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The Best Way to Beat the Boss? On a Go Karts Toronto Racing

Everyone knows that Toronto’s Grand Prix Kartways offers excellent entertainment for individuals, but it’s got corporate groups covered, too. For any sized company, GP Kartways offers heart pounding racing excitement and more.

Go Karts Toronto

Go Karts Toronto

We’ll decorate the entire place with your corporate colours, give each guest their own t-shirt and racing balaclava and decorate our available private meeting rooms for you if you want. Take a look at our corporate go karts Toronto packages below.

Large Corporate Events

You have a huge corporate event to put on? Don’t want it to be stuffy and boring? No problem! GP Kartways can easily handle events with 200+ guests. The 5,000 sq ft Corporate Lounge & Meeting Centre, and the 4,500 sq ft reception, café, & entertainment zone are perfect venues for tossing away the ties and letting loose with co-workers (just remember to let the boss win a race or two).

Large corporate event bookings are based on blocks of track time and the number of guests involved. A typical booking of a full day of racing for 200 racers will work out to a mere $37.50 per person.

You can build your own event program and tailor it to your budget or choose one of GP Kartway’s packages.

Small Corporate Events

Just because you don’t have a huge staff doesn’t mean you can’t treat your employees to a day of racing go karts in Toronto. Small businesses are absolutely welcome at GP Kartways and are treated every bit as good as their larger counterparts.

Don’t just come in for a day of racing, try one of our structured packages that give your event the entire Grand Prix Race experience, complete with track announcements over the loudspeakers as racers take their starting positions in a grid format just like the real races. Enjoy the colour commentary throughout the race and watch the winners do their post-race victory laps and celebrate on the podium.

Mini Grand Prix Package – $49 per person Monday to Friday (excluding Friday evenings) or $59 per person Friday evenings, weekends and holidays + harmonized sales tax (HST). This includes two racing sessions per guest: a 14-lap qualifying race and a 16-lap championship or class final race. It requires approximately 1.5 hours to complete for groups of 12 to 24 people.

Grand Prix Package – $69 per person Monday to Friday (excluding Friday evenings) or $79 per person Friday evenings, weekends and holidays  + HST. This package includes three racing sessions per guest: a 12-lap practice session; a 14-lap qualifying race and a 16-lap championship or class final race. It requires about two hours to complete the entire package for groups of 12 to 24 guests.

Super Grand Prix Package – $99 per person Monday to Friday (excluding Friday evenings) or $109 per person Friday evenings, weekends and holidays + HST. This package includes five racing sessions per guest, with two 12-lap practice sessions, two 14-lap qualifying races, and a 16-lap championship or class final race.  It requires approximately three hours for a group of 12 to 24 guests, so clear your calendar and come race with us.

Racing formats are up to the event organizer so they can make sure everyone enjoys themselves to the fullest during the rented time. You can also book your group during public racing hours and purchase individual race sessions if that makes more sense for you.

Exclusive Track Closures

For when you just need to take over the entire track for your group, GP Kartways offers the following deals:

  • One hour block M-F excluding Friday evenings: $1,500
  • One hour block Friday evening, weekends and holidays: $2,400
  • ½ day block M-F excluding Friday evenings: $4,000
  • ½ day block Friday evening, weekends and holidays: $6,500
  • Full day block M-F excluding Friday evenings: $7,500
  • Full day block Friday evening, weekends and holidays: $12,000

Exclusive Track Closure prices means the track is for use exclusively by your group. These do not include HST. The number of guests per block is not restricted, but for a general rule of thumb, approximately 60 racers will be able to compete per hour rented.

Go Karts Toronto

Go Karts Toronto

The half-day block includes three hours of race track time with the track decorated with corporate event banners in your corporate colours. You get championship trophies for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the Grand Prix final race and 1st place for each preceding class final series. A maximum of 72 racers is recommended for the half-day events.

The full day block includes six hours of racing with a lunch in between sessions. You get a full set of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophies for the Grand Prix final race, as well as 1st place for each preceding class final series. A maximum of 144 racers is recommended, however arrangements can be made for larger groups by tailoring the racing format.

Take a break from the busy and walk away from the work for a while by taking a spin around the premier go karts track in Toronto. It’s the ultimate way to celebrate a product or sales launch, show appreciation for customers or employees, build team camaraderie or just take a much need break from the grind (and beat your co-workers on the track, don’t forget that). Visit GPK today or call us at (647) 496-5838 to book your next event.


