The Science of Cornering in an Indoor Go Kart Track in Toronto

March 19, 2015

What makes a great Toronto go karting driver?

Go Karting Toronto | (647) 496-2888  | The Science of Cornering in an Indoor Go Kart Track in Toronto

In go karting in Toronto, the more challenging a corner the more fun it is.

When it really comes down to it, cornering is the defining factor in any race.

Incidentally, it is also the trickiest part to master for any go kart enthusiast; new or experienced. When you begin to learn how to cruise in a kart at your favorite go kart track, cornering is what you will want to come to grips with.

Go karts are actually very different to cars.

They require completely different handling, so even if you have passed your driving test, that does not necessarily make you an expert in the world of karts. You will still have to learn, just like everyone else! The major difference when it comes to cornering in a go kart, is that all of the wheels move at the same speed. This means that the inside wheels travel less distance, and to compensate for this and give you more control, the rear wheels are designed to lift off the ground.

Toronto Go Karting 101: To flatten the curve is the main goal of cornering.

This is all about the line that you take as you approach the corner. You should aim to keep very wide, and then steer in close to the apex as you turn the corner.

How well you manage the corner is determined not only by how good your line is, but also by how well you handle the forces of acceleration and deceleration, as you take the bend, and as you come out onto the straightaway. Here is a quick how-to that will help you to understand what is required:

  • As you approach from the straight, find your line – as wide as you need.
  • Take your foot off the accelerator, and when the power is off completely, begin to brake.
  • Brake until you have reached a speed in which you feel comfortable taking the corner. Do not brake as you turn, as this can often cause oversteer.
  • Lift your foot off the brakes, and then turn into the corner.
  • Aim for the apex.
  • As you pass the apex, straighten up your go kart, and begin to accelerate as soon as you have straightened – but not before.

Practice makes perfect, and every corner is different.

Go Karting Toronto | (647) 496-2888  | The Science of Cornering in an Indoor Go Kart Track in Toronto

Go Kart Toronto

All you can really do is work on your lines, and get a feel for the braking and acceleration. Once you have a decent amount of control over the go kart you will become confident enough to take the corners faster, and accelerate out of them sooner. Try out some go karting in Toronto for a fun way to learn.

There is no better way than to get out there on the track and give it a go, skid and slide a few times, and improve. We have one of the best tracks for go karts that Toronto has to offer, and would be more than happy to see you take on some hairpins!

Visit and experience the science that is go karting.

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