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5 Awesome Things You Get Out of Go Karting in Toronto

In truth, there are more than 5 awesome things you can benefit by racing on a Toronto Go Kart.

We will only give you 5 that have made an impact in our readers’ lives.

Toronto go kart racing is an activity that surely pumps up your adrenaline, stimulates your brain and strengthens bonds among peers and family. To be perfectly specific about it, here are what we identified as the top 5 awesome things you get out of Toronto go kart racing.

Brain Stimulation | Benefit of Toronto Go Karting | 647-496-5838


Benefit #1: Brain Stimulation

Although most physical activities stimulate the brain, go karting in Toronto’s leading indoor raceway has a little bit more to give with its F1 style raceway. The experience is more realistic and more exhilarating than that of others.


Racing demands a driver’s sound decision making ability by allowing the driver to create plans on how to finish ahead of the others. A good race driver would first and foremost assess the road he will have to trek, anticipating difficulties in some sections of the racetrack and formulating plans to ease through those. He will have to foresee that other racers are creating the same plans. How he will manage to zip away when a sharp turn bottlenecks, will really depend on what available options he has at that exact moment. He may take the turn freely without trouble if he is well ahead of the pack when he reaches the obstacle, or he may be sandwiched between aggressive drivers. That is where he will have to utilize his sound decision making skills taking into consideration the strength of his vehicle and weighing out its limitations.

Practice makes perfect,

as the saying goes. Trials and errors are analyzed and plans are modified to establish a course of action that works to attain objectives. It is common knowledge that many of our famous Nascar and Formula One or Honda Indy superstars started their careers zipping around the race track on a go kart. 


are put to the test when un-anticipated events happen during the race. That sends signals to the brain to heighten all the necessary senses and sharpen the driver’s reflexes. One factor that should be emphasized here as well, should be control over these reflexes. By definition, reflexes are nearly instantaneous, involuntary movement in response to a stimulus. It is done without thinking and automatically happens as a reaction. Some reflexes could be beneficial to you, some might not.  Learn how to control these reflexes.

Mastery of Controls | | Benefit of Toronto Go Karting | 647-496-5838

Benefit #2: Mastery of the Controls of a Toronto Go Kart

As the great Bruce Lee once said, in order to effectively use your weapon, you should become one with it. Well, there are no weapons in racing. But studying your go kart, its strengths and its limitations and compensating with it allows you to use it to its optimum potential. Humans are the most adaptable animals. We easily learn to adjust to the changing surroundings and the corresponding changes in its demands. That is why if there is a need to adjust to conform with the controls of the electric go kart, we can easily do just that. Thus, mastery of the controls is achieved in no time.


Healthy Competition | Benefit of Toronto Go Karting | 647-496-5838

Benefit #3: Fosters Healthy Competition

Racing is interactive and fun; and if used by companies as a team building tool, it creates camaraderie and team work among workers through healthy competition. That strengthens working relationships and stimulates workplace cooperation, making it easier for them achieve a singular objective.


Adrenaline-Rush | Benefit of Toronto Go Karting | 647-496-5838

Benefit #4: Adrenaline Rush for A Healthier You

Physical activity, in moderate amounts, facilitates the release of Adrenaline, sometimes referred to as the super human hormone. It positively affects the body by increasing blood flow into the tissues and brain during the thrill of a race. That is why a driver feels a sudden flushing, a gush of heat flooding the whole body which leads to a sharper mind and a stronger heart. The feeling of heat is caused by the increased blood supply into the tissues as the blood vessels react to the Adrenaline hormone by dilating allowing more blood to pass through. Whoah! Too technical there! But you get the drift, right?

Family Bonding | Benefit of Toronto Go Karting | 647-496-5838

Benefit #5: Builds Bonds Between Peers, Co-Workers or Family

The human body responds well to a stimulus that originates from someone whom he or she is bonded with. As mentioned earlier, that sense of belongingness and improved perception of self-worth develops into a sense of openness towards that other person. If you are a very busy father who barely has the time to spend with your kids, go karting is a perfect tool to re-establish that trusting relationship and encourage re-building of negative perceptions between you and your family member.

One reader once attested to the effectiveness of go karting as a tool to rebuild his relationship with his son. Not only did it open his son’s eyes to the fact that the father genuinely loves him. But it also enlightened the father of his shortcomings. Melodramatic huh? Before we received that comment, all of these things were just words that occupied our blog space. But then upon knowing that there was at least one, in the billions of people around the world, who was moved by our words and had went through a positive change in his life, writing writing suddenly had a purpose, a responsibility, almost like a movement.

Why don’t you give Grand Prix Kartways a call at (647) 496-5838 and book your race. You’ll never know what impact a simple Toronto go kart race can have in your life. Call us today.

