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20 Resources That Will Make You Better at Go-Karting in Toronto

Good Reads on Go Karting | Go Karting in Toronto | (647) 496-5838

Good Reads on Go Karting

There are plenty of resources available for anyone who wants to become a better go-kart driver. Of course, practice makes perfect, and nothing beats a race down at a recreational track to get started in the world of go-karting.


Whether you want to go-kart for fun, or you are looking to get into a bit of competitive racing, you will always want to improve. That way you can go faster, take corners better, and relax and enjoy yourself more.


Here are some resources that can help you to learn more about go-karting, areas that you need to practice, and more. Have a read, and then you can bring your new knowledge to the race track!

Beginner’s Tips & Tricks

You can visit their sites by clicking on the photo.

Wiki-How Beginner's Guides to Go-Karting ( | Go Karting in Toronto |

Beginner's tips from Karting Magazine ( | Go Karting in Toronto |

Want to go-kart like Lewis Hamilton? ( | Go Karting in Toronto |


For the more advanced Toronto Go-Karting racers, these resources below are quite an interesting set. Link to read their articles by clicking on the photos.

Learn how to gain faster lap times ( | Go Karting in Toronto |

More tips for a faster lap ( | Go Karting in Toronto |

Tips specific to indoor karting ( | Go Karting in Toronto |

Pro go-kart racing secrets that will unlock your inner potential ( | Go Karting in Toronto |

Excellent indoor karting advice ( | Go Karting Toronto |

Learn all about the art of braking ( | Go Karting Toronto |

Braking: A Visual Guide ( | Go Karting Toronto |

Faster Cornering ( | Go Karting in Toronto |

If you are a hobbyist and are looking into building your own go kart, this section is for you

Some of these provide free PDF documents as guides.




Go Kart Guru's Logo | GPK |


The Karting Manual | GPK |



Jean Genibrel | GPK |

The GPK Indoor Go-Karting Track in Toronto

Indoor Go Karting Toronto | GPK |

The final, and most important resource on our list, and the one that is sure to make you a better driver, is our indoor race track in Toronto.

No matter what your skill level, we have an event for you, from recreational arrive and drive, to league tables that you can compete in. Nothing improves your go-karting skills like some real practice down at the go-karting track here in Toronto. So, when you have finished reading all of the tips and tricks you need to succeed, come down and put them into action at GPK.


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Karting Extremes Series: Electric Vs Petrol

The debate about which type of Toronto go-karts are best rages on.

Is it better to take an adrenaline packed journey in a gas powered go-kart, or an electric one? Which one brings the best experience? On the one hand there is the big and mighty gas engine machines, and on the other hand the crafty and nimble electric go-karts.

We would have to say that as far as adrenaline packed recreational go-karting is concerned, this one is a bit of a no-brainer…

Petrol heads gather round.

This may be a difficult lesson to take in. Electric go-karts are superior to petrol ones in nearly every way, especially on the exciting twisty and turny high speed indoor go-karting tracks like GPK in Toronto.

More traditional go-kart enthusiasts will likely jump to defend the petrol karts to the bitter end. They may claim that the petrol go-kart is faster, and that it gives a more exhilarating and raw feeling. Each to their own, but we could make a pretty convincing argument as to why the electric kart is actually better.

In truth, the only advantage of a petrol go-kart in this day and age is the noise it makes. Some people like that deep growl. Other people think it’s really annoying to have to listen to while they are trying to spectate. It seems that die-hard fans of the petrol kart must enjoy the rush they get from the noise and the fumes more than they enjoy the rush of the race itself!

We have thought a lot about the choice of vehicles that we use down at our Toronto Go-Karting track. We have tried and tested, and we have done our research, and we firmly believe in the electric kart. Here is why…


I Thought Petrol Meant Fast?

A common misconception is that a petrol powered kart is automatically faster than an electric one. Maybe, once upon a time when electric karts were in their advent, petrol karts would have been faster. They may have even been more reliable, and have better handling. That is no longer true.


