20 Resources That Will Make You Better at Go-Karting in Toronto

February 14, 2016

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Good Reads on Go Karting

There are plenty of resources available for anyone who wants to become a better go-kart driver. Of course, practice makes perfect, and nothing beats a race down at a recreational track to get started in the world of go-karting.


Whether you want to go-kart for fun, or you are looking to get into a bit of competitive racing, you will always want to improve. That way you can go faster, take corners better, and relax and enjoy yourself more.


Here are some resources that can help you to learn more about go-karting, areas that you need to practice, and more. Have a read, and then you can bring your new knowledge to the race track!

Beginner’s Tips & Tricks

You can visit their sites by clicking on the photo.

Wiki-How Beginner's Guides to Go-Karting (www.wikihow.com) | Go Karting in Toronto | www.GoKartToronto.com

Beginner's tips from Karting Magazine (www.wikihow.com) | Go Karting in Toronto | www.GoKartToronto.com

Want to go-kart like Lewis Hamilton? (www.videojug.com) | Go Karting in Toronto | www.GoKartToronto.com


For the more advanced Toronto Go-Karting racers, these resources below are quite an interesting set. Link to read their articles by clicking on the photos.

Learn how to gain faster lap times (www.go-kart-source.com) | Go Karting in Toronto | www.GoKartToronto.com

More tips for a faster lap (karting.daytona.co.uk) | Go Karting in Toronto | www.GoKartToronto.com

Tips specific to indoor karting (www.evenflow.co.uk) | Go Karting in Toronto | www.GoKartToronto.com

Pro go-kart racing secrets that will unlock your inner potential (www.wrkc.on.ca) | Go Karting in Toronto | www.GoKartToronto.com

Excellent indoor karting advice (www.quora.com) | Go Karting Toronto | www.GoKartToronto.com

Learn all about the art of braking (www.karting1.co.uk) | Go Karting Toronto | www.GoKartToronto.com

Braking: A Visual Guide (www.wiki-how.com) | Go Karting Toronto | www.GoKartToronto.com

Faster Cornering (www.wiki-how.com) | Go Karting in Toronto | www.GoKartToronto.com

If you are a hobbyist and are looking into building your own go kart, this section is for you

Some of these provide free PDF documents as guides.




Go Kart Guru's Logo | GPK | www.gokarttoronto.com


The Karting Manual | GPK | www.gokarttoronto.com



Jean Genibrel | GPK | www.gokarttoronto.com

The GPK Indoor Go-Karting Track in Toronto

Indoor Go Karting Toronto | GPK | www.gokarttoronto.com

The final, and most important resource on our list, and the one that is sure to make you a better driver, is our indoor race track in Toronto.

No matter what your skill level, we have an event for you, from recreational arrive and drive, to league tables that you can compete in. Nothing improves your go-karting skills like some real practice down at the go-karting track here in Toronto. So, when you have finished reading all of the tips and tricks you need to succeed, come down and put them into action at GPK.


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