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Go Karting in Toronto Can Help You Bond with Your Teenagers

Go Karting in Toronto

Go Karting in Toronto Can Help You Bond with Your Teenagers

Feeling like you never have the time to make time for the family? If you’re living life in the fast lane, you might be missing out on what’s important, but that doesn’t mean you have to keep missing out!

Your family is the most important thing, and you can show them that by spending quality time with them. Unfortunately, the older your kids get, the less they’re going to be interested in boring ‘family stuff’.

But instead of trying to keep up with the latest teen trends and TV shows, why not kick it up a notch and come out to GPK for go karting in Toronto instead!  Surprise your kids with how cool you really are and take that fast track lifestyle to where it matters most, the racetrack!

Whether your kids are young or old, all teenagers or younger kids too, you can have fun as a family. Enjoy the heart pounding exhilaration of racing around our F1 style racetrack, show them you’ve still got it as you win the race, or meet a whole new side of your teen when they take home first place.

You can race, and bond, with your teens on racetrack by participating in the fastest competitive sport on the planet!

Enjoy the comfort of our sleek lounge and restaurant area, enjoy the Mini Grid where you can participate in slot car racing or send your smaller kids out for a race around our Junior Racetrack! Whether you’re playing with slots, picking up souvenirs from our retail centre or playing as a family at our dazzling Kinected Interactive Centre, you’re sure to have a blast.

Here at GPK, we’ve got something for everyone, from Grandpa all the way down to your youngest child! We’ve got a play area for kids three and up, Junior Karts for ages 10-14 and real, and live Ferrari Go Karts for ages 14+.

What could be more fun, more exciting or a better surprise for your kids than to take them Go Karting in Toronto? Have a blast and make your kids, and your, day!

Our Go Karts are safe, fun and family friendly. You can show up to have a great time at any time. Best of all, you get a discount for racing with a group! You can save money too!

If you’re looking for a great family activity to help you bond with your kids, look no further than go kart racing in Toronto at Grand Prix Kartways!


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Toronto Go Karting Signals at GPK

go kart racing toronto signals

If you’ve raced at GPK’s Toronto go kart track, you have seen the checkered flag waving as a car crosses the finish line in a big race. When you race at GPK, you’ll see the checkered flag as well as other flags. Here are the flags used in Toronto go kart racing and what each one signifies:


Green Flag – The Toronto go kart race starts with a green flag. Green means GO! The track marshal will wait until all drivers are secured in their go karts with seat belts fastened and helmets on before he or she give the go signal with the green flag.


Yellow Flag – Just like a yellow traffic light, when you see a yellow flag on a Toronto go kart track, slow down. It may mean there has been an accident. When you see the yellow flag, pass any stopped go karts with caution. When the yellow flag is up, rules say you may not overtake another kart.


Blue Flag – A blue flag on the track lets you know there are faster karts coming up on you. If a Toronto go kart track marshal waves a blue flag, yield the track to the faster karts. Otherwise, you may cause an accident.


Red Flag – If you see a Toronto go kart track marshal wave a red flag, stop immediately. This means there is an accident or other problem on the track. Drive your kart to the side of the track or to the nearest track marshal. If there is an emergency on the track, we want you to be safe, and you don’t want to be part of it.


Black with White Circle Flag – This is a flag you don’t want to see on a Toronto go kart track, but if you do, you need to pay careful attention. If something is wrong with your kart, or your clothing, or you are getting a warning, the track marshal will point a black flag with a white circle at you. When you see this, drive to the pits right away.


Solid Black Flag – You never want to see a black flag. A black flag signals that you have been disqualified. Horseplay, ignoring track rules or disobeying the track marshal will get you black flagged.  If the black flag is pointed at you, get to the pits immediately. At GPK, you may be asked to leave the race, or the facility if you don’t follow the rules.


Checkered Flag – The flag everyone wants to see is the checkered flag when they race at a Toronto go kart track. You can learn more about it here. Cross the finish line first and take a victory lap!


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GPK Supports Green Fun with Toronto Go Karts


You could say that all the Toronto go karts at GPK are green. Environmentally green that is. GPK believes in environmentally responsible fun. That why it features only electric go karts.