Modern electric karts can be just as fast, if not faster than gas powered ones.

A gas powered go-kart is typically between 6.5-9HP, and has a combustible two stroke engine, similar to that of a lawnmower.

That means there’s a lot of power in those batteries and a lot of potential in electric vehicles. Jamie: With electrics, you generate a fraction of the pollution per mile that you do with gas vehicles–without any sacrifice to those of us in a hurry. – Jamie Hyneman of MythBusters: Popular Science

The electric karts that we have here at Grand Prix Kartways Toronto, are 20HP electric engines. The electric karts does weigh a little more, and the top speeds are around the same as what you would expect off a gas model.

Toronto Go-Karts|(647) 496 5838 | Grand Prix Kartways Downsview Park Toronto ON M3K 2B9

Electric Go Karts

Performance-wise, electric go-karts are Superior.

With an electric kart there are no RPMs. When you put your foot down, you get speed straight away. This faster acceleration makes the electric karts much more fast and furious when it comes to courses with lots of sharp bends and turns, such as the one at our Toronto Go-Karting track. Top speed can be reached in just 3 seconds.

Overall, the electric karts give a better experience to those behind the wheel. Better handling. Faster acceleration out of corners. A more raunchy and speedy race. And of course, less toxic fumes in your face all of the time.

Healthy, Happy Racing

Pretty extreme. Suddenly ‘enjoying the sound of a petrol engine’ doesn’t seem like a great excuse anymore.

Toronto Go Karts|(647) 496 5838 | Grand Prix Kartways Downsview Park Toronto ON M3K 2B9

Toronto Go-Karts

Electric go-karts in Toronto give out absolutely no emissions. This leaves the racetrack, and the whole facility, completely free from harmful and unpleasant smog and pollution. Electric cars are nice and quiet, and still pack a punch that leaves you rushing for more race time!

Safety is also improved when electric cars are used. The track remains free of oil that could otherwise cause skids. There is much less risk of engine overheating or fires. We can even remotely control top speeds on the track, or cut off engines in the event of a problem.

This is always important for concerned parents to know,
but it also enhances the go-karting experience too, and allows you to focus more on the track and the other racers. With electric go-karts you can just zoom on up and have some fun!

At Grand Prix Kartways we truly believe that the electric kart is far superior. They give a better experience for the driver, for the spectator, and they are better for the environment too. That is why we use the latest and greatest electric go-karts on the market are at the Go-Karting facility of Grand Prix Kartways in Toronto .

Come along today and experience a highly adrenaline packed day out that you will never forget!

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5 Women Who Could Tear Up the Go Kart Track in Toronto

More and more women are getting into motorsport racing, something that’s traditionally been considered a male endeavour.

The beauty about motorsports is that because it involves the racing or competing with machines, men and women are on a completely equal footing and can easily compete against one another.

We take a look at some of the top lady racers who got their start in go-karts.

1. Danica Patrick.

Toronto Go Kart Women Racer|(647) 496 5838 | Grand Prix Kartways Downsview Park Toronto ON M3K 2B9

Danica Patrick

While she left the go-karts behind long ago, former IndyCar and current NASCAR driver Danica Patrick got her start on the small tracks racing go-karts in and around her home of Roscoe, Illinois when she was a pre-teen and teen.

Prior to winning the Indy Japan 300 in 2008 and being the top finishing female in the Indianapolis 500 in 2009 (3rd) and the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in 2011 (4th), Patrick won the World Karting Association Grand National Championship three times throughout the 1990s.


2. Alice Powell

Toronto Go Kart Women Racer|(647) 496 5838 | Grand Prix Kartways Downsview Park Toronto ON M3K 2B9

Alice Powell

This young woman from Chipping Norton in the United Kingdom has the goal of becoming the first successful British woman to compete in F1. She’s well on her way, being the first female to win a Formula Renault race in the UK, a series where the cars race up to 150mph wheel-to-wheel.