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The Science of Braking in a Go Kart Toronto

Toronto’s Grand Prix Kartways is dedicated to safety. Obviously, one of the main aspects of safety is being able to stop the karts when you need to and that’s where the brakes come into play.

The electric go kart in Toronto, built by OTL of Italy, are like a combination of Ferrari meets go kart, carrying on the grand tradition of Italian auto design and manufacturing. They feature double self-ventilating disc brakes with a double brake cable (one main and one backup) and double back hydraulic brake calipers.

Go Kart Toronto

Go Kart Toronto

How does it work?

First, let’s look at the components of the brakes:
  • Brake Pads
  • Calipers
  • Piston
  • Brake Discs (Rotor)

To understand braking on a go kart, it helps to imagine how braking is done on a bicycle, where you can easily see the brakes. A bicycle brake has a set of brake pads that squeezes the tire (usually) and stops it from spinning. These pads are controlled by a set of calipers that create the squeezing motion when they are activated by a cable on the handlebars.

In the disc brakes on a go kart in Toronto, the brake pads squeeze the brake discs (sometimes called the rotor) rather than directly squeezing the wheel like on a bicycle (although some of the more expensive bicycles do have disc brakes similar to vehicles).

The squeezing motion in a disc brake is activated by hydraulics. The hydraulics activate a piston, which in turn engages the calipers that hold the brake pads and the entire mechanism squeezes the rotor, which makes the wheel stop spinning.

What is happening?

The go kart’s forward momentum is kinetic energy. The brakes need to get rid of that kinetic energy to stop the kart’s momentum and ultimately stop it from moving. Therefore, the brakes “take” the kart’s kinetic energy and turn it into a different kind of energy. In a disc brake, the kinetic energy is turned into heat energy, which is generated by the friction between the brake pads and the rotor.

Go Kart Toronto

Go Kart Toronto

In the case of the go kart’s brakes, the discs are ventilated, meaning they have air vents built into them. This helps dissipate the heat generated by braking and allows the brakes to cool quicker and easier than if they were not ventilated.

Grand Prix Kartways performs regular maintenance on its karts, making sure that all braking components are working properly for optimum safety. When brake components look like they are getting worn out, they are immediately replaced. The safety of our customers is our top priority, followed closely by our commitment to their enjoyment.

By employing the best in braking technology, Grand Prix Kartways ensures that your go kart in Toronto outing is a safe and fun time for the entire family. Go as fast as you want knowing that you can stop when you need to. Visit Grand Prix Kartways today.

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What is the Secret to being Fast when Go-karting in Toronto?

Sure, everybody wants to be fast but what you want and what actually happens are two different things. Many racers think that putting your foot to the floor is the surest bet to getting fast lap times. In fact, this is one of the worst ways to approach your go-karting in Toronto. So what makes you faster? There’s really no ONE thing. Rather, the “secret” to being fast is a combination of good practices that, when applied skillfully and put to good use, can catapult you to the front of the pack every time.

Get a fast kart

Grand Prix Kartways 75 Carl Hall Road Bay 3, Unit #9 Parc Downsview Park Toronto, ON Canada M3K 2B9

Go-karting in Toronto

You might think that this little detail is beyond your control but, with some observation, it’s easy to figure out which kart is fast and which isn’t. All it takes is a bit of time watching the races prior to yours. Make note of which karts are consistently at the front of the pack. Chances are, those are the karts that are fast. It’s also good to pay attention to which go karts are skidding the most. It may be driver error but it also may be that the tires are getting low and losing traction. Create a list of three or four karts that are consistently in the lead and then make a bee-line for one when it’s your turn to race. Fast go-karting in Toronto starts with a fast machine but remember, even the fastest go kart will come in last if it’s not piloted correctly.

Try not to skid

Skidding is one of those things that can kill a fast lap time – even in the fastest go kart on the track. Skidding causes a decrease in forward momentum that can seriously lower your times on the track. Going in to a corner, you’re often better off letting up on the gas just a bit in order to maintain control. Skidding lowers your speed way more than actively adjusting in order to remain in control. Controlling your speed through the corners also allows you to return to full speed quicker than you would if you skidded.

