Go Karts in Toronto – Racing FAQ

January 09, 2013

What’s an electric go kart? Will I be trained to drive before I can race? Do I need a driver’s license to race? There are literally hundreds of questions surrounding go karts in Toronto, and you might want a few answers before you’re ready to race.

Is it Safe to Race a Go Kart?

go karts in Toronto

Go Karts in Toronto are limited to driving under certain speed limits in order to add to your safety. In addition, go karts at Grand Prix Kartways, are equipped with 4 point harness safety belts, a full surround protective bumper system, remote kart speed control and shutdown capabilities, and of course, you’ll be required to wear a helmet. While statistically you have a slight risk of being in danger, it’s about the same as that of driving a car or walking up stairs, you’ll be fine if you obey the rules and pay attention. Of course, if you’re driving a car you won’t have a trained technician watching you, ready to stop all of the cars on the road if something goes wrong, so maybe you’re actually safer on GPK’s track.

Are Electric Go Karts Slower than Gas Ones?

A common myth about electric go karts is that they are slower than gas ones. However, this myth most definitely is not true. In fact, electric go karts reach the maximum speed limit for go karts in Toronto faster than gas karts!

Does Electric Go Karts Have a Limited Power Supply?

Running out of power halfway around the track is every racers nightmare, but you won’t have to worry about it at Grand Prix Kartways. Our Italian made go karts each have about 30 minutes of full power, but we recharge them after each ten minute race to achieve maximum power and efficiency. Each time you race, you will be starting out with a full battery!

Do I Need a Driver’s License to Race?

No, actually you don’t. If you know how to drive a go kart you can start to race after a minimum performance test, if not, we’ll give you a quick lesson before you start your race. In fact, we offer Junior go kart races to kids as young as ten (and taller than 122 centimeters).

What can I Wear?

Racing is all about convenience and practicality, so you’ll want to dress with care. We will provide your racing helmet, or you can bring your own as long as it meets safety standards. We do ask that you wear tight fitting clothing such as jeans or leggings. Ladies should avoid wearing heels, open toes shoes such as flip flops, or skirts and dresses that could blow up, get caught in the machinery, or cause wind resistance. Want a more authentic racing experience? Rent or purchase an authentic racing suit from us!

How Long is one Race?

Depending on where you are racing go karts in Toronto, this answer will vary. If you’re racing go karts at Grand Prix Kartways, a normal race is about 16-18 laps, or about 4.5 miles of driving which can last over 10 minutes. We also offer 12 lap junior races for the kids who don’t want to race as long.

Are you ready to race? Visit us at Grand Prix Kartways to race with friends, family, or whomever else you like!


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