How to Pass on an Indoor Go Kart Track

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Knowing how to pass on an indoor go kart track takes skill and practice. Passing the driver up ahead is the key to winning the race. But you have to know how to do it. It needs to be smooth and efficient. And it takes concentration – and a few tricks.

In fact, the best trick to passing on an indoor go kart track starts before the race. Walk around the indoor go kart track and watch a race to look for places that are best for passing. Think about how you would approach those spots of vulnerability. Mentally envision how you would drive through that area a couple times. Then you’ll have a plan before you get in the kart.

Now once you’re in your indoor go kart — stay focused on the road ahead, and be aware of the karts around you. It will keep you safe, and will help you avoid slowing down, getting stuck behind another kart, or even worse – passed up yourself.

When you come up behind an indoor go kart that you want to pass, pay attention to the gap between your karts, and look for signs that the driver is starting to struggle. That may give you an opportunity to get past them.

The best place to pass another kart is in a corner of an indoor go kart track. You want to make sure your kart is on the inside of the track as you corner. This might mean braking gently to slow down just a little before you get to the corner. Look for an opportunity when the car ahead of you starts to drift wide through a turn and make your move toward the inside. Make sure the other driver sees you so he doesn’t turn into you as you’re passing. If you are not at least level with the other go karter before they start turning, back off. Otherwise, you may cause an accident. And if things start to go bad, don’t dive into the corner to avoid an accident. Ease up and try again at another opportunity.

Once you’ve gotten between the indoor go kart track and the car you want to pass, it’s all about acceleration. By positioning yourself inside, you will have a straighter line to follow to get out of the turn. Make sure you start to accelerate before the other kart comes out of the corner and picks up speed. Once you’ve passed them, drive straight and smooth to put as much distance between behind you as possible. Keep doing this until you are the one in front of the pack – and across the finish line.

The best way to win an indoor go kart race is to practice! Come try out your passing strategy at GPK today!