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July 29, 2013

The Unlimited Racing Pass is one of the most popular options here at GPK when one decides to do some go karts in Toronto. They’re popular because they’re fun, fantastic, and downright enthralling because of the amount of racing you get to do in a single day!

We find the best thing about our passes is our prices. While the general public has to pay $62 for an all day racing pass, our special club members only have to pay $49 to have some fun go karting in Toronto! The best part is that we do occasionally run some amazing promotions as well, so if you’re not signed up for our email list or our GPK Mobile Member club, now’s the time to do it so you can score some amazing, one-of-a-kind deals!

Go Kart in Toronto


In addition to getting to go karts in Toronto, our unlimited racing passes include all of the gear you’ll need to start riding safely! This includes a safe, genuine Italian-made kart that fits your size in addition to a helmet and any additional safety equipment you may need.

If you choose to join up and become a member, you’ll not only get a day’s worth of go karting in Toronto for under fifty dollars, you’ll get a special balaclava JUST for your use! Keep it for future visits, and customize it with your favorite stickers, sayings, and colors so it’ll always be yours to keep!

So are you ready to do some go karts in Toronto at GPK and have a great time on our indoor tracks? Stop on by today and we’ll make the fun happen!

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  1. Pat G. Casey says:

    Wow! Under fifty dollars for an all day worth of go karting in a safe and genuine Italian-made kart? That sounds a lot of fun and a great deal. Go karting is extremely fun. It’s all about adrenalin rush and the excitement you get especially when you’re with family and friends.

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