Go Kart in Toronto | Before getting on the Track, Do These?

November 07, 2013

First of all, you have to figure out which race track has the best facilities, and that’s where Grand Prix Kartways can help you.

GPK go kart in Toronto is electric-powered which keeps GPK racetrack clean and safe, and unlike gas-powered karts, there are no fumes and very little noise. GPK also has a remote-controlled shut-off which is capable of stopping all karts at once for on-track protection from pile-ups.

Our Formula One style indoor road course is designed to give you fun and authentic racing experience. With its numerous hairpin turns, chicanes, short medium and long turns, as well as the longest indoor high speed straightaway at 600 feet, surely, we are making your dreams of racing come true!

After figuring out which racetrack to race in, you have to know the rules and restrictions of that racetrack.

At GPK we have age and height minimums to ensure that racers can properly reach and operate the gas and brake pedals of our go-karts. For adults 16 years and above, we require that they are at least 32 centimeters, and for junior karts, your kid must be 122 centimeters in height and 10 years of age.

Grand Prix Kartways 75 Carl Hall Road Bay 3, Unit #9 Parc Downsview Park Toronto, ON Canada M3K 2B9 (647) 955-3884

Go Kart Toronto

We also require our customers to wear our top-of-the line helmets, which meet all the safety standards of professional race associations. If you have long hair, it should be tied up above your shoulder and any loose clothing is secured.

At GPK, we don’t allow bumping, blocking or cutting off other drivers; and we have a zero-tolerance policy on driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. All these are mentioned in the pre-race orientation that is required to all beginners and new racers.

When you are familiar with all that, then it’s off to the races, as they say.

When you get to GPK, the first step you make is to register at one of the computerized kiosks to get a driver’s VIP pass or a spectator ticket. Then you go to either the spectator gallery or you will suit up to drive one of GPK’s state-of-the-art electric go kart in Toronto. After your cross the finish line, you will be presented with a comprehensive diagnostic printout of the race results, earning your bragging rights when you get home.

You are now ready to race. Come on over at GPK and have a fun and authentic racing adventure!

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