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Electric Go Karts | Corporate Racing Event at GPK

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Go Karts in Toronto | Hosting Corporate Events at GPK


Go Kart in Toronto | Corporate Events at GPK

So you’ve done all the traditional corporate outings: company picnics under the summer sun, golf tournaments with the sales team, and pub nights with your colleagues. Maybe you’ve even reserved a corporate box and taken your staff or clients down to the ball game. All of these are great, but they are not unique, they are not exciting, and they are definitely not GO KARTING!

If you want your next corporate outing to be memorable—one that your guests will talk about for days and weeks thereafter, you’ll definitely want to check out Go Kart Toronto at Grand Prix Kartways.

Grand Prix Kartways 75 Carl Hall Road Bay 3, Unit #9 Parc Downsview Park Toronto, ON Canada M3K 2B9 (647) 955-3884

Go Kart in Toronto

The moment you step inside Grand Prix Kartways, you will experience the best karting and motorsports facility in the city. With 47,000 square feet of entertainment space designed specifically to host corporate and group events, Grand Prix Kartways has everything you may want or need for your next corporate outing. Big or small, casual or formal, day or night, Grand Prix Kartways is ready to take your event to the next level. And because go-karting is an activity that anyone can do, no one from your office will be excluded.

But Grand Prix Kartways is much more than just a great place for Go Kart Toronto! We also have private meeting and party room facilities, a licensed bar and lounge with a panoramic view that overlooks the track, a full service restaurant, state-of-the-art gaming and interactive center, and a 90-foot custom Slot Car raceway. No matter what you’re planning or who you are entertaining, Grand Prix Kartways has all the necessary accommodations to make your event one-of-a-kind.

So whether you want to impress a client, raise staff morale, or just have the most unforgettable and exciting corporate event imaginable, you’ll definitely want to check us out!

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Stay Safe from the Weather with Indoor Go Karting

The Best Indoor Go Karting Experience Keeps You Safe from the Weather

What do you do in a snowstorm? Not much outside, that’s for sure. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun when you visit the best indoor go karting venue around, Grand Prix Kartways! Whether you’re planning to spend your winter months bundled up inside, or can’t wait for the snow to fall so you can get out and have some fun, taking time out to enjoy yourself out of the weather is great fun for everyone!

Indoor Go Karting Toronto

Fun with Friends

Having fun with friends doesn’t have to mean throwing snowballs; you can escape the weather, get out of the chilling wind, and visit to the safety of a great indoor go karting arena around. Take your friends to GPK for a little competitive fun as you participate in a heart pounding race around our genuine F1 style raceway, in real Ferrari Go Karts. Whether you’re planning the outing for an event, or just want to have fun, you and your friends can enjoy plenty of activities out of the weather.

Family Outings

Grand Prix Kartways is fun for all ages too, whether you’re bringing grandma, or your toddler, we’ve got plenty of fun and unique activities.  Combined with the best indoor go karting experience anywhere, you and your family are sure to have a blast. Let your kids aged 10 and up race in our Junior Go Karts, play together as a family on our 90 slot car Mini Grid, let your kids enjoy the kids zone, and enjoy our Kinected Interactive Centre, food venues, and Retail Centre together as a family.  Looking for a family event venue? Ask us about any of our birthday party options and choose from our gourmet menu selections, leisure and party rooms, and of course, go kart racing!

Business & Corporate Events

Business events don’t have to be boring, and at GPK they’re quite the opposite. Whether you’re hosting a corporate event, or are planning a business outing with your employees or coworkers, GPK offers all of the fun and excitement you’re looking for. Surprise your business partners with a unique experience that will have them talking for years to come when you book one of our corporate events in any of our rooms.

Grand Prix Kartways truly is the best indoor go karting venue around. With all of our various amenities and activities, a visit to GPK is an exciting trip into a world of go kart racing, complete with high speed races, activities for kids, and fun for all ages!


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Executives Get On The Fast Track With Toronto Go Karting

Amaris Leadership Group | Best Go Karting in Toronto | GPK |

There are many motivational seminars and sales training programs aimed at improving the performance of executives, salespeople and business owners. But a new concept in training is taking to the Toronto Go Karting track at GPK. Based in Toronto, Amaris Leadership Group’s High Performance Edge Training programs take a unique approach, combining high performance needed in business with high performance racing.

The Amaris concept was conceived by Edrick Dunand, the author of “Succeed with Impossible Speed: World Class Racing Strategies to Create High Performance in Life and Business.” A native of France and a educated in mechanical engineering and business development, he achieved success in sales, marketing and business development in the aviation and financial industry.

Amaris Leadership Group’s High Performance Edge Training is being hosted at the Toronto go karting track at GPK. This high powered professional development seminar series is aimed at business professionals in all kinds of industries who want to take their businesses to the next level. During these seminars, trainers will take the fun of racing and show how strategies used by the top drivers in high performance races are also strategies that can lead to winning business decisions. These one-day professional development modules are combined with an exciting on-track racing experience of go karting in Toronto.

