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February 11, 2013

Go Karts in TorontoIf you’re looking for a fun activity to do with your friends, your coworkers, or family, you might want to think about racing go karts in Toronto. Go kart racing is fun and competitive for all ages with plenty of perks for the young and old. From teaching kids important motor skills, to an excitement filled fun time for adults, Grand Prix Kartways has something for everyone.

No matter what you’re in to, you can indulge yourself with a go kart race against the people closest to you, or against complete strangers, play together at the Kinected Activity Centre, or race slot cars. You can book a race together, or just for yourself. GPK also features Junior go karts so that kids 10-14 can race as well.

Go Karts Build Motor Skills

Did you know that Go Karting actually builds motor skills? For kids who won’t be touching the wheel for some time, go karting gives an authentic motoring experience that teaches vehicular control, basic road rules, and how to steer. For adults, learning how to drive better at high speeds can never be a bad thing! Although, it is important to remember to never race on a real road!

Competition Builds Confidence

Another great thing about go karts in Toronto is that they can be used to help build confidence. Whether for your employees, your kids, or yourself, competing in a social environment helps to build confidence, especially if you win. Engaging in a competitive social activity is proven to help build on natural levels of confidence, especially within a group setting, such as a group of employees or a large family. Best of all, you don’t have to actually win the race to get the confidence boost.

A Bonding Experience for All Ages

Competitive, exciting, and fun, go karting helps to create bonds.  Whether you want to get closer with your teenager, or bring the whole family together, go karting is a great way to do it. Plus, Grand Prix Kartways also offers other exciting activities including slot car races, our Kinected Activity Centre, and of course plenty of delicious food for you to enjoy together.  Kids and adults can enjoy themselves in an exciting environment while having fun together.

A Safe and Fun Activity

Last but not least, racing go karts in Toronto is safe! While racing karts in an amateur setting with no safety controls can be dangerous, our go karts are as safe as they come. With full harness seat belts, 360 degree protective bumpers, and even remote shutoffs in case something goes wrong, you couldn’t be safer! Best of all, you’ll have someone watching the track at all times so that if anything goes wrong, the karts will be stopped until the problem is solved.

Interested in racing go karts in Toronto? Visit Grand Prix Kartways, Toronto’s premier indoor go kart racetrack!


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