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GPK Super Summer Camp 2017 | The Best Toronto Summer Camp

This is the Toronto Summer Camp that your kid's won't stop talking about!

GPK Super Toronto Summer Camp 2017 | GPK |

Your kid’s most anticipated Toronto Summer Camp is now open for registration, with spots still available for July and August sessions

GPK’s week-long Toronto Summer Camp program runs from 8:30am to 4pm daily, and is structured around programming for children between the ages of 9 and 15 (all participants must meet a minimum height requirement of approximately 50 inches).

We provide a safe and structured Toronto Summer Camp environment that will keep the kids exhilarated and entertained from start to finish.  Featuring both in-class and on-track instruction, children will not only learn the techniques of racing, but will also develop useful tools and skills that are transferable for road driving.  They will also participate in a number of other non-racing activities throughout the week including laser tag, slot car racing, and interactive gaming, which will offer a balance and variety to the program.  And best of all, we will provide all participants with a hot lunch, along with morning and afternoon snacks and beverages each day, so you won’t have to worry about a thing!

If your child hasn’t participated in a GPK Toronto Summer Camp before, you won’t want to miss out on this year’s Super Summer Camp.  It’s only $289 + tax for the full week—that’s less than $60 a day! For more information and to enroll online today, please click HERE, or contact us at 416-638-5278 or

Spaces are limited, so register today for Toronto's Best Summer Camp!

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6 Undeniable Reasons Toronto Go Karting is Hated

Here is a statement that pains us to say, but is unfortunately true: Some people in Toronto hate go karting.

How in the world someone could hate ripping around a track with a group of smiling friends or family without a care in the world is beyond us, but some people just plain don’t like it. Here are six potential reasons why people hate go-karting.

Reasons Why Toronto Go Karting is Hated | GPK |

It’s seen by some adults as a kid’s pastime

There’s no doubt that kids love go-karting and go-karts, which are basically miniature race cars, are well-suited to children. But, children’s love of go-karting can cause some adults to resent it because they see it as just something children do.

But, we can definitely tell you that adults have a blast when they step into that kart and go for a spin around the track. We’ve seen some hesitant adults break into huge smiles once they’ve tried it. Go-karts aren’t just for kids.

Some people find it boring

A lot of people love go-karting because it’s so different from what they’re used to when driving. Instead of driving their car or SUV through stop-and-go city traffic, they get to feel what it’s like in an open cockpit in a place where they can go as fast as the vehicle will allow (while still being completely safe) on a race track.

But, to someone who is used to driving a motorcycle or a dirt bike or something like that, a simple electric go-kart probably isn’t going to be particularly exciting or fun. That’s okay, though. People have fun in different ways and we love that we can provide people with a good time in a safe and fun environment. Plus, some of those thrill seekers got their first rush of adrenaline while in a go-kart at a young age, so we’re happy to have inspired them.

Reasons Why Toronto Go Karting is Hated | GPK |
Reasons Why Toronto Go Karting is Hated | GPK |

People think it’s unsafe

Accidents happen and when they happen on a professional go-kart racing circuit, they have the potential to be pretty brutal. People see that and/or read the stories about freak accidents happening at go-kart tracks involving people getting terribly injured (usually by clothing or hair getting caught in the moving parts of the vehicle) and they just assume go-karts are dangerous.

It’s true that go-karts have the potential to be unsafe, but racing go-karts are totally different than rental go-karts like we have at GPK. Our karts are safe and we take every precaution to avoid any kind of mishap. From our four point harnesses to our ability to electronically shut off all karts on the track simultaneously to our comprehensive staff training to our mandatory helmet rule, we take safety seriously at GPK.

People have had bad experiences due to corporate team building

We constantly tell people that go-karting is a great corporate team building exercise and we stand by that. Who wouldn’t want to come and do something fun rather than participating in some kind of silly boot camp?

We have to admit, though, that sometimes corporate team building exercises can be forced onto people who just don’t want to participate, whether they dislike their co-workers or they are just resentful for having to do something they didn’t have any say in or whatever. Sometimes people have a bad experience with a team building exercise regardless of what that exercise is. But, if everyone is on board, there is no denying that go-kart racing can bring a team closer together.