Smooth steering

Go Karting Toronto  | (647) 496-2888  | What is the Secret to being Fast when Go-karting in Toronto?

Go Karting Toronto

Smooth steering goes a long way to reducing the tendency to skid. New go kart drivers in Toronto typically oversteer which causes the kart to lose momentum and speed and can eat precious seconds off your lap times. Think about making small moves with the steering wheel rather than big ones. At the speeds you’re traveling, the smallest move can have a big effect where the kart is headed. A go kart that travels along a straight line is much faster than a go kart that zig-zags right and left around the track.

Pick a good line

Find the path through the curve that requires the least amount of steering and the least reduction in speed. You’re looking for a smooth movement through the turn that allows for quick acceleration at the end. On a hairpin turn, for example, you’ll have to do some drastic steering and lose a lot of speed as a result if you try to hug the inside barrier all the way around. On the other hand, you can keep your steering small and lose just a little speed by going from the outside wall to the outside wall making a more sweeping turn. This definitely requires some forethought and set up and, as mentioned, it may require that you let off the accelerator a bit to make it happen, but the result will be far more beneficial than any other method.

So the “secret” to being fast when go-karting in Toronto is a combination of picking a fast machine, using the accelerator effectively, steering smoothly, and maintaining good lines through the curves. With these tips and a little practice, you can be on top of the leaderboard again and again. Master the secret to being fast. Visit GPK today!

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Specials and Deals for GPK’s Go Karting in Toronto

Do you love to race go karts and wish you could do so every day of the week? Then Grand Prix Kartways is the place for you! Our low prices and race packages will have you racing to your heart’s content before you can say, “Formula 1 racing is the best racing in the world bar none because it’s fast and crazy and those big tires make an already-cool-looking car look even cooler!”

Go Karting in Toronto

Go Karting in Toronto

What’s more, we also offer specials and deals that will make your head spin faster than Emerson Fittipaldi’s tires on a rainy day. But just like an F-1 steering wheel, you’ve got to know what buttons to push or you’re going to fall behind. Here are some ways you can find out about our specials and deals for go karting in Toronto.

Visit our website lists our current special(s) – usually on the front page! In fact, there’s one there right now so zoom over there right now. Go ahead. We’ll wait here.

You can also visit our corporate site ( for group rates, large and small corporate events, half-day and whole-day packages, all-inclusive packages, bachelor party packages, bar/bat mitzvah celebrations, birthday parties, holiday deals, special pricing, and member and non-member rates. There’s a wealth of information on both sites so be sure to check back daily or the deals will pass you by faster than Niki Lauda’s 1975 Ferrari.

Sign up for our mailing list

At, you can sign up to receive e-mails that bring the savings to you. Just provide a few bits of information and you’ll receive periodic messages from Grand Prix Kartways notifying you of exclusive offers, special discounts, and the latest news on upcoming special events for go karting in Toronto. How cool is that? For sure it’s way better than that sweater your aunt gave you last year.

Go Karting Toronto

Go Karting Toronto

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter

Just like the sponsor’s names and logos on an F-1 car, we like to advertise our specials in multiple locations. We’ll post information and send out tweets when new specials and deals are made available for go karting in Toronto. That way you can be the first to know. You can even help spread the word by sharing what you know with your friends and enemies (Fact: It’s more fun to beat your enemy in a go kart race than any other form of competition.). So be sure to bring all your enemies to Grand Prix Kartways. Lap them once or twice and you’ll feel much better…I promise.

There’s really no excuse for missing any of the specials and deals that Grand Prix Kartways offers for go karting in Toronto because there’s so many ways to receive the news. Pick one. Pick them all. Whatever way you choose to find out about the specials on go karting in Toronto, you can be sure you won’t regret it.

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Go-karting Toronto: Why Use Electric Go Karts?

Go-karting enthusiasts in Toronto prefer electric go karts over gas powered ones because of five main reasons; electric go karts are faster, have better performance, are easier to maintain, are cleaner, and safer. You really feel like you’re in a real race in electric go karts. The new versions of electric go karts used at tracks are of the highest quality and state-of-the-art. The Italian made EK-5N-DR and EK-Mini go karts are the fastest and highest performing go karts available in the industry.