Amaris takes high performance racing and uses the experience to make a correlation between racing and business success. Characteristics that are vital to go karting in Toronto and racing are also keys to success in business: Both race car drivers and executives need to be competitive, energetic, adaptable, proactive, responsive, persistant, resilient and overcome fear of failure.

Through the precise and custom combination of Eric Dunand’s concept and the development platform of go karting in Toronto, Amaris equips sales people with a “racer’s mindset” to dominate their field. In the likeness of a World Class Racer who has to be decisive and bold, yet know when to hold back and think long term, the seminars empower sales people with a cluster of strategies to create self and ongoing motivation and to develop their selling skills to higher levels of mastery to ensure high achievement levels.

The program’s power lies in the foundation that effectiveness is measurable, providing a baseline starting point for both hard and soft skills along with ongoing monitoring tools. By utilizing go karting Toronto tracks like GPK, the programs promote safety while simulating a high speed real life race experience. One of the most powerful components of the program is the thrill associated with go karting in Toronto. It’s action packed to keep participants focused.

Space is limited in these action-packed seminar, with a discount being offered to the first participants to sign up. Reserve your seat today! And put your career and your business on the fast track to success.

Visit for all information regarding training module descriptions, schedule, registration and testimonials.

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Go Karting in Toronto | Business Decisions through Go Karting

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Go Karts in Toronto | Put an End to a Boring Team Building

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Team Building in a Toronto Go Kart

Team building is a great way to reduce stress, say thank you to customers, introduce new ideas to your company, or motivate your sales force. Team building works on the basic premise of bringing people together to work on a project or activity outside of the workplace to help them connect in new ways. It allows people to bridge communication gaps that might be present in the workplace, and gives them opportunities to support each other in a group activity.

One of the most exciting and enjoyable team building activities is Toronto go karting. It has all the elements for a successful team building event – fun, competition, challenge and creativity. An indoor track, like the one at GPK, is an ideal location too – your event can be held no matter what the weather brings, and our safe and environmentally friendly electric Toronto go karts make everyone feel comfortable. Racing is a great way to introduce friendly competition. Employees can form groups to work as teams, make decisions about team colors and racing strategies. They can cheer each other on as they race toward the finish line.

The best thing about a Toronto go kart team-building event at GPK is the atmosphere. The 47,000 square foot facility includes a go kart track that is designed to feel just like a real race. It includes hairpin turns, chicanes, two straighaways, and shot-blasted concrete that gives excellent grip, cornering and maximum performance. The Toronto go karts at GPK are Italian built to look just like Formula One racing machines. Before the race, team members will suit up in authentic race gear and get a lesson in track rules. To make it authentic and exciting, your Toronto go kart race will include professional announcements as racers take their starting positions, and commentary during the race, grid starts, post-race victory laps. A podium celebration and trophies round out your group’s race experience.

After you’re done racing, your group can enjoy food and beverages in our Trackside café with sports events shown on wide-screen televisions. You can also use our private catering and meeting room services for groups from 10 to 200 guests. And to add even more fun to your Toronto go kart event is our arcade with a slot car track and video games.

You can choose from a hourly, half- or full-day Toronto go kart event with pre-reserved race times or private race sessions.

Call GPK today to plan the best team building event you can imagine. See you at the track!

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Toronto Go Kart |Private Race Event with Toronto Go Karts

Imagine having your own Toronto go kart Race. Plan a get-together with 10 or more people and you can do just that at Grand Prix Raceways. If you are a NASCAR fan, you will feel like you are in a professional race when GPK pulls out all the stops for your event. Toronto go karting is a great alternative for a social event, bachelor party or birthday celebration. It can also be a great event at a business conference or corporate team-building activity.

Toronto Go KartingThe private group event experience offers several Toronto go karting packages to choose from and can accommodate anywhere from 10 to 200+ guests. All GPK packages include pre-reserved race times so you don’t have to wait to race or stand in line behind other racers. The track will be reserved just for you so you can have private race sessions with no one else but your group on the track. GPK will simulate an authentic day at the track with a structured Toronto go kart race program for your group. You will get practice rounds, qualifying time trials, and championship finals. You can choose grid starts based on qualifying results in either rolling NASCAR style or F1 standing start style. A professional Toronto go kart announcer will introduce your drivers and make announcements and commentary during your races. And of course, there will be a checkered flag victory lap and podium celebration for the top three finishers.

You can also add several customized services to your Toronto go kart event such as a post-event video with highlights of the event and customized engraved Toronto go kart trophies. GPK offers a complete event planning service including coordination of the race festivities along with food and beverage service.

For those in your group that don’t care to race, there are plenty of other activities at GPK to round out your event. They can play popular games in the Arcade Zone including billiards, foozball, air hockey and video games. An eight-lane slot car track is fun for all ages. You can relax in the Track-Side Café and VIP lounge where you can watch live racing and other sports events on big screen televisions.

If you’re looking for a fun and unique event for your friends or business, call Grand Prix Kartways today and ask about booking your private Toronto go kart race event.

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