She got her start on an indoor go-kart racing track at the tender age of eight and has been going strong ever since.


3. Sarah Marie Fisher

Born in 1980 in Ohio, Fisher now runs Sarah Fisher Racing, which she started in 2008. However, before becoming the first and only female IndyCar team owner (as well as the youngest IndyCar team owner) she raced go-karts and quarter midgets when she was a child and teenager.

Fisher has many records to her name as a female racer, including setting the track qualifying record at Kentucky Speedway with a qualifying speed of 221.390 mph. That’s a lap time of 24.0661 seconds, which is a record that still stands today.

4. Alison MacLeod

Making her go-kart racing debut at seven, MacLeod, who was born in 1989 in Mississauga, ON, is the winningest female racer in United States Auto Club (USAC) history. She quickly stepped up from 4-cycle sprint karts to 80cc shifter karts by age 11 and by the time she was a teenager, she had won numerous championships on the USAC circuit.

Today, MacLeod is more likely to be seen behind a camera than in a car, having started a lucrative photography career.

5. Maryeve Dufault

Toronto Go Kart Women Racer|(647) 496 5838 | Grand Prix Kartways Downsview Park Toronto ON M3K 2B9

Marveye Dufault

This Quebec native, born in 1982, actually got her start in motocross at age four, but switched to go-karts at age eight. From there, she eventually made her way into NASCAR racing.

Aside from racing, Dufault is also an actress and model, endeavours she is currently pursuing.

For its part, Grand Prix Kartways promotes females in racing by actively trying to get more girls interested in go-kart racing in Toronto. To do this, the company has partnered with Sweetie Girl Racing to present the Ladies Driving Clinic Series, a program for girls 10 and older that teaches them go-kart basics. Clinics run Saturdays and Sundays from September to May.

The next great female go-kart racer is out there and GPK wants to find her!

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Go Kart in Toronto | Purchasing Races?

If you’ve never done go kart racing in the past, you may not be familiar with how it all works. Questions on how to buy track time or how much it costs to do Go Kart Toronto may be on your mind. Don’t worry.  At Grand Prix Kartways, we make it easy to figure out and understand what might be in store for you.

Individuals or small groups of visitors are always welcome to enjoy GPK Go Kart Toronto during our public racing hours of operation.  Our “Arrive & Drive” public racing is available 7 days a week, with extended hours on weekends and holidays.  Unlike other go-karting facilities that sell track time by the lap, and then make you lineup to wait for your turn,  at GPK, public racing track time is purchased on a “per race” basis, with new races running every 10 minutes throughout the day.  When you arrive at our Front Desk and check in, you can decide how many races you would like to book into.  Each race you book into will run at a designated race time, so you don’t have to wait in lineups to get on the track.  Single, double, and unlimited racing passes are all available for you to choose from.  Our pricing is such that the more races you buy, the less you pay on a “per race” basis.   At GPK, an adult kart race ranges from 16-18 laps in duration, and junior kart races are12 laps.  Races are always “first to cross the finish line” style sessions, with authentic use of racing flags to monitor the race.

Grand Prix Kartways 75 Carl Hall Road Bay 3, Unit #9 Parc Downsview Park Toronto, ON Canada M3K 2B9 (647) 955-3884

Go Kart in Toronto

If you only have an hour or two to fill, then you may choose our single or double race passes for go kart Toronto. But if you have hours to burn, then our All-Day Unlimited Race Pass perfect for you.  Pay one flat rate fee and enjoy unlimited racing at GPK for 6 hours! And regardless of whether you decide on our single, double, or unlimited race passes, there’s always a deal to be had if you become a GPK member.  Memberships are valid for a full year, and offer discounts of up to 25% on public racing products.  You can also enroll in our Mobile Racers Club for exclusive deals and discounts on public racing that are not available in any other way.

