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July 17, 2012

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There are many motivational seminars and sales training programs aimed at improving the performance of executives, salespeople and business owners. But a new concept in training is taking to the Toronto Go Karting track at GPK. Based in Toronto, Amaris Leadership Group’s High Performance Edge Training programs take a unique approach, combining high performance needed in business with high performance racing.

The Amaris concept was conceived by Edrick Dunand, the author of “Succeed with Impossible Speed: World Class Racing Strategies to Create High Performance in Life and Business.” A native of France and a educated in mechanical engineering and business development, he achieved success in sales, marketing and business development in the aviation and financial industry.

Amaris Leadership Group’s High Performance Edge Training is being hosted at the Toronto go karting track at GPK. This high powered professional development seminar series is aimed at business professionals in all kinds of industries who want to take their businesses to the next level. During these seminars, trainers will take the fun of racing and show how strategies used by the top drivers in high performance races are also strategies that can lead to winning business decisions. These one-day professional development modules are combined with an exciting on-track racing experience of go karting in Toronto.

Amaris takes high performance racing and uses the experience to make a correlation between racing and business success. Characteristics that are vital to go karting in Toronto and racing are also keys to success in business: Both race car drivers and executives need to be competitive, energetic, adaptable, proactive, responsive, persistant, resilient and overcome fear of failure.

Through the precise and custom combination of Eric Dunand’s concept and the development platform of go karting in Toronto, Amaris equips sales people with a “racer’s mindset” to dominate their field. In the likeness of a World Class Racer who has to be decisive and bold, yet know when to hold back and think long term, the seminars empower sales people with a cluster of strategies to create self and ongoing motivation and to develop their selling skills to higher levels of mastery to ensure high achievement levels.

The program’s power lies in the foundation that effectiveness is measurable, providing a baseline starting point for both hard and soft skills along with ongoing monitoring tools. By utilizing go karting Toronto tracks like GPK, the programs promote safety while simulating a high speed real life race experience. One of the most powerful components of the program is the thrill associated with go karting in Toronto. It’s action packed to keep participants focused.

Space is limited in these action-packed seminar, with a discount being offered to the first participants to sign up. Reserve your seat today! And put your career and your business on the fast track to success.

Visit www.AmarisTraining.com for all information regarding training module descriptions, schedule, registration and testimonials.

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