Reasons Why Toronto Go Karting is Hated | GPK |
Reasons Why Toronto Go Karting is Hated | GPK |

Really competitive people can take it overboard

We all have that one friend (or possibly two or three) that turns everything into a competition. If at least two people are doing the same thing, for that one ultra competitive person, it has to be about who does it faster, who gets more done, who can raise more money etc. A little competition can be a good thing, but when you take it overboard, it ruins it for everyone involved.

Most people won’t mind coming in last if they’ve had a good time while doing it and whoever comes in first is humble about it. At GPK, even though we do have races and keep track of who finishes where, the focus is always on the fun and not on who finished where.

Some Toronto go kart tracks are run poorly

Fortunately, this isn’t something we have to deal with at GPK, but some go-kart tracks have a less than stellar reputation and often that reputation is well-deserved. Whether it’s lax safety regulations or rude staff members, a poorly run track can sour a person’s perception of go-karting.

It’s a shame when that happens and if it has happened to you, we invite you to come to GPK so we can show you how a go-karting experience is supposed to be (spoiler: it’s supposed to be fun and awesome).

These are six reasons that people can end up doing what should be impossible; hating go-karting. Here at Toronto’s best indoor go-kart track, we like to make it our mission to ensure everyone has a stellar time while participating in one of the funnest activities around. So, if you know someone who has had a bad go-karting experience, bring them down to GPK and we’ll help turn their frowns upside down when it comes to go-karting.

Reasons Why Toronto Go Karting is Hated | GPK |

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Toronto Go-Karting Makes for a Great School Excursion

If we asked you to think of a typical school excursion,

you might conjure up images of museums, art galleries, and maybe the zoo if you are lucky. Traditionally speaking, you probably don’t immediately associate go-karting with school excursions. We don’t have anything against museums, but we think that go-karting might be an exhilarating and often educational option. Wait, hear us out…


The Ultimate Reward Trip

There are two types of school excursion, as far as our ancient brains can remember. The first is a reward trip, and, in this case, the excursion can be purely for fun, and is usually more outrageous than a field trip. You may have finished the year, completed some exams, or shown exceptional performance at school, but in some way you are being rewarded.

Toronto Go Kart | (647) 496 - 5838 | Grand Prix Kartways

Planning the best School Excursion ever? Look no further! Visit us today!

Go-karting is an exceptionally exciting way to be treated, and both students and teachers can enjoy the thrill of the race. Nothing quite beats the rush of zooming around the track with your fellow classmates, and sharing a day of food, laughter, and adrenaline. You deserve it after all of that academia!


Whether you are a teacher looking to treat your class, or a student looking to propose ideas for the end of year trip, why not suggest Grand Prix Kartways in Toronto?!



Does Go-Karting Make For An Educational School Trip?

It’s not difficult to agree that go-karting makes for an extremely fun end of year trip but is it possible that go-karting can also make for an educational outing? We believe so…


The first educational benefit is that go-karting can help people, young people, to learn to drive. Although go-karts are very different to cars, karting helps students to improve reaction times, grasp the basics of driving, and improve their confidence. Anyone who is approaching the age where they might want to learn to drive can benefit from a go-karting school excursion.


Go-Karting & STEM

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and maths, and the development of these areas is considered extremely valuable for individuals in today’s society. Go-karting gives students many opportunities to enhance their skills in these areas, and a go-karting school excursion would be ideal for these students in particular.


Go-karts are an accessible way for students of STEM to explore and understand the mechanics of vehicles, the physics of driving and the forces involved with go-karting, and aspects of designing and building. They can learn about the technology involved and the recent advancements such as the environmentally friendly electrical powered go-karts.


You could consider combining the trip with the study of go-kart mechanics, or with the mathematics of acceleration, or another related module, and perhaps hold the excursion as a treat at the end. There are already educational programs that use go-karts to enhance learning.


Combination Packages & Discounts

If you want to organize a school excursion or another large event, speak to Grand Prix Kartways Toronto. We can create combination packages that include food and entertainment, and various go-karting formats. Speak to us about tailoring your group package, and adding an educational spin. Discounts are available for schools.