Have a group of 10 or more and want to do something a little more private and structured than what public racing offers?  Then you’ll want to consider one of GPK’s private group event packages.  Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a bachelor party, or a night out with your colleagues from work, we will have a package that meets your every need.  Our group event packages can accommodate anywhere from 10 to 200+ guests, provide  pre-reserved race times, private race sessions, and a “grand prix” structured race experience so you’ll feel like you’re competing in a professional race circuit.

So no matter what your budget, how large your group is, and how much time you have, we are sure to have a race package that is right for you.  So what are you waiting for? Visit us today and experience what makes GPK the best choice for go-karting in the city!


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Racing Go Kart in Toronto can Help you Ace your Driving Test

Go Kart in Toronto Races Can Help You Prep Your Kids for a Driving Test

Everyone learns how to drive sooner or later, but most of the time it’s better if you learn sooner. Did you know that an estimated 39% of teens fail their first driving test? Unfortunately that also translates into the fact that fewer kids can drive well, meaning they aren’t as safe on roads and in vehicles.

Go Kart Toronto

But you can help to even the odds! Studies show that taking your kids to Toronto go kart races can help improve their driving skills long before they’re even ready to drive a real car.

If your teen is ready to start driving, you won’t even be able to help them practice until they get a learners permit. While you should definitely take them out once they get their permit, you can think about taking your kids to Go Kart in Toronto races to prep their driving skills!

Improve Motor Skills

Studies actually show that go karts can improve motor skills. In fact, some educational institutions see go karting as an educational sport that enhances motor skills. With this in mind, a Go Kart Toronto race might seem like a great idea. At GPK Kartways, your child will learn to use the steering wheel, gas pedal, and most importantly, learn how they work and how functions work before ever getting behind the wheel of a real car. Your child will learn the basics of driving in a safe, fun environment!

Learn Road Rules

While you won’t learn about passing signs or the complexities of whether or not you can turn left at GPK, we will teach your kids basic road rules including driving politely, learning to pass other drivers and respecting other drivers. That’s something that most kids don’t learn until they’re actually behind the wheel! At GPK’s Go Kart in Toronto track, they’ll learn it without putting themselves in any danger.

Increase Confidence behind the Wheel

You probably remember the first time you drove, you probably weren’t very confident. You can give your kids the edge they need to succeed by letting them get comfortable behind the wheel! Your kids can learn and realize how much fun driving can be if they respect it and drive safely.

Bond with Your Kids

Let’s face it, life can get pretty hectic sometimes and you might not always have the time you want to go out and do fun stuff with your kids. Taking a trip to GPK’s Go Kart in Toronto racetrack could be just the thing to spark up a bond.

Visit us at Grand Prix Kartways to take your kid out on an exhilarating race around our genuine F1 style racetrack on Ferrari Go Karts! Have a blast, race with your family and teach your kids some important road rules like managing their vehicle, passing, stopping and more!

While learning to drive a Go Kart won’t teach your kids everything they need to know about driving, it will certainly get them ahead of not knowing anything at all! Best of all, you and your family can have a blast while you learn!


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Toronto Go Karting Signals at GPK

go kart racing toronto signals

If you’ve raced at GPK’s Toronto go kart track, you have seen the checkered flag waving as a car crosses the finish line in a big race. When you race at GPK, you’ll see the checkered flag as well as other flags. Here are the flags used in Toronto go kart racing and what each one signifies:


Green Flag – The Toronto go kart race starts with a green flag. Green means GO! The track marshal will wait until all drivers are secured in their go karts with seat belts fastened and helmets on before he or she give the go signal with the green flag.


Yellow Flag – Just like a yellow traffic light, when you see a yellow flag on a Toronto go kart track, slow down. It may mean there has been an accident. When you see the yellow flag, pass any stopped go karts with caution. When the yellow flag is up, rules say you may not overtake another kart.


