GPK’s Top Racers for Kart Racing in Toronto

September 11, 2012

Go Karting Toronto


Do you love go karting in Toronto? If you’re competitive and love to race, then you’ll love us. Stop by Grand Prix Kartways in Toronto and you can try your racing skills against our top racers.

Go karting in Toronto is fast and fun, and we know you want to win. That’s why we keep a leaderboard up to show off some of our best go kart Toronto racers! If you win, you could see your name up on the leaderboard the same day, and your race results as soon as you finish the race!

Love a bit of friendly competition? We do too! We encourage our kart racers to rev up their engines and race to win, as long as you follow the rules. Best of all, we offer some pretty competitive perks for our winners.

First, if you win your kart racing in Toronto experience at GPK, we’ll let you take your picture on our ‘Winners Platform’.

If you scored high enough, we’ll put you up on our daily leaderboard! Our weekly and monthly leaderboards are updated as well, meaning you could see yourself up on a site for a month, or if you scored high enough, on our all-time best racers list!

Want to know what it takes to make it to the top of the leaderboard? Here’s a quick look at the winning indoor kart racing in Toronto stats. The average racer goes around our track once (one lap) in about 40 seconds (that’s 10-14 laps per race). Our top-of-the-leaderboard racers score around 23-22 seconds per lap! That’s almost 20 laps per race!

If you think your fast enough, or want to practice to try and get on the leaderboard, you can drop by GPK at any time to try your hand at kart racing in Toronto.

Another competitive perk we have for our go karting Toronto racers is RPM points. And we’re not talking about revolutions per minute; we’re talking about Racing Performance Measurement. Our very own ‘good behavior’ rewards system that we use to encourage racers to drive well, and to win as much as possible.

RPM points are given out for racing often, racing well, following the rules, and of course, winning! See, we want you to win!

You can trade in RPM points for cool prizes like a GPK logo suit, or just keep them to show off to your friends.

Think you have what it takes to beat our top scores and get on the leaderboards? Or want to try earning RPM points? Come out to GPK to get in on the excitement of kart racing in Toronto!


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