Grand Prix Kartways can provide the ultimate adrenaline packed, fun filled school trip that students will remember forever to come! Visit us today!


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Specials and Deals for GPK’s Go Karting in Toronto

Do you love to race go karts and wish you could do so every day of the week? Then Grand Prix Kartways is the place for you! Our low prices and race packages will have you racing to your heart’s content before you can say, “Formula 1 racing is the best racing in the world bar none because it’s fast and crazy and those big tires make an already-cool-looking car look even cooler!”

Go Karting in Toronto

Go Karting in Toronto

What’s more, we also offer specials and deals that will make your head spin faster than Emerson Fittipaldi’s tires on a rainy day. But just like an F-1 steering wheel, you’ve got to know what buttons to push or you’re going to fall behind. Here are some ways you can find out about our specials and deals for go karting in Toronto.

Visit our website lists our current special(s) – usually on the front page! In fact, there’s one there right now so zoom over there right now. Go ahead. We’ll wait here.

You can also visit our corporate site ( for group rates, large and small corporate events, half-day and whole-day packages, all-inclusive packages, bachelor party packages, bar/bat mitzvah celebrations, birthday parties, holiday deals, special pricing, and member and non-member rates. There’s a wealth of information on both sites so be sure to check back daily or the deals will pass you by faster than Niki Lauda’s 1975 Ferrari.

Sign up for our mailing list

At, you can sign up to receive e-mails that bring the savings to you. Just provide a few bits of information and you’ll receive periodic messages from Grand Prix Kartways notifying you of exclusive offers, special discounts, and the latest news on upcoming special events for go karting in Toronto. How cool is that? For sure it’s way better than that sweater your aunt gave you last year.

Go Karting Toronto

Go Karting Toronto

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter

Just like the sponsor’s names and logos on an F-1 car, we like to advertise our specials in multiple locations. We’ll post information and send out tweets when new specials and deals are made available for go karting in Toronto. That way you can be the first to know. You can even help spread the word by sharing what you know with your friends and enemies (Fact: It’s more fun to beat your enemy in a go kart race than any other form of competition.). So be sure to bring all your enemies to Grand Prix Kartways. Lap them once or twice and you’ll feel much better…I promise.

There’s really no excuse for missing any of the specials and deals that Grand Prix Kartways offers for go karting in Toronto because there’s so many ways to receive the news. Pick one. Pick them all. Whatever way you choose to find out about the specials on go karting in Toronto, you can be sure you won’t regret it.

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Go-karting Toronto: Why Use Electric Go Karts?

Go-karting enthusiasts in Toronto prefer electric go karts over gas powered ones because of five main reasons; electric go karts are faster, have better performance, are easier to maintain, are cleaner, and safer. You really feel like you’re in a real race in electric go karts. The new versions of electric go karts used at tracks are of the highest quality and state-of-the-art. The Italian made EK-5N-DR and EK-Mini go karts are the fastest and highest performing go karts available in the industry.

Electric Go Karts are Faster

Go-karting Toronto

Go-karting Toronto

Electric go karts have extremely fast acceleration. The torque in electric go karts is much greater than in gas powered ones which is ideal for quick take-offs and off-road climbing. Electric go karts have 20 HP vs. 6.5 to 9HP in their gas counterparts. When fully charged, electric go karts can run at full power for 30 minutes or more. To increase the power, and for longer periods of time, you can use a lithium iron phosphate battery instead of a lead acid battery. Electric go karts can reach speeds of up to 85 KPH. The speed of electric go karts is thrilling for the driver.

Electric Go Karts have Better Performance

Even and fast performance characterize electric go-karting in Toronto. Gas go karts, even when maintained properly, produce uneven performance. Electric go karts have refined, high-tech diagnostics to ensure every go kart performs fast and evenly. The differential of electric go karts makes steering smooth and natural. No matter the situation on the track, you are guaranteed simple handling and responsive brakes. The adjustable caster and camber make it possible to adjust the fore-carriage, ensuring flawless driving. Electric go karts have a reverse gear that is necessary for switching directions if a spin occurs. You won’t have to wait for the service of the track staff to come and push the go kart.

