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Welcome to a Video Gallery of Toronto Go Karting


Here, we will feature all the videos we have made so far so that you would not have to switch from our website to Youtube or Vimeo. They are organized according to their topic categories so that your kind of videos are hooped together conveniently for you.

Go Karting in Toronto safely is one of the main reasons why this gallery was created.

We can never over emphasize safety. Motor racing, of any type, puts your life at risk in some way. That is why, at GPK, there is no shortcut before anybody boards the go kart. A pre-race orientation is mandatory for everyone, everytime. A helmet, appropriate clothing and footwear, 4-point seat belt, padded steering wheel, and many others are implemented to make sure that you and the people around you are kept safe at all times.

First up, is a playlist of

Everything GPK

– for those who either do not know what to watch or have seen them all here, this playlist comes out as a buffet of all the possible topics we could come up with all these years. Did we miss out on any topic, let us know through the comments section below or leave us a message through the form. We’re standing by for the opportunity to connect with you.

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If there is one thing that we are remarkably strict about, it is yours and everyone else’s Safety.  We will never be in the business of harming anyone, especially the children, or even the environment. But you probably already  know that. To keep you on top of our rules and regulations on Safety, we have a series of videos that delves into what the precautions are, the rationale behind them and what we aim to achieve – we only want happy endings, everyday. Be sure not to miss any of the safety precautions mentioned in the videos.

Safety First!



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No fun indoors?

You got that all wrong, Sir! I can give you a list why indoors is in fact, much more exhilarating than outdoor go kart racing. But instead, why don’t you just watch the video below. I am pretty sure you’ll like them.