Specials and Deals for GPK’s Go Karting in Toronto

December 08, 2014

Do you love to race go karts and wish you could do so every day of the week? Then Grand Prix Kartways is the place for you! Our low prices and race packages will have you racing to your heart’s content before you can say, “Formula 1 racing is the best racing in the world bar none because it’s fast and crazy and those big tires make an already-cool-looking car look even cooler!”

Go Karting in Toronto

Go Karting in Toronto

What’s more, we also offer specials and deals that will make your head spin faster than Emerson Fittipaldi’s tires on a rainy day. But just like an F-1 steering wheel, you’ve got to know what buttons to push or you’re going to fall behind. Here are some ways you can find out about our specials and deals for go karting in Toronto.

Visit our website

GoKartTornto.com lists our current special(s) – usually on the front page! In fact, there’s one there right now so zoom over there right now. Go ahead. We’ll wait here.

You can also visit our corporate site (GPKartways.com) for group rates, large and small corporate events, half-day and whole-day packages, all-inclusive packages, bachelor party packages, bar/bat mitzvah celebrations, birthday parties, holiday deals, special pricing, and member and non-member rates. There’s a wealth of information on both sites so be sure to check back daily or the deals will pass you by faster than Niki Lauda’s 1975 Ferrari.

Sign up for our mailing list

At GoKartToronto.com, you can sign up to receive e-mails that bring the savings to you. Just provide a few bits of information and you’ll receive periodic messages from Grand Prix Kartways notifying you of exclusive offers, special discounts, and the latest news on upcoming special events for go karting in Toronto. How cool is that? For sure it’s way better than that sweater your aunt gave you last year.

Go Karting Toronto

Go Karting Toronto

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter

Just like the sponsor’s names and logos on an F-1 car, we like to advertise our specials in multiple locations. We’ll post information and send out tweets when new specials and deals are made available for go karting in Toronto. That way you can be the first to know. You can even help spread the word by sharing what you know with your friends and enemies (Fact: It’s more fun to beat your enemy in a go kart race than any other form of competition.). So be sure to bring all your enemies to Grand Prix Kartways. Lap them once or twice and you’ll feel much better…I promise.

There’s really no excuse for missing any of the specials and deals that Grand Prix Kartways offers for go karting in Toronto because there’s so many ways to receive the news. Pick one. Pick them all. Whatever way you choose to find out about the specials on go karting in Toronto, you can be sure you won’t regret it.

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