Electric Go Karts are Easier to Maintain

Electric go karts require very little maintenance. All you have to do is plug the batteries into a charger after each run. There are less moving parts in an electric go kart making them both economical to operate and maintain. There is no need to fill them up with high-cost gasoline since they get their power from long-term, high-performance batteries. You don’t have to worry about the cost of a gasoline powered motor breaking down. With good maintenance work, electric go karts can run for more than five years. Gas powered go karts require motor and frame replacement once every two years.

Electric Go Karts are Better for the Environment

Go-karting Toronto

Go-karting Toronto

Electric go karts are pollution free. You don’t have the fume exhaust like you do in gas powered go karts so there are no emissions. With indoor racetracks, the fumes can make drivers feel ill. Electric go karts will give you the thrills of a racing experience without the air and noise pollution. Not only is the air cleaner, but also the tracks are cleaner without the oil stains. Emissions from internal combustion engines are usually carcinogenic. Electric go karts don’t release any substances. There is no type of ventilation system required with electric go karts so they aren’t contributing to global warming. Being in the middle of a global environmental crisis right now, it make sense to choose the cleaner option.

Electric Go Karts are Safer

Go-karting in Toronto is made much safer by using electric go karts which aren’t prone to flipping like gas powered ones. Electric go karts have four batteries with their weight evenly distributed that also make the go kart heavier. You don’t have to wear fire protective suits since there is no gasoline. The operational components in an electric go kart are under the body so there isn’t a chance of getting burned by accidentally putting your arms down on the motor side of the go kart. Also, you don’t run the risk of getting your clothing caught in the transmission gears in an electric go kart. They also have four-point safety belts for protection, as well as roll bars as an added precaution.

Electric go karts have many advantages over gas powered go karts. You can enjoy an authentic racing experience with electric go karts without sacrificing speed or performance, and with the added benefits of increased safety, lower maintenance costs, and a cleaner machine. Electric go karts excel at speed, acceleration, and handling by using the latest state-of-the-art technology. They are the future of the sport.

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Go Karts in Toronto | The GPK Unlimited Racing Pass

The Unlimited Racing Pass is one of the most popular options here at GPK when one decides to do some go karts in Toronto. They’re popular because they’re fun, fantastic, and downright enthralling because of the amount of racing you get to do in a single day!

We find the best thing about our passes is our prices. While the general public has to pay $62 for an all day racing pass, our special club members only have to pay $49 to have some fun go karting in Toronto! The best part is that we do occasionally run some amazing promotions as well, so if you’re not signed up for our email list or our GPK Mobile Member club, now’s the time to do it so you can score some amazing, one-of-a-kind deals!

Go Kart in Toronto


In addition to getting to go karts in Toronto, our unlimited racing passes include all of the gear you’ll need to start riding safely! This includes a safe, genuine Italian-made kart that fits your size in addition to a helmet and any additional safety equipment you may need.

If you choose to join up and become a member, you’ll not only get a day’s worth of go karting in Toronto for under fifty dollars, you’ll get a special balaclava JUST for your use! Keep it for future visits, and customize it with your favorite stickers, sayings, and colors so it’ll always be yours to keep!

So are you ready to do some go karts in Toronto at GPK and have a great time on our indoor tracks? Stop on by today and we’ll make the fun happen!

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Go Karts in Toronto – Racing FAQ

What’s an electric go kart? Will I be trained to drive before I can race? Do I need a driver’s license to race? There are literally hundreds of questions surrounding go karts in Toronto, and you might want a few answers before you’re ready to race.

Is it Safe to Race a Go Kart?

go karts in Toronto

Go Karts in Toronto are limited to driving under certain speed limits in order to add to your safety. In addition, go karts at Grand Prix Kartways, are equipped with 4 point harness safety belts, a full surround protective bumper system, remote kart speed control and shutdown capabilities, and of course, you’ll be required to wear a helmet. While statistically you have a slight risk of being in danger, it’s about the same as that of driving a car or walking up stairs, you’ll be fine if you obey the rules and pay attention. Of course, if you’re driving a car you won’t have a trained technician watching you, ready to stop all of the cars on the road if something goes wrong, so maybe you’re actually safer on GPK’s track.

