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What to Expect From Your First Toronto Go Kart Experience

If you’ve never driven a Toronto go kart, you may not know what to expect. At GPK, you will find that your experience is very close to a real race environment.

When you walk through the doors of Grand Prix Kartways in Toronto, you will feel like you’re about to enter a real race. Your first step is to register at one of the computerized kiosks to get a Toronto go kart driver’s VIP pass, or a spectator ticket. Then you will either go to the spectator gallery, or you will “suit up” to drive your Toronto go kart. This includes a racing balaclava – a hood that fits over your head and neck for hygienic purposes. Then you pick out your helmet. You can also buy or rent an authentic racing uniform, gloves and other accessories from the pro shop.

Then it’s on to the track. You can choose one of our state-of-the-art electric Toronto go-karts. These Italian made Go-Karts are replicas of actual Formula One cars and are the best available in the industry in terms of performance and safety. Our karts are electric – keeping GPK clean and safe. Unlike gas-powered karts, there are no fumes and very little noise. And they include remote control shut-off, capable of stopping all karts at once for on-track protection from pile-ups. Because the GPK track is indoors, you can race no matter what the weather is doing outside.

You will really get into the racing spirit when you see Grand Prix Kartway’s Formula One style indoor road course. Part of a 47,000 square foot indoor facility, the track was designed to be fun and challenging. It includes hairpin turns, chicanes, short, medium, and long turns. And it includes the longest indoor high-speed Toronto go kart straightaway at 600 feet. To give it an even more authentic feel, the raceway is lined with panoramic views, grass infields, lamp posts, fountains, street signs, and more to make you feel like you are in a real race. There is even a realistic looking grandstand with thousands of cheering fans.

Your friends can cheer you on from the open-air track-side Pit Zone Café that offers a variety of food and beverages along with wide screen televisions.

After you cross the finish line in your Toronto go kart, you will be presented with a comprehensive diagnostic printout of the race results. And you can earn bragging rights when you get home and look up your times on our daily and weekly race results website.

If you want to test your racing skills and feel the thrill of a real Formula One race in a Toronto go kart, race on over to GPK today!

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Team Building in a Toronto Go Kart

Team building is a great way to reduce stress, say thank you to customers, introduce new ideas to your company, or motivate your sales force. Team building works on the basic premise of bringing people together to work on a project or activity outside of the workplace to help them connect in new ways. It allows people to bridge communication gaps that might be present in the workplace, and gives them opportunities to support each other in a group activity.

One of the most exciting and enjoyable team building activities is Toronto go karting. It has all the elements for a successful team building event – fun, competition, challenge and creativity. An indoor track, like the one at GPK, is an ideal location too – your event can be held no matter what the weather brings, and our safe and environmentally friendly electric Toronto go karts make everyone feel comfortable. Racing is a great way to introduce friendly competition. Employees can form groups to work as teams, make decisions about team colors and racing strategies. They can cheer each other on as they race toward the finish line.

The best thing about a Toronto go kart team-building event at GPK is the atmosphere. The 47,000 square foot facility includes a go kart track that is designed to feel just like a real race. It includes hairpin turns, chicanes, two straighaways, and shot-blasted concrete that gives excellent grip, cornering and maximum performance. The Toronto go karts at GPK are Italian built to look just like Formula One racing machines. Before the race, team members will suit up in authentic race gear and get a lesson in track rules. To make it authentic and exciting, your Toronto go kart race will include professional announcements as racers take their starting positions, and commentary during the race, grid starts, post-race victory laps. A podium celebration and trophies round out your group’s race experience.

After you’re done racing, your group can enjoy food and beverages in our Trackside café with sports events shown on wide-screen televisions. You can also use our private catering and meeting room services for groups from 10 to 200 guests. And to add even more fun to your Toronto go kart event is our arcade with a slot car track and video games.

You can choose from a hourly, half- or full-day Toronto go kart event with pre-reserved race times or private race sessions.

