re cornering ability.

Know the Track
Take a session or two to learn each and every corner of our Formula 1 inspired racetrack. Our driving sessions last 10 minutes, which doesn’t sound like much but you’ll actually have about 20 laps on the track. This knowledge will serve you well on competition days.

Go Where You Look
Practice focusing your eyes way down the track. Your hands will naturally take you where your eyes are looking. If you stare directly in front of your kart, you won’t have the opportunity to react to changes down the road and you’ll often be in the wrong line for a corner because you don’t have enough time to set-up for the turn.

Throttle & Brake
When on a kart racing in Toronto, never use the throttle and brake at the same time. This puts a huge amount of pressure on the clutch. This might cause the clutch to slip and will just cause damage to it, making it less efficient, and therefore slowing you down.

Be Cool
Go karts appreciate a gentle touch and they will reward smooth drivers with fast lap times. Try to avoid sudden movements on the brake, throttle or steering wheel. This will cause slow you down through the corners. It takes practice to stay cool under pressure, but the smoother you are, the faster you’ll be. Build your speed slowly and concentrate on finding the racing line.

Find the Racing Line
The racing line is the safest and fastest way around the track. It may not always be the shortest, but it is the most efficient way for braking and acceleration. If you can drive this line smoothly and quickly you will definitely dominate the track.

At the right moment, ease onto the brake firmly staying in a straight line. Come off the break and ease back onto the throttle as you turn into the corner. Maintain your power and aim for the inside edge of the track as your turn the corner. Maintaining the power is crucial to ensure you have plenty of speed coming out of the turn.

Go Go Go!
Accelerate out of the corner and exit the bend like a sling-shot! This will give you more speed down the next straightaway. However, you should always be prepared for the next turn.

Kart Racing in Toronto | (647) 496 - 5838 | How to Take a Corner

Kart Racing in Toronto | (647) 496 – 5838 | How to Take a Corner

Strive to keep up your momentum. Go karts are not drag racers – they don’t like being stopped and then forced to accelerate again.

Sliding and Skidding
When the tires are sliding, you are actually going slower around the track. If you are skidding into the corners, you’re using too much brake. If you’re sliding the rear end of the kart mid-corner, you’re using too much speed. Use the brakes to set the proper entry and mid-corner speed and you’ll see your lap times drop.

Even if you’re just going a tiny bit slower than your opponents, traveling on the correct racing line will get you ahead of them over the course of a race. Remember, your best chance at making a move and passing the competition will be determined by how well you negotiate your turns.

Keep Practicing!
Remember the following: practice makes perfect. With enough time out on the track, you’ll be putting up killer lap times on your next kart racing in Toronto.

Come and race to the finish with us!

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Go Karting in Toronto | End the Rat Race at GPK

Are you looking for something new and exciting for your next corporate event? Maybe you’re tired of the same old boring team building activities? Or perhaps you want to celebrate a new campaign?

Grand Prix Kartways 75 Carl Hall Road Bay 3, Unit #9 Parc Downsview Park Toronto, ON Canada M3K 2B9

Go Karting in Toronto

Whatever the reason, you need look no further! Grand Prix Kartways is the perfect venue to host your next corporate event.  Being a leader in your industry is not only about your product or service quality, it is also reflected in the way you deliver your message.

So why not send one that no one will ever forget!

Go Karting in Toronto!

As one of the fastest growing recreational activities, go karting is an exhilarating experience.

As passionate motor-sport fans, Grand Prix Kartways has developed the ultimate motor racing experience. Whatever your requirements, we have the ideal venue. You’ll quickly forget conventional team building activities as corporate events at GPK are a unique, fast-paced and adrenaline fueled alternative to the average corporate day out.

Let GPK be the innovative tool to effectively bring excitement to your corporate event. Our venue is perfect for:

•             Marketing events

•             Seminars

•             Networking meetings

•             Product launch

•             Employee appreciation

•             Client appreciation events

•             Industry mixers

•             Company parties

•             Team-building events

•             Non-profit charity fundraising

•             Trade shows and exhibits

Grand Prix Kartways can accommodate any corporate event!

Our facilities are designed to handle events as large as 200+ guests, with our spacious 5,000 sq. ft. Corporate Lounge & Meeting Centre and the 4,500 sq. ft. reception, café, & entertainment zone.

GPK welcomes groups of smaller sizes to enjoy a unique and authentic go karting in Toronto experience that will be sure to be a hit with your guests.

These packages offer your group private race sessions, the ability to pre-reserve race times, and a structured “grand-prix” style race event that will simulate an authentic experience of the likes that you would expect on a professional racing circuit—complete with announcements as racers take their starting positions, commentary during the race, grid starts, post-race victory laps, and podium celebrations.

You can have real competition racing experience with your group! Our highly trained staff is dedicated to making your party experience fun, easy, and full of great memories you can look back on for years to come!

Impressive Facility

Our facility has spans 47,000 sq. ft. of indoor space and houses a Formula 1 style indoor road course that is guaranteed to impress your clients and colleagues alike. From the moment you arrive you will be made to feel as though you are participating in a real race.  We provide race suits and racing helmets and offer every driver a comprehensive diagnostic of the race results that measures their performance against the field.

In addition, we dress our facility with banners in your corporate colors, promoting your event message. Our home is your home. Dress your guests in customized t-shirts made just for your event!

Go Karting in Toronto

Go Karting in Toronto

The GPK Difference

Grand Prix Kartways’ objective is to provide a quality experience, in a clean, safe, fun, and professional environment.  GPK provides the highest quality state-of-the-art electric go-karts for its racers. Not only are these race team stylized go-karts fast, they are safe, and environmentally friendly with no noxious fumes to disturb your guests.

Let our corporate event staff help you make this an unforgettable experience. We have packages tailored to suit your every need, from hourly sessions to half and even full day events! No matter how large or small your group is, we have the capacity to host your day out.


We invite you to come at GPK and create an incredible team building experience for your pit crew. Who will claim the checkered flag in your go karting in Toronto?

Only one team may win the race, but everybody will leave victorious!


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Go Karts | GPK Racing Go Karts in Different Forms

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