Blue Flag – A blue flag on the track lets you know there are faster karts coming up on you. If a Toronto go kart track marshal waves a blue flag, yield the track to the faster karts. Otherwise, you may cause an accident.


Red Flag – If you see a Toronto go kart track marshal wave a red flag, stop immediately. This means there is an accident or other problem on the track. Drive your kart to the side of the track or to the nearest track marshal. If there is an emergency on the track, we want you to be safe, and you don’t want to be part of it.


Black with White Circle Flag – This is a flag you don’t want to see on a Toronto go kart track, but if you do, you need to pay careful attention. If something is wrong with your kart, or your clothing, or you are getting a warning, the track marshal will point a black flag with a white circle at you. When you see this, drive to the pits right away.


Solid Black Flag – You never want to see a black flag. A black flag signals that you have been disqualified. Horseplay, ignoring track rules or disobeying the track marshal will get you black flagged.  If the black flag is pointed at you, get to the pits immediately. At GPK, you may be asked to leave the race, or the facility if you don’t follow the rules.


Checkered Flag – The flag everyone wants to see is the checkered flag when they race at a Toronto go kart track. You can learn more about it here. Cross the finish line first and take a victory lap!


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GPK Keeps Toronto Go Kart Drivers Safe

GPK Keeps Toronto Go Kart Drivers Safe

Safety is our first priority at GPK’s Toronto go kart track. We do everything we can to make sure you have a fun – and safe – ride. Some of the responsibility for safety falls on the driver as well. That’s we have rules for all of our Toronto go kart drivers.  The most important Toronto go kart rules are the same ones sanctioned by professional Toronto go kart associations.

In any kind of driving, and especially in racing, there is zero tolerance for driving under the influence. This puts you and other Toronto go kart drivers at risk for accidents. If we suspect you may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you will be asked to take a breathalyzer test. If it is positive, you will be asked to leave the track.

It’s also important for you to stay in your Toronto go kart while it’s on the track. The only time you should unfasten your safety belt or harness is when the race is over and the kart has stopped, or when a track marshal signals you to exit your kart.

For everyone’s safety, horseplay is not tolerated on Toronto go kart tracks. We know you want to win, but you are not allowed to block drivers from passing or bump other karts. If another Toronto go kart is coming up on you quickly from behind, and it looks like it will overtake you, you will get a blue flag signaling you to move over and let them pass. You can see how to pass other karts safely by watching this video.

Besides GPK also do several things to keep you safe while you have a good time. All racers get a standard safety briefing from our track marshals about rules and regulations before each race. Serious drivers may wish to refine their skills and view our racing instructional videos featured on screens throughout the facility. Our track marshalls and pit crew are here to monitor your race and keep you safe. They will let you know when it’s time to start, and will be watching your race until it is complete. If you ever have trouble during a race, just drive over to the side of the track, stop your kart and raise your hand, and a track marshal will assist you.

Suiting up for a Toronto go kart race not only enhances your experience, it keeps you safe. We provide all racers with a D.O.T. certified protective racing helmet, as well as a hairnet to wear under the helmet.  This is for safety and hygienic purposes.  You can upgrade to an authentic GPK logo’d racing balaclava to really look and race like a pro!

The karts at GPK are the safest around. We have the best karts available — Italian made for performance and safety. They have a remote control shut-off, capable of stopping all karts at once for on-track protection from pile-ups. And because they are electric, there are no noxious fumes. Every kart is surrounded by our unique protective bumper system.


When you race at GPK, and follow the rules, you are sure to have a fun and safe Toronto go kart experience.

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Go Karting in Toronto | Business Decisions through Go Karting

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GPK Toronto Go Karting Supports Indy Racing in Toronto

Hey Toronto go karting enthusiasts — If you’re a true racing fan in Toronto, you will have a chance to see a real Indy race on the streets near Exhibition Place in Downtown Toronto for the Honda Indy Toronto Race. GPK, the home of the best Toronto go karting is excited to support the race, being held July 5-8, in its 26th year. The Honda Indy Toronto race is one of North America’s most respected – and most exciting — motorsports events, taking place right here in Toronto.