Are Electric Go Karts Slower than Gas Ones?

A common myth about electric go karts is that they are slower than gas ones. However, this myth most definitely is not true. In fact, electric go karts reach the maximum speed limit for go karts in Toronto faster than gas karts!

Does Electric Go Karts Have a Limited Power Supply?

Running out of power halfway around the track is every racers nightmare, but you won’t have to worry about it at Grand Prix Kartways. Our Italian made go karts each have about 30 minutes of full power, but we recharge them after each ten minute race to achieve maximum power and efficiency. Each time you race, you will be starting out with a full battery!

Do I Need a Driver’s License to Race?

No, actually you don’t. If you know how to drive a go kart you can start to race after a minimum performance test, if not, we’ll give you a quick lesson before you start your race. In fact, we offer Junior go kart races to kids as young as ten (and taller than 122 centimeters).

What can I Wear?

Racing is all about convenience and practicality, so you’ll want to dress with care. We will provide your racing helmet, or you can bring your own as long as it meets safety standards. We do ask that you wear tight fitting clothing such as jeans or leggings. Ladies should avoid wearing heels, open toes shoes such as flip flops, or skirts and dresses that could blow up, get caught in the machinery, or cause wind resistance. Want a more authentic racing experience? Rent or purchase an authentic racing suit from us!

How Long is one Race?

Depending on where you are racing go karts in Toronto, this answer will vary. If you’re racing go karts at Grand Prix Kartways, a normal race is about 16-18 laps, or about 4.5 miles of driving which can last over 10 minutes. We also offer 12 lap junior races for the kids who don’t want to race as long.

Are you ready to race? Visit us at Grand Prix Kartways to race with friends, family, or whomever else you like!


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Executives Get On The Fast Track With Toronto Go Karting

Amaris Leadership Group | Best Go Karting in Toronto | GPK |

There are many motivational seminars and sales training programs aimed at improving the performance of executives, salespeople and business owners. But a new concept in training is taking to the Toronto Go Karting track at GPK. Based in Toronto, Amaris Leadership Group’s High Performance Edge Training programs take a unique approach, combining high performance needed in business with high performance racing.

The Amaris concept was conceived by Edrick Dunand, the author of “Succeed with Impossible Speed: World Class Racing Strategies to Create High Performance in Life and Business.” A native of France and a educated in mechanical engineering and business development, he achieved success in sales, marketing and business development in the aviation and financial industry.

Amaris Leadership Group’s High Performance Edge Training is being hosted at the Toronto go karting track at GPK. This high powered professional development seminar series is aimed at business professionals in all kinds of industries who want to take their businesses to the next level. During these seminars, trainers will take the fun of racing and show how strategies used by the top drivers in high performance races are also strategies that can lead to winning business decisions. These one-day professional development modules are combined with an exciting on-track racing experience of go karting in Toronto.

Amaris takes high performance racing and uses the experience to make a correlation between racing and business success. Characteristics that are vital to go karting in Toronto and racing are also keys to success in business: Both race car drivers and executives need to be competitive, energetic, adaptable, proactive, responsive, persistant, resilient and overcome fear of failure.

Through the precise and custom combination of Eric Dunand’s concept and the development platform of go karting in Toronto, Amaris equips sales people with a “racer’s mindset” to dominate their field. In the likeness of a World Class Racer who has to be decisive and bold, yet know when to hold back and think long term, the seminars empower sales people with a cluster of strategies to create self and ongoing motivation and to develop their selling skills to higher levels of mastery to ensure high achievement levels.

The program’s power lies in the foundation that effectiveness is measurable, providing a baseline starting point for both hard and soft skills along with ongoing monitoring tools. By utilizing go karting Toronto tracks like GPK, the programs promote safety while simulating a high speed real life race experience. One of the most powerful components of the program is the thrill associated with go karting in Toronto. It’s action packed to keep participants focused.

Space is limited in these action-packed seminar, with a discount being offered to the first participants to sign up. Reserve your seat today! And put your career and your business on the fast track to success.

Visit for all information regarding training module descriptions, schedule, registration and testimonials.