Electric Go Karts are Faster

Go-karting Toronto

Go-karting Toronto

Electric go karts have extremely fast acceleration. The torque in electric go karts is much greater than in gas powered ones which is ideal for quick take-offs and off-road climbing. Electric go karts have 20 HP vs. 6.5 to 9HP in their gas counterparts. When fully charged, electric go karts can run at full power for 30 minutes or more. To increase the power, and for longer periods of time, you can use a lithium iron phosphate battery instead of a lead acid battery. Electric go karts can reach speeds of up to 85 KPH. The speed of electric go karts is thrilling for the driver.

Electric Go Karts have Better Performance

Even and fast performance characterize electric go-karting in Toronto. Gas go karts, even when maintained properly, produce uneven performance. Electric go karts have refined, high-tech diagnostics to ensure every go kart performs fast and evenly. The differential of electric go karts makes steering smooth and natural. No matter the situation on the track, you are guaranteed simple handling and responsive brakes. The adjustable caster and camber make it possible to adjust the fore-carriage, ensuring flawless driving. Electric go karts have a reverse gear that is necessary for switching directions if a spin occurs. You won’t have to wait for the service of the track staff to come and push the go kart.

Electric Go Karts are Easier to Maintain

Electric go karts require very little maintenance. All you have to do is plug the batteries into a charger after each run. There are less moving parts in an electric go kart making them both economical to operate and maintain. There is no need to fill them up with high-cost gasoline since they get their power from long-term, high-performance batteries. You don’t have to worry about the cost of a gasoline powered motor breaking down. With good maintenance work, electric go karts can run for more than five years. Gas powered go karts require motor and frame replacement once every two years.

Electric Go Karts are Better for the Environment

Go-karting Toronto

Go-karting Toronto

Electric go karts are pollution free. You don’t have the fume exhaust like you do in gas powered go karts so there are no emissions. With indoor racetracks, the fumes can make drivers feel ill. Electric go karts will give you the thrills of a racing experience without the air and noise pollution. Not only is the air cleaner, but also the tracks are cleaner without the oil stains. Emissions from internal combustion engines are usually carcinogenic. Electric go karts don’t release any substances. There is no type of ventilation system required with electric go karts so they aren’t contributing to global warming. Being in the middle of a global environmental crisis right now, it make sense to choose the cleaner option.

Electric Go Karts are Safer

Go-karting in Toronto is made much safer by using electric go karts which aren’t prone to flipping like gas powered ones. Electric go karts have four batteries with their weight evenly distributed that also make the go kart heavier. You don’t have to wear fire protective suits since there is no gasoline. The operational components in an electric go kart are under the body so there isn’t a chance of getting burned by accidentally putting your arms down on the motor side of the go kart. Also, you don’t run the risk of getting your clothing caught in the transmission gears in an electric go kart. They also have four-point safety belts for protection, as well as roll bars as an added precaution.

Electric go karts have many advantages over gas powered go karts. You can enjoy an authentic racing experience with electric go karts without sacrificing speed or performance, and with the added benefits of increased safety, lower maintenance costs, and a cleaner machine. Electric go karts excel at speed, acceleration, and handling by using the latest state-of-the-art technology. They are the future of the sport.

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What You Need To Know Before You Go Go Karting in Toronto

Go Karting in Toronto

Go Karting in Toronto

Go kart racing is the fastest growing form of motorsports in the world because it provides an adrenaline pumping experience in a safe environment for all ages. Even professional racers use go kart tracks for a training ground. They give people the chance to feel what it would be like to be a professional racer. Go karting in Toronto draws both aspiring racers and thrill seekers. Because the driving experience is fun but intense, there are things you should know before you get in the driver’s seat.

Sitting Correctly in a Go Kart

The way you sit in the go kart is very important. The very first thing you should do is set the seat belt to a comfortable level, keeping it snug. Slide the seat as far forward as you feel comfortable. This will shift your body weight to the front of the go kart and will allow your front wheels to get more grip. The go kart will handle according to how you’re sitting in it. Don’t pull yourself up and out of the seat. Go karts don’t have suspension to help provide traction. They rely on weight transfer to provide the needed traction in a turn.