Call GPK today to plan the best team building event you can imagine. See you at the track!

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GPK Supports Green Fun with Toronto Go Karts


You could say that all the Toronto go karts at GPK are green. Environmentally green that is. GPK believes in environmentally responsible fun. That why it features only electric go karts.

Gas go karts in Toronto not only emit emissions and pollution into the environment, they put drivers at risk as well. Because the kart is open, riders are exposed to the toxic exhaust. And gas go karts that are raced indoors are even more dangerous since gasses can’t escape easily and stay in the building’s air and ventilation system. Because they don’t run on gasoline, GPK’s Toronto go karts have no emissions to hurt the atmosphere, and no fumes to hurt your lungs like gasoline-powered go karts in Toronto. There is no threat of gasoline fumes or fire hazards. They run on car batteries that are plugged into chargers. Electric karts reduce noise pollution too – they are much quieter then gas-powered karts, so they are easier on your ears.

GPK also likes electric karts because they require less maintenance than gas-powered karts, and can easily be kept in tip-top shape. They can be fine-tuned, allowing all the GPK Toronto go karts to run at peak performance. And they will run within tenths of a second of each other. And, because they are inside, you can race no matter the weather.

But don’t think the Toronto go karts at GPK are slower than gas-powered karts. Just the opposite is true – electric karts are faster and reach top speed quicker than their gas counterparts. Electric go karts produce the equivalent of 18 hp compared to 6.5 of a gas-powered kart. Electric motors create more torque and accelerate quicker. Safety is also an advantage of GPK’s electric Toronto go karts. All karts are fitted with electronic controls including remote speed limiters. The track attendant can remotely slow or stop all vehicles on the track via radio control. This remote speed control can also be used to limit young riders to a slower operating speed, while a race consisting only of adults is permitted a higher speed.

Get behind the wheel of a Toronto go kart at GPK and you’ll feel like you’re at a real racetrack. Everything from the Formula One style karts to the landscaped track simulate a real race experience. Race announcers, and print-outs of your race results add to the atmosphere and the fun.

If you’re looking for a fun, safe and environmentally friendly activity for your church group, office or organization, come check out the electric go karts at GPK today.

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Women Take the Lead in Toronto Go Karts

Top Row: Danica Patrick, Sarah Marie Fisher, Alison McCleod. Bottom Row: Ashley Taws, MaryEve DuFault.

We’ve talked about how many professional race car drivers got their start racing Toronto go karts. Many of those driver are female. More girls are seen on Toronto go kart tracks every day, beginning their race careers at a very young age.

Danica Patrick, the most successful woman in the history racing and the only woman to win in the IndyCar Series, started her career in go karts when she was 10 years old. She wemt on to win several World Karting Association track championships.

Another go-karter, Sarah Marie Fisher is the youngest and only IndyCar Series team owner. While growing up, she raced quarter midgets and karts to win the World Karting Association Grand National Championship in 1991, 93 and 94.

Two famous female Canadian racers also started their careers in Toronto go karts. The driver with the most wins in USAC history, Canadian Alison McCleod developed a passion the Toronto go kart track when she raced her first go kart at age 7 in Mississauga, Ontario. NASCAR driver and fashion model MaryEve DuFault grew up in a racing family in Canada and caught racing fever at the young age of 4. She moved up to open-wheel racing and eventually the ARCA circuit. She often talks about how physically demanding racing is – even in go karting.

Toronto go karter and professional driver Ashley Taws was first also began racing at the age of nine, when her father brought home a go kart for her brother. Ashley and Doug Taws shared the kart alternating weekends, racing at the Toronto Kart Club. In her first year, Ashley placed seventh. The next year, she placed second at the end of the season. At age 12, she was named Toronto go kart Rookie of the year. She finished that season with a Canadian Grand National Championship. She broke into professional racing in 1998 and is best known for her hot pink car she drove in the Formula 1200 competition in 2001 racing on the “Be Anything With Barbie” team.