Gas go karts in Toronto not only emit emissions and pollution into the environment, they put drivers at risk as well. Because the kart is open, riders are exposed to the toxic exhaust. And gas go karts that are raced indoors are even more dangerous since gasses can’t escape easily and stay in the building’s air and ventilation system. Because they don’t run on gasoline, GPK’s Toronto go karts have no emissions to hurt the atmosphere, and no fumes to hurt your lungs like gasoline-powered go karts in Toronto. There is no threat of gasoline fumes or fire hazards. They run on car batteries that are plugged into chargers. Electric karts reduce noise pollution too – they are much quieter then gas-powered karts, so they are easier on your ears.

GPK also likes electric karts because they require less maintenance than gas-powered karts, and can easily be kept in tip-top shape. They can be fine-tuned, allowing all the GPK Toronto go karts to run at peak performance. And they will run within tenths of a second of each other. And, because they are inside, you can race no matter the weather.

But don’t think the Toronto go karts at GPK are slower than gas-powered karts. Just the opposite is true – electric karts are faster and reach top speed quicker than their gas counterparts. Electric go karts produce the equivalent of 18 hp compared to 6.5 of a gas-powered kart. Electric motors create more torque and accelerate quicker. Safety is also an advantage of GPK’s electric Toronto go karts. All karts are fitted with electronic controls including remote speed limiters. The track attendant can remotely slow or stop all vehicles on the track via radio control. This remote speed control can also be used to limit young riders to a slower operating speed, while a race consisting only of adults is permitted a higher speed.

Get behind the wheel of a Toronto go kart at GPK and you’ll feel like you’re at a real racetrack. Everything from the Formula One style karts to the landscaped track simulate a real race experience. Race announcers, and print-outs of your race results add to the atmosphere and the fun.

If you’re looking for a fun, safe and environmentally friendly activity for your church group, office or organization, come check out the electric go karts at GPK today.

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The Anatomy of a Toronto Go Kart

Go karts in Toronto have become a very popular form of family entertainment. The invention of the electric go kart brought a new dimension to Toronto go karting. Electric go karts are faster, safer, better for the environment, quieter and easier to start. This makes them ideal for children and amateur racers. The best thing about an electric go kart is that it can be raced indoors regardless of the weather. In Toronto, go kart tracks like GPKartways use electric go karts and are open year-round.

Let’s take a look at how a go kart works.

A go kart is made of six main assemblies – the chassis, steering system, engine/motor, brakes, seat and wheels.  The chassis, or body, is the foundation of the go kart. The chassis is made of metal or plastic tubing. Because of the high volume of use they get, GPK’s go karts have strong metal chassis.

Go kart seats can be positioned in the middle of the chassis, or offset to the left like an automobile. Just like a car, the more padding in the seat, the more comfortable the ride. Go kart seats have high backs or roll bars. This, along with a helmet and seat belt, protect the driver’s head and neck. Seats sit close to the ground, putting the go kart’s center of gravity very low. This adds stability, especially as the go kart takes corners. A bumper that goes all the way around the go kart adds stability and allows the go kart to safely bounce off walls and other go karts.

The heart of the go kart is the engine. Go karts with 2-stroke engines use about 19,000 rpms, those with 4-stroke engines use about 11,000 rpms and are air-cooled. This engine was designed especially for Toronto go kart racing. A battery powers the go kart and must be recharged regularly. The engine and battery are located behind the seat and strapped down to the chassis.

A go kart uses a transmission with a clutch. Unlike a car, there is no differential in a go kart transmission, allowing the kart to take corners faster. The transmission and engine are attached to the rear axle with chains to move the wheels. This can be adjusted for different kinds of tracks and racing.  Go karts steering wheels are attached to the front axle. The butterfly type of steering system gives racers more control when they are cornering.

Go karts use a disc breaking system, usually on the back tires. Wheels are usually aluminum and go kart tires are much smaller than car tires. Slicks, or tires without tread, are faster and allow drivers to “drift” around corners quicker than regular tires.

Go karts in Toronto don’t get any better than the ones at GPK. They are designed and built by Ferrari engineers, especially for speed and tight handling. When you race at GPK, you can be sure you’re in one of the safest and fastest go karts in Toronto.


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