Holding the Wheel Correctly

It is also very important to know how to hold the wheel of a go kart correctly. The lowest you should hold the steering wheel during your go karting in Toronto is at 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock position, and the highest being 10 o’clock and 2 o;clock position. Your hands should be symmetrically placed on the wheel. Make sure you always keep your hands in the same place while driving or you could cause the go kart to become unstable. Knowing how to steer properly will make you a better driver and will increase the efficiency of the go kart. Hold the wheel loosely so you don’t impact the handling and don’t over or understeer.

Be Smooth with the Controls

Go kart drivers in Toronto know that to be effective at driving, you have to be smooth with all the controls including the steering wheel, throttle, and brakes. Slamming on the accelerator will cause the go kart to slide and jerk, which actually slows you down. Accelerate and brake smoothly to retain momentum. Smoother is faster around the race track.

Understanding Kart Racing Lines

The driving line is extremely important in go karting in Toronto. You want to drive in big arcs and avoid turning too sharply. In a 180-degree hairpin turn, you want to set up with a wide entry and then come in within inches of the inside barrier during the apex of the turn before you drift wide out on the exit. Drivers that are really fast at the track have mastered the racing lines. The racing lines for a go kart track should take into account the approach, the braking point, the turn-in point, apex and exit point. To establish a racing line, you need to remember that sometimes the fastest line through a corner won’t be ideal for your overall speed on the track. Also, you have to keep in mind the transitions between all the corners on the track.

Drive Path should be Wide Arcs

Go karting in Toronto drivers will tell you that when driving go karts you should strive to carry as much momentum as possible around the track. The best way to carry momentum is by using wide lines around the track that allow you to carry more exit speed. Always use the whole track to maximize a wider arc. This will help you avoid contact with barriers which will scrub off your speed.

Understanding how to Brake

Always do your braking in a straight line, which will keep the back end of the go kart from stepping out or going sideways. Late breaking will cause you to miss the apex of the turn, where you transition from entering the turn into exiting the turn. Make sure before you go into a turn that you are beginning to release the brakes. If you find yourself spinning, you are holding onto the brakes too long. After you hit the brakes then release the pressure.

Turning and Keeping up the Momentum

In corners that require the driver to slow down, you want to brake early and accelerate through the turn, which will keep up your momentum. Remember to keep your entry and exit of the turn as wide as possible. Right before the turn, swing to the outside of the track. Then keep to the innermost part of the track while in the turn. When you enter the straightaway again, swing back out to the outside of the track. Always remember, enter turns slow and exit turns fast.

Enter Turns Slow, Exit Turns Fast

Go Kart drivers in Toronto know the secret to being the fastest on the track is all about how you handle the turn. It’s all about breaking right before you enter the turn and then releasing the brake. This will allow you to enter the turn slowly. Once you are inside the turn, then you want to push on the accelerator as you are about to leave the turn. This will allow you to exit back onto the straightaway faster than the other drivers. This is the single most important tip of fast go karting.

Limit the Sliding in your Turns

Go Karting in Toronto

Go Karting in Toronto

If the front wheels start to slide it will cause you to lose momentum and scrub off speed. If this happens, lift off the gas and allow the front tires to gain grip. This will help you to catch your apex and stay in the inside groove. Remember, breaking gently will prevent sliding. Breaking too hard can cause the rear axle to lock up and will cause you to slide. Control your front tire grip so your go kart stays in the line you want.

Minimize Time Spent with the Go Kart going Sideways

Keeping your braking limited to only straight lines will keep the go kart from going sideways. If you are sideways, you will be fighting the friction with the tires and this will rob you of your momentum. The only way you’re going to set your best time during your go karting in Toronto is to minimize the time spent going sideways.

Go kart drivers know another little trick to maximize their chances of getting their best lap time. Go kart tires will heat up and gain additional grip after a few laps, and they will gradually get better throughout the race. This means your best opportunity to get the fastest lap will happen in the second half of the race.

Now that you know what you need to do before your go karting in Toronto adventure, head on to Grand Prix Kartways and practice your best lap time. Visit us today!

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Karting in Toronto | Karting for your Kids!

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Karting in Toronto | Race to the Finish with us!

The dictionary defines a race as:

race 1 |rās|

Karting in Toronto

Karting in Toronto

1 a competition between runners, horses, vehicles, boats, etc., to see which is the fastest in covering a set course:

We think differently

For us at Grand Prix Kartways, karting in Toronto race is much more than that.