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The Rules of the Go Karting in Toronto Road at GPK

Racing the track at GPK go karting in Toronto is some of the best fun you can have on four wheels. And part of the fun is that when you drive on the GPK track, you’re not in an amusement park ride – you’re in a real race, with all the thrills and challenges of a real Formula One racetrack. In fact, we take our fun so seriously at GPK, that we use real Formula One rules to make sure your go karting Toronto experience is authentic, and that you are safe.

The first thing you should know is that all race tracks, whether they are professional or for go karting in Toronto, have a zero tolerance policy about driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If we suspect you are under the influence at GPK, we will ask you to take a breathalyzer test. We want you to be able to think and drive, not drink and drive, when you are go karting in Toronto.

As for the track, here are the rules that we have adopted from professional racing, all aimed at keeping you and your friends safe while you are enjoying the best go karting in Toronto.

1) Helmets, Clothes & Hair — Fun is not optional when you are go karting in Toronto. Neither are helmets. Professional race associations have set standards for the type of helmet that is the safest that involves specific materials used and measurements. The helmets at GPK are top-of-the-line and meet all these specifications. Keep your helmet on at all times until you are back on the checkered floor. And make sure that if you have long hair, it is tied up above your shoulders, and any loose clothing is secured. Your hands and feet need to stay in the kart at all times as well.

2) Track Marshalls – The first thing you will notice when you race at GPK are the Track Marshals. They have the authority to keep things running smoothly on the tracks when you are go karting in Toronto. The marshals will brief you on track rules and regs before the race starts. Never get out of your go kart on the track unless a track marshal tells you to.

3) No Horseplay – Now, we know you want to win. But… you can’t do that by reckless driving, horseplay or breaking rules. So don’t bump, block or cut off other drivers. Take some time to watch our videos about how to corner and pass safely and smoothly when you’re go karting on Toronto’s best track. And if you do see a black flag, drive your kart to the pit slowly. If you break the rules, marshals enforce a 5-second slow penalty. If you continue to break rules, you will be asked to leave, with no refund given.

The rules are there for your safety. And a safe race is a fun race for everyone. Come see just how fun following the rules can be at GPK today!

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Rain does not bother us with Go Karting in Toronto!

It’s April. What are you going to do on a rainy day? There’s a great alternative to the kids zoning out in front of the television. And an great way to end the whining “There’s nothing to do…” Indoor go karting in Toronto style is the best way to spend a rainy day. And the best place for indoor go karting in Toronto?  GP Kartways!

The GP Kartways indoor go karting track is protected from the weather so you can race anytime. It also uses all-electric go karts so it is safe and environmentally friendly. No fumes, less noise, More fun!

GP Kartways 47,000 square foot facility includes the highest rated track in the area a 600-foot straightaway – the longest in indoor go karting Toronto. It includes hairpin turns, chicanes, short, medium, and long turns so your kids will feel like they are at a real race. It even has an authentic atmosphere. GP Kartways built its raceway to look like a real city track, lined with panoramic views, grass infields, lamp posts, fountains and street signs. There is even a realistic looking grandstand mural with thousands of cheering fans.

There is something for everyone at GPK. Children 10-years old and 48” (122 cm) tall can participate in the indoor go karting in GP Kartways junior karts. For adult karts you must be 52″ (132 cm) tall and 16 years of age. But – if you have little ones who are not yet ready for indoor go karting, there are lots of other things for them to do.

A six-lane slot car track lets you have race fun without getting behind the wheel. And in GP Kartways new Kinected Interactive Centre, anyone can get take to the track in a race simulators. There are also billiard tables, foozeball, air hockey, bubble hockey, and Xbox 360 console stations with all the latest games.

All that fun is sure to work up an appetite. But you won’t have to go out in the rain to feed the crew – GPK’s Trackside Café has fast food, snacks and beverages the whole family will enjoy.

You can also do a little shopping at GPK – we offer a full line of merchandise including racing caps, shirts, jackets, and custom helmets, along with rare model cars.

Is the weather forecast calling for rain? Don’t worry – spend your day at GP Kartways! Come out and see for yourself today.

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