Grand Prix Kartways is doing its part to promote women in Toronto go karting. It partners with Sweetie Girl Racing to present SGR’s Ladies Driving Clinic Series each year. This great program for age 10 and older gets girls on the track and teaches them all the basics of karting, whether or not they have driven a Toronto go kart before. Clinics are held on Saturdays and Sundays from held from September to May.

Toronto Go karting at GPK is a great way for girls to break into the race world. Come take a ride around the track today. And who knows, maybe you will be crossing the finish line at Indy one day.

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Toronto Go Kart |Private Race Event with Toronto Go Karts

Imagine having your own Toronto go kart Race. Plan a get-together with 10 or more people and you can do just that at Grand Prix Raceways. If you are a NASCAR fan, you will feel like you are in a professional race when GPK pulls out all the stops for your event. Toronto go karting is a great alternative for a social event, bachelor party or birthday celebration. It can also be a great event at a business conference or corporate team-building activity.

Toronto Go KartingThe private group event experience offers several Toronto go karting packages to choose from and can accommodate anywhere from 10 to 200+ guests. All GPK packages include pre-reserved race times so you don’t have to wait to race or stand in line behind other racers. The track will be reserved just for you so you can have private race sessions with no one else but your group on the track. GPK will simulate an authentic day at the track with a structured Toronto go kart race program for your group. You will get practice rounds, qualifying time trials, and championship finals. You can choose grid starts based on qualifying results in either rolling NASCAR style or F1 standing start style. A professional Toronto go kart announcer will introduce your drivers and make announcements and commentary during your races. And of course, there will be a checkered flag victory lap and podium celebration for the top three finishers.

You can also add several customized services to your Toronto go kart event such as a post-event video with highlights of the event and customized engraved Toronto go kart trophies. GPK offers a complete event planning service including coordination of the race festivities along with food and beverage service.

For those in your group that don’t care to race, there are plenty of other activities at GPK to round out your event. They can play popular games in the Arcade Zone including billiards, foozball, air hockey and video games. An eight-lane slot car track is fun for all ages. You can relax in the Track-Side Café and VIP lounge where you can watch live racing and other sports events on big screen televisions.

If you’re looking for a fun and unique event for your friends or business, call Grand Prix Kartways today and ask about booking your private Toronto go kart race event.

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Speedy Team Racers Girls | Go Karts Toronto

Toronto Go Karts is no longer “A Man’s World”

More and more women are ripping the raceways nowadays. As a matter of fact, we can name a handful that have reached celebrity status because of the successes they have on the tracks.  However, we already have that article written out in here. But our personal faves are:

Milka Duno

Yeah, she is not exactly the fast female racer but she has to be the smartest around with 4 master’s degrees! Yep, 4. Who could beat that?

Sussie Wolff

This one is seriously burning rubber on the tracks with having completed Formula Renault, Formula Three, and DTM series, plus currently on the development team for Formula One. That’s one pretty busy gal!

Of course, who could ever leave out the world famous,

Danica Patrick

At the age of 29, she has conquered the world by finishing at the top 10 of 2013 Daytona 500. After having saturated the IndyCar, she made a move to NASCAR and is even doing some stock car racing. Believe me, those are not the only things she can do that could make little sissies out of us, men.

Speedy Team Racers Girls | Go Karts Toronto

Racing Go Karts Toronto

Something as universal as Toronto Go Karts and go kart racing should never be engendered, because come to think of it, what exactly is the difference between racing cars driven by men or by women when all we really see is just a blur as they pass by in front of us. Absolutely a man’s world no more, racing Toronto Go Karts is indeed for every man and woman who loves the distinct exhilaration of high speed racing.


The girls at Speedy Team Racers are not timid. Read more about women ripping down the Toronto go karting race scenes here.

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