It’s a gathering of friends and family amidst the twists and turns of our racetrack; a place to celebrate reunions and birthdays —and create everlasting memories. A race at GPK is about the sense of excitement as you overtake your competition. It’s that surge of adrenaline as you fight the g-forces of a tight turn, and then push the pedal to the metal on the straightaway!

It’s about improving yourself; mastering the track and perfecting your driving skills, while shaving seconds off your best lap times and climbing the leaderboards. Racing at GPK is submerging yourself in a consistent race-themed experience: we’ll provide you with racing uniforms and gloves, and even offer comprehensive diagnostics of race results.

The real deal

Racing at Grand Prix Kartways will be the closest you will ever experience to being in a real open wheel race car.

How real do you ask?

Well, from the moment you arrive, you will be made to feel as though you are participating in a real race, with either a driver’s VIP pass or a spectator ticket. Drivers will be given a racing balaclava to wear under the helmets provided. And to complete the thrill, racing uniforms and gloves are available for rental or purchase.

GPK’s go karting in Toronto follows the same format as an authentic F1 race. We have track marshals observing every race, and they use the appropriate signals and flags to communicate with the racer. And after every run, you will be provided with a detailed diagnostic on every lap you ran and how well you performed on it.

Racing days

A race session consists of a certain number of laps. From Monday to Thursday, a normal race is 16 laps. And from Friday through Sunday, a race is 18 laps. Now, those 16 or 18 laps can be completed in a 10-minute time period.

A true spectator sport

If you’re coming to see your favorite racer compete, we also have a bevy of options. The track-side Café and VIP Lounges allow you to enjoy the live racing and other sporting events on big screen TV’s. They also provide dining facilities for family or corporate parties. Our arcade zone features billiard tables, foozeball, air hockey, video games, and an 8-lane slot car track providing you hours of fun. The retail merchandise store offers racing caps, shirts, jackets, and custom helmets, along with rare model cars.

Karting in Toronto

Karting in Toronto

We have the best in the industry go-karts: the electric powered EK-5N-DR and EK-Mini. Not only are these race team stylized go-karts fast, they are safe and environmentally friendly with no noxious fumes.

There are weekly races and tournaments for differing age groups. We have leagues for all type of drivers —from beginner to elite— and all with trophies and prizes celebrating the champions.

And with 47,000 sq. ft. of indoor space, with high ceiling and complete clear span over the racetrack, we have created a go karting in Toronto experience at a standard significantly higher than currently being offered in the Greater Toronto Area!

Come and visit us at GPK!

At Grand Prix Kartways, we want you take away more than just a checkered flag; we want you to take home an unforgettable experience. The karts are revved and ready to go, the driver’s seat is waiting, and the lights are flashing down: Red. Yellow. Green. Go go go!

Come and race to the finish with us!

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Go Karting in Toronto | Get your Kids Involved in Go Karting Toronto

Go Karting in Toronto

Go Karting in Toronto

Go karting in Toronto can be an absolutely exhilarating experience for your kids! Where else can they zoom past their peers while learning valuable life skills? We provide a place for them to gather amongst friends and family amidst the twists and turns of our racetrack.

Competition and Community

At Grand Prix Kartways, we aim to foster the spirit of competition alongside a deep sense of community. We have created an environment where they can develop discipline and master driving abilities such as swift reaction timing and safe passing habits. They can compete in a safe and structured environment, with remote control-governed karts that limit their top speed. They can learn the art of self-improvement through perfection of their own lap times. And if they wish to pursue motor sports as a hobby, there is no better place for them to learn the fundamentals of racing.

These are all valuable, real world skills, and all while your son or daughter is having the time of their lives!

Step into a Racing World

We provide a race-themed experience, from racing uniforms to gloves. We offer comprehensive diagnostics of race results, with detailed print-outs of their lap times, position, and ranking information after the race.

We have the best-in-the-industry go karts: the electric powered EK-5N-DR and EK-Mini. They keep our facility clean and eliminate the stink of noxious fumes from gasoline engines.

There are weekly races and tournaments for different age groups. At GPK, we offer a variety of race leagues to satisfy all levels of go-karters from beginners to elite. And each series will feature trophies, awards, prizes and banquets. Some of the world’s best race car drivers started out as kids racing karts. If they are interested in motor sports, then go karting in Toronto is the best way to introduce them into that world.

Best Camp Experience Ever!

