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October 07, 2014
Go Kart in Toronto | (647) 496-2888  | Welcome To Our Track!

Go Kart in Toronto

Grand Prix Kartways Formula 1 style indoor road course was designed with an exhilarating go kart in Toronto racing experience in mind. We’ve got everything you’ve ever dreamed of: hairpins, chicanes, turns, and straightaways!

Driving Experience

Each session out on our track will leave you exhausted both mentally and physically. The shot blasted concrete gives excellent grip, improved cornering and provides for maximum performance for our Italian built OTL go-karts.

Our electric powered EK-5N-DR and EK-Mini are the best in the industry! Faster than gas powered karts and with immediate acceleration and greater torque than their gas counterparts. Not to mention they keep our facility clean of the stink from noxious gasoline fumes.

We’ve even added special touches to enhance your racing experience: grass infields, lamp posts, fountains, street signs, and so much more!

Be prepared to exit your kart excited and ready for more!

Track Layout

With real street simulated go kart in Toronto race track conditions, you are getting ready for the best racing experience of your life. Read on to find out more!

The Catapult

We’ve got the longest indoor high speed straightaway in Toronto. At over 600 ft. long, we’ve affectionately dubbed it The Catapult! As the very name implies, it will push your racing skills to their upper limits as it feeds you into the straightaway! Your friends and loved ones will cheer you on from behind the 80 foot glass wall of the Speed Zone VIP Lounge.

The Straightaway

The back straightaway features a drive under the trusses of a bridge. This structure runs along a breathtaking 130 foot life-like mural of the Toronto skyline and waterfront! We’ve even added authentic looking expressway signs! Watch them fly past overhead as your kart rockets towards the curve in front of our 75 foot Grandstand.

The Grandstand

Can you resist the sound of thousands of cheering fans in the Grandstand? The high speed curve of this section builds up your momentum for the most exciting part of the track. Get ready to jump on the brakes and feel the slam of negative G-force of the chicane!

The Chicane

The F-1 Style chicane will challenges your ability to brake and manage drift through the hairpin. An error here can cost you plenty of time on the lap. It may even send you too close to the barrier for comfort. However, if you’re careful enough, you can easily by pass the over eager and the timid here.

The Rotunda

Go Kart in Toronto

Go Kart in Toronto

The scenic rotunda envelopes a 20 foot pond, fountain, and banana tree. As you race through this 360 degree dizzying turn, get ready to be tossed into a series of chicanes. If you can, take a look at the elevated and spinning race car above. It was driven by many famous Canadians from the early years of racing.

Final Lap

As you exit the final chicane, you will be greeted by an old friend: the Catapult. As you well know, this is the fastest sweeping turn on the road course. What you may not know is that it provides the highest G-Force of indoor go kart in Toronto racing! If that wasn’t enough, the lit lamp posts around the curve can add a strobe-like effect that will challenge your concentration.

Come and visit us at GPK!

At Grand Prix Kartways, we want you take away more than just a checkered flag; we want you to take home an unforgettable experience.

The karts are revved and ready to go. The driver’s seat is waiting. The lights are flashing down: Red. Yellow. Green… Go go go!

Come and race to the finish with us!

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