The weeklong festival includes the fastest racing series on the planet, live entertainment, and a diverse field of stars. Participants come from the United States, Canada, Japan, England, Scotland, The Netherlands, Brazil, Venezuela, Australia, and New Zealand.

And, the celebrity athletes include Toronto’s own James Hinchcliffe. James is currently 3rd in the Izod Indycar Series, representing the Andretti Autosport team. At GPK, we’ll all be cheering James on as he takes to the road for this 2.84 kilometer, 11-turn course, laid out on the streets of downtown Toronto. And who knows, he may stop by GPK for some Toronto go karting while he’s in town. Like most professional racers, Hinchcliffe started his racing career in Toronto go karts.

You can be part of the fun too – come watch the race at GPK on big screen tvs in our Pit Zone and Nitro Lounge.

Then enjoy go karting Toronto style at GPK. If you want to feel the thrill of being in the race, take to Grand Prix Kartway’s Formula 1 style indoor track for some Toronto go karting fun.

The GPK Toronto go karting track is designed to provide elements that will challenge a racer’s entire skill set, with hairpins, chicanes, short, medium, and long turns, and two straightaways, plus real road race elements including panoramic views, grass infields, lamp posts, fountains, street signs, and so much more. You’ll see what a real racer does when he is on the road track course.

Drive one of our brand new Italian engineered state of the art and environmentally friendly electric indoor Toronto go karts, styled to look just like Formula one machines. You’ll feel the thrill of real racing in a safe environment.

But you don’t have to wait until the Honda Indy Toronto race comes to town. Get in on the action NOW with thrilling Toronto go karting at Grand Prix Kartways!

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The Rules of the Go Karting in Toronto Road at GPK

Racing the track at GPK go karting in Toronto is some of the best fun you can have on four wheels. And part of the fun is that when you drive on the GPK track, you’re not in an amusement park ride – you’re in a real race, with all the thrills and challenges of a real Formula One racetrack. In fact, we take our fun so seriously at GPK, that we use real Formula One rules to make sure your go karting Toronto experience is authentic, and that you are safe.

The first thing you should know is that all race tracks, whether they are professional or for go karting in Toronto, have a zero tolerance policy about driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If we suspect you are under the influence at GPK, we will ask you to take a breathalyzer test. We want you to be able to think and drive, not drink and drive, when you are go karting in Toronto.

As for the track, here are the rules that we have adopted from professional racing, all aimed at keeping you and your friends safe while you are enjoying the best go karting in Toronto.

1) Helmets, Clothes & Hair — Fun is not optional when you are go karting in Toronto. Neither are helmets. Professional race associations have set standards for the type of helmet that is the safest that involves specific materials used and measurements. The helmets at GPK are top-of-the-line and meet all these specifications. Keep your helmet on at all times until you are back on the checkered floor. And make sure that if you have long hair, it is tied up above your shoulders, and any loose clothing is secured. Your hands and feet need to stay in the kart at all times as well.

2) Track Marshalls – The first thing you will notice when you race at GPK are the Track Marshals. They have the authority to keep things running smoothly on the tracks when you are go karting in Toronto. The marshals will brief you on track rules and regs before the race starts. Never get out of your go kart on the track unless a track marshal tells you to.

3) No Horseplay – Now, we know you want to win. But… you can’t do that by reckless driving, horseplay or breaking rules. So don’t bump, block or cut off other drivers. Take some time to watch our videos about how to corner and pass safely and smoothly when you’re go karting on Toronto’s best track. And if you do see a black flag, drive your kart to the pit slowly. If you break the rules, marshals enforce a 5-second slow penalty. If you continue to break rules, you will be asked to leave, with no refund given.

The rules are there for your safety. And a safe race is a fun race for everyone. Come see just how fun following the rules can be at GPK today!

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