We have developed March Break and Summer Camps engineered to stimulate their senses while nurturing their desire for fun. We have driving & racing lessons provided by pro racers. They learn skills such as throttle input, braking input, apexes, brake points, drafting, overtaking, and of course, on-track etiquette.

There are daily go-kart racing competitions. And with slot car racing, video game racing, outdoor sports, movies, and other fun activities, it’s guaranteed to be the best camp experience ever!

Go Karting Toronto

Go Karting Toronto

Race ‘till you Drop!

At Grand Prix Kartways, there are many ways for your kids to enjoy go karting. Whether they come alone or with a group of friends, there is no shortage of options to satisfy their need for speed! We have many racing packages available: single or double racing packages, and we even offer a single rate day pass option, where kids can lap the track to their heart’s content.

Turn Down the Lights!

Every Friday and Saturday after 12am, we turn down the lights and crank up the excitement with GPK’s Night Racing program. Great music, funky lighting, contests and prizes make this an experience that you need to check out! And if that wasn’t enough, races are buy-one-get-one-free from 12 to 2 in the morning.

The Go Karting Experience

So come and get your kids involved in go karting in Toronto. It will be an experience that they, and you, will never forget! If you believe that your son or daughter is the next Mario Andretti or Danica Patrick, then bring them down to Grand Prix Kartways!

The karts are revved and ready to go. The driver’s seat is waiting. The lights are flashing down:




Go go go to Grand Prix Kartways today!


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Go Karting in Toronto | Single Rate Day Pass Option

Go Karting in Toronto

Go Karting in Toronto

At Grand Prix Kartways, there are many ways for you to enjoy go-karting. Whether you come alone or with a group of friends, there is no shortage of options to satisfy your need for speed!

Racing Packages

We have many options available for you. If you’re limited by time and can only squeeze in a quick race or two, your best bet would be to visit during public racing hours and “pay per race” by purchasing one of our single or double race packages.

However, if you truly want to make a night of it and enjoy a go karting in Toronto race until you drop, then you’ll want to know more about GPK’s single-rate day pass option.

Lap the track like at Le Mans

What if you’re looking for more than just a friendly race? Maybe you want to improve your overall driving skills? Practice decreasing your lap time? Or just enjoy the pull of gravity as you hug that tight corner? And all the while not worrying about the budget or looking at the clock?

Well, here at GPK we have created the ideal racing pass for you to enjoy.

GPK’s All Day Unlimited Racing Pass

This the perfect option for those looking to burn some rubber and push the pedal to the metal!

How does it work?

You simply pay one flat-rate entrance fee and then you can enjoy go karting in Toronto race as much as you can within the designated time period. It’s the perfect solution for those who like to burn rubber out on the track without burning a hole in their pocket!

Once you purchase the pass at our front desk, you are then able to book into your first 2 races. After you have completed these 2 races, check back in at our front desk and book into your next race.

It’s that simple!

And the race is on!

From here on in, you will book into one race at a time, and will need to complete that race before you can book into another. There are no limits to the number of races that you are permitted to participate in, so you can continue this process until you’ve lapped the track to your heart’s content!

All Day. Every Day.

The All-Day Unlimited Racing Pass is available for purchase 7 days a week. It is only for arrive-and-drive public racing. When purchasing an All-Day race pass, you will enjoy unlimited racing during the following time blocks:

Monday to Friday:
Available from 6pm until midnight.

Available from 12pm until 6pm.
Available from 6pm until midnight.

Available from 12pm until 6pm.
Available from 6pm until 10pm.

First come. First serve.

All races are scheduled on a first-come-first-serve basis. We suggest avoiding peak times so you can help maximize the number of races that you are able to participate in during your selected time block.

Burn some rubber and not your money!

Go Karting in Toronto

Go Karting in Toronto

Our All-Day Racing pass is so affordably priced, you only have to race 3 times to exceed the value of what you spent when compared against our regular 3-race package.

For example:

All Day Pass at a price of $57.85


Three race package at a price of $60.18

After only your third race, you’re already saving money!

Can’t get enough?

So if you’re the type that just can’t get enough and hates to pass up on an amazing deal, the All-Day Unlimited Race Pass is one that you

won’t want to miss out on!

Here at GPK, we’re looking forward to seeing you out there lapping our track and go karting in